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 huí dá to reply / to answer / the answer / CL:個|个[ge4]
 dá àn answer / solution / CL:個|个[ge4]
 dā ying to answer / to respond / to answer positively / to agree / to accept / to promise
 xiǎng yìng to respond to / answer / CL:個|个[ge4]
 dá fù to answer / to reply / Reply to: (in email header)
 duì right / correct / couple / pair / towards / at / for / to face / opposite / to treat (sb a certain way) / to match together / to adjust / to fit / to suit / to answer / to reply / classifier: couple
 jiē to receive / to answer (the phone) / to meet or welcome sb / to connect / to catch / to join / to extend / to take one's turn on duty / to take over for sb
 yìng duì response / to answer / to reply
 jiě dá answer / explanation / solution (to a math equation)
 dá huà to reply / to answer
 zuò dá to answer / to respond
 duì dá to reply / to answer / response / reply
 yìng to answer / to respond / to comply with / to deal or cope with
 dā qiāng to answer / to respond / to converse
 dā li to acknowledge / to respond / to answer / to pay attention / to heed / to deal with
 dā qiāng to answer / to respond / to converse
 dā to answer / to agree
 dá reply / answer / return / respond / echo
 dá to answer / agree
 dā zuǐ to answer
 dā bái to answer
 dā bái to answer
 chóu duì (literary) to reply / to answer
 nǎ lǐ where? / somewhere / anywhere / wherever / nowhere (negative answer to question) / humble expression denying compliment
 wèn dá question and answer
 xiáng jiě to explain in detail / detailed answer / full solution (to a math problem)
 jiē tīng to answer the phone
 dá yí to answer questions (as teacher or consultant) / to clarify doubts
 fǎn wèn to ask (a question) in reply / to answer a question with a question / rhetorical question
 yìng shēng an answering voice / to answer a voice / to respond / to copy a voice / to parrot
 jìng cāi to try to answer a question (in a quiz, guessing game, riddle etc) / quiz game
 mí dǐ answer to a riddle
 dá juàn completed examination paper / answer sheet / CL:份[fen4],張|张[zhang1]
 dá duì (usually used in the negative) to answer or reply to sb's question
 duì chàng in duet / answering phrase / antiphonal answer
 dá wèn to answer a question / question and answer
 cāi zhòng to guess correctly / to figure out the right answer
 míng zhī gù wèn to ask a question, already knowing the answer
 wā kōng xīn si to dig for thoughts (idiom) / to search everything for an answer / to rack one's brains
 dá fēi suǒ wèn (idiom) to sidestep the question / to answer evasively
 dǐng zuǐ to talk back / to answer back
 qiǎng dá to compete to be the first to answer a question (as on a quiz show)
 fǎn chún xiāng jī to answer back sarcastically (idiom) / to retort
 nèi jí to need to answer the call of nature
 duì gē answering phrase of duet / to sing antiphonal answer
 fǎn jié to ask (a question) in reply / to answer a question with a question / rhetorical question
 huán zuǐ to retort / to answer back
 huán kǒu to retort / to answer back
 á interjection expressing doubt or requiring answer / Eh? / what?
 duì dá rú liú able to reply quickly and fluently (idiom) / having a ready answer
 yìng duì rú liú to respond fluently / to answer smartly
 fǎn zuǐ to answer back / to contradict / to renege / to go back on one's word
 chàng nuò to answer respectfully "yes"
 huí kǒu to answer back
 dài fù to be advised / awaiting an answer
 yìng mǎo to answer the roll call at 卯時|卯时[mao3 shi2], i.e. between 5 and 7 am / fig. to put in a conventional appearance
 yìng mén to answer the door
 jìng dá to compete to answer questions (in class)
 dá shù numerical answer (to a question in math.) / (Tw) (of troops) to shout numbers or phrases in unison (to keep in step or maintain morale)
 cè wèn essay on policy in question and answer form used in imperial exams
 chóu to answer / to reply / to repay / to calculate
 shuō de shàng can be counted or regarded as / to be able to tell or answer / to deserve mention
  respondent's answer
  respondent's answer
 shì fù please answer (epistolary style)
 diǎn jīn to solve a problem / to answer a question / (Internet) Q&A forum / advice column
 rén yǒu sān jí (jocularly) to need to answer the call of nature
 suǒ jiě to seek an answer / to look for an explanation / to explain / explanation
 jī gǔ chuán huā beat the drum, pass the flower (game in which players sit in a circle passing a flower around while a drum is beaten &ndash / when the drumbeat stops, the player holding the flower must sing a song, answer a question, or drink a glass of wine etc)
 zhì jiǎo poe divination, a traditional Chinese divination method where a pair of crescent-shaped wooden or bamboo blocks is thrown on the ground, with the positions of the blocks determining the divine answer
 dé shù (math.) numerical answer / solution
 dǎ gǒu hái děi kàn zhǔ rén lit. when one beats a dog, one must answer to its master (idiom) / fig. before punishing sb, one should consider how that would affect others associated with him
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