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 wán shàn (of systems, facilities etc) comprehensive / well-developed / excellent / to refine / to improve
 tí liàn to extract (ore, minerals etc) / to refine / to purify / to process
 tí qǔ to withdraw (money) / to collect (left luggage) / to extract / to refine
 shēng huá to sublimate / sublimation (physics) / to raise to a higher level / to refine / promotion
 jīng liàn to refine (a substance) / to purify / to refine (one's skills, writing etc) / refined / polished / succinct / skilled / capable
 liàn zhì (chemistry) to refine
 liàn huà to refine / refining (e.g. oil, chemicals etc)
 tí zhì to refine / to extract
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