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 xiǎn shì to show / to illustrate / to display / to demonstrate
 shuō míng to explain / to illustrate / to indicate / to show / to prove / explanation / directions / caption / CL:個|个[ge4]
 biǎo shì to express / to show / to say / to state / to indicate / to mean
 biǎo xiàn to show / to show off / to display / to manifest / expression / manifestation / show / display / performance (at work etc) / behavior
 zhǎn shì to reveal / to display / to show / to exhibit sth
 jǐ yǔ to accord / to give / to show (respect)
 chū shì to show / to take out and show to others / to display
 liú lù to reveal (indirectly, implicitly) / to show (interest, contempt etc) by means of one's actions, tone of voice etc
 dǎ kāi to open / to show (a ticket) / to turn on / to switch on
 lù chū to expose / to show / also pr. [lou4 chu1]
 yǎn shì to demonstrate / to show / presentation / demonstration
 shàng yìng to show (a movie) / to screen
 jiāo huì to show / to teach
 zhǐ yǐn to guide / to show / to point (the way) / directions / guidance / guidelines
 jiē shì to show / to make known
 fàng yìng to show (a movie) / to screen
 biǎo lù to show / to reveal (one's feelings etc)
 jì yú to place (hope, importance etc) on / to express / to show / to give
 jì yǔ to place (hope, importance etc) on / to express / to show / to give
 fā to send out / to show (one's feeling) / to issue / to develop / to make a bundle of money / classifier for gunshots (rounds)
 zhǎn bō to exhibit as broadcast / to show (on TV)
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