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 jiū zhèng to correct / to make right
 gǎi zhèng to correct / to amend / to put right / correction / CL:個|个[ge4]
 gēng zhèng to correct / to make a correction
 zhèng straight / upright / proper / main / principal / to correct / to rectify / exactly / just (at that time) / right (in that place) / (math.) positive
 jiào zhèng to proofread and correct / to edit and rectify / to correct / to calibrate
 jiǎo zhèng to correct / to rectify (e.g. a physical defect such as hearing or vision) / to cure / rectification / correction / to straighten
 gǎi guò to correct / to fix
 tú gǎi to alter (text) / to change by painting over / to correct (with correction fluid)
 pī gǎi to mark (homework, exam scripts etc) / to correct and criticize (an article) / to check / to correct / a correction (to a piece of writing)
 jiǎo zhì to correct (e.g. sight or hearing) / to rectify / to cure
 gǎi to change / to alter / to transform / to correct
 kuāng zhèng to correct / to amend / to redress (evils)
 jiū to gather together / to investigate / to entangle / to correct
 jiǎo to correct / to rectify / to redress / strong / brave / to pretend / to feign / affectation
 jiǎo to raise / to lift / to pretend / counterfeit / unyielding / variant of 矯|矫[jiao3] / to correct
 bō zhèng to set right / to correct
 gǎi yì to correct (improve) a translation
 bó yì to correct (in writing) sb's errors or misconceptions
 dǎo zhèng (Tw) to guide sb in the right direction / to correct (behavior etc)
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