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 huí dá to reply / to answer / the answer / CL:個|个[ge4]
 dá fù to answer / to reply / Reply to: (in email header)
 dá biàn to reply (to an accusation) / to defend one's dissertation
 duì right / correct / couple / pair / towards / at / for / to face / opposite / to treat (sb a certain way) / to match together / to adjust / to fit / to suit / to answer / to reply / classifier: couple
 huí fù to reply / to recover / to return (to a previous condition) / Re: in reply to (email)
 yìng duì response / to answer / to reply
 huí fù to reply / to recover / variant of 回復|回复[hui2 fu4]
 huí xìn to reply / to write back / letter written in reply / CL:封[feng1]
 yìng dá to reply
 dá huà to reply / to answer
 huí huà to reply
 duì dá to reply / to answer / response / reply
 cái dá to reply (to a letter)
 chóu duì (literary) to reply / to answer
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