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 nèi inside / inner / internal / within / interior
 zhī nèi inside / within
 shí jiān nèi within (a period of time)
 yǐ nèi within / less than
 zhōng within / among / in / middle / center / while (doing sth) / during / (dialect) OK / all right
 guī fàn norm / standard / specification / regulation / rule / within the rules / to fix rules / to regulate / to specify
 tǐ nèi within the body / in vivo (vs in vitro) / internal to
 jìng nèi within the borders / internal (to a country, province, city etc) / domestic
 cóng zhōng from within / therefrom
 yǐn huàn a danger concealed within sth / hidden damage / misfortune not visible from the surface
 qīn qíng affection / family love / love, esp. within a married couple or between parents and children
 qí jiān in between / within that interval / in the meantime
怀 huái bào to hug / to cherish / within the bosom (of the family) / to embrace (also fig. an ideal, aspiration etc)
 è zhì to check / to contain / to hold back / to keep within limits / to constrain / to restrain
 zài Huá within China / during one's visit to China
 Dèng Xiǎo píng Lǐ lùn Deng Xiaoping Theory / Dengism / the foundation of PRC economic development after the Cultural Revolution, building the capitalist economy within Chinese Communist Party control
 zài jí near at hand / imminent / within sight
 zhēn pí dermis (layer within the skin containing sense of touch)
 dǎng nèi within the party (esp. Chinese communist party)
 jú xiàn to limit / to confine / to restrict sth within set boundaries
 fēn cun propriety / appropriate behavior / proper speech or action / within the norms
 qī fáng forward delivery apartment / unfinished housing to be paid for in advance by the buyer and then completed within certain time frame
 nián zhōng within the year / in the middle of the year / mid-year
 bàn sǐ half dead (of torment, hunger, tiredness etc) / (tired) to death / (terrified) out of one's wits / (beaten) to within an inch of one's life / (knock) the daylights out of sb
 jìn zài zhǐ chǐ to be almost within reach / to be close at hand
 suǒ jí to reach as far as / within reach
 sǐ qù huó lái to hover between life and death (idiom) / to suffer terribly / within an inch of one's life
 dàng qī slot within a schedule / timeslot (for a TV program, a session with a photographer etc) / range of dates in which an event is to be held (film screening, exhibition etc)
 lì suǒ néng jí as far as one's capabilities extend (idiom) / to the best of one's ability / within one's powers
 jiā dài to carry within it / to be mixed in / to slip sth in / to intersperse / (hydrology etc) to entrain / to smuggle / notes smuggled into an exam
 dǎng wù party affairs / work within the Communist party
 jìng nèi wài within and without the borders / domestic and foreign / home and abroad
 Zhōng jì wěi Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), organization within the CCP which investigates corruption and other wrongdoing among Party cadres / abbr. for 中共中央紀律檢查委員會|中共中央纪律检查委员会
 zài wò (fig.) to hold in one's hands / to be within grasp
 nèi wù internal affairs / domestic affairs / family affairs / (trad.) affairs within the palace
 liàng lì ér xíng to assess one's capabilities and act accordingly (idiom) / to act within one's competence / One does what one can.
 bù rì within the next few days / in a few days time
 nèi zhōng within it / among them
 chéng zhōng cūn village within a city / shantytown / ghetto
 hù nèi indoors / within the home
 nèi jiān undiscovered traitor / enemy within one's own ranks
 Lóng xīn Loongson (a family of general-purpose CPUs developed within China)
 fǎ hào name in religion (of Buddhist or Daoist within monastery)
 shuāng guī shuanggui, an extralegal system within the CCP for detaining and interrogating cadres who fall from grace
 jiān between / among / within a definite time or space / room / section of a room or lateral space between two pairs of pillars / classifier for rooms
 nèi hào internal friction / internal dissipation of energy (in mechanics) / fig. waste or discord within an organization
 Hǔ mén Zhèn Humen Town, also known as Taiping 太平[Tai4 ping2], a town within Dongguan prefecture-level city 東莞市|东莞市[Dong1 guan3 shi4], Guangdong
 gōng bài chuí chéng to fail within sight of success (idiom) / last-minute failure / to fall at the last hurdle / snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
 bāo gōng to undertake to perform work within a time limit and according to specifications / to contract for a job / contractor
 liáng tǐ cái yī lit. measure the body then tailor the suit (idiom) / fig. to act according to actual circumstances / To live within one's means.
 wěn cāo shèng quàn grasp it and victory is assured / to have success within one's grasp (idiom)
 cè fǎn to instigate (rebellion etc) / incitement (e.g. to desertion within opposing camp)
 fǎ míng name in religion (of Buddhist or Daoist within monastery) / same as 法號|法号[fa3 hao4]
 tóng shì cāo gē wielding the halberd within the household (idiom) / internecine strife
 liàng rù wéi chū to assess one's income and spend accordingly (idiom) / to live within one's means / You can only spend what you earn.
 xuán zhī yòu xuán mystery within a mystery / the mysteries of the Dao according to Laozi 老子[Lao3 zi3]
 xīn fù zhī huàn lit. calamity within one's bosom (idiom) / major trouble hidden within
 huà dì wéi láo lit. to be confined within a circle drawn on the ground (idiom) / fig. to confine oneself to a restricted range of activities
 fēi dì administrative enclave / land of one country enclosed within another / a salient
 jǐn to the greatest extent / (when used before a noun of location) furthest or extreme / to be within the limits of / to give priority to
 xiàn shì bào karmic retribution within one's lifetime
 Guó Guo, a kinship group whose members held dukedoms within the Zhou Dynasty realm, including Western Guo 西虢國|西虢国 / and Eastern Guo 東虢國|东虢国 / surname Guo
 bù yuè Léi chí not overstepping the prescribed limits / to remain within bounds
 kān cài chī fàn to eat depending on the dish (idiom) / fig. to act according to actual circumstances / to live within one's means
 chù shǒu kě jí within reach
 fèn nèi one's job or duty / within one's remit
 zhí xián title (position within an organization)
 qí nèi included / within that
 zài zhī nèi in / within
 zhōng zhuì infix (grammar), particle attached within a word or expression
 rén jīng sophisticate / man with extensive experience / child prodigy / Wunderkind (i.e. brilliant child) / spirit within a person (i.e. blood and essential breath 血氣|血气 / of TCM)
 lěng nuǎn zì zhī the person who drinks it knows best whether the water is hot or cold (Zen proverb) / self-awareness comes from within / to know best by personal experience
 fù shěng jí chéng shì subprovincial city (having independent economic status within a province)
 kuāng fú shè jì (of states within the nation) to support the ruler in governing the country
 tóng yè chāi jiè call loan / short-term loan within banking
 guó zhōng zhī guó state within a state
 Níng gāng former Ninggang county in Jiangxi, now within Jinggangshan county level city 井岡山市|井冈山市[Jing3 gang1 shan1 shi4] in Ji'an 吉安, Jiangxi
 Níng gāng xiàn former Ninggang county in Jiangxi, now within Jinggangshan county level city 井岡山市|井冈山市[Jing3 gang1 shan1 shi4] in Ji'an 吉安, Jiangxi
 tíng xùn tuition within family / education from father
 kǒng lóng zǒng mù Dinosauria, superorder within class Sauropsida containing dinosaurs and birds
 yǒu xiào qī nèi within the period of validity / before the sell-by date
 hǎi bào kē Phocidae, family within Carnivora including seal
 còu shǒu at hand / within easy reach / convenient / handy
 shòu jiǎo yà mù suborder Theropoda (beast-footed dinosaur group) within order Saurischia containing carnivorous dinosaurs
 shòu jiǎo lèi kǒng lóng theropod (beast-footed dinosaur group) / suborder Theropoda within order Saurischia containing carnivorous dinosaurs
 jiè nèi qiú ball within bounds (sports) / in / fair ball (baseball)
 kān cài chī fàn , liáng tǐ cái yī eat depending on the dish, cut cloth according to the body (idiom) / to fit the appetite to the dishes and the dress to the figure / to act according to actual circumstances / to live within one's means
 wěn shèng to beat comfortably / to win easily / abbr. for 穩操勝券|稳操胜券, to have victory within one's grasp
 féi shuǐ bù liú wài rén tián lit. don't let one's own fertile water flow into others' field / fig. keep the goodies within the family (proverb)
 shū shì yīn comfortable voice (well within one's range of pitch)
 xī xíng gāng Sauropsida, class within Chordata containing reptiles
 xī tún mù Saurischia or lizard-hipped dinosaurs, order within superorder Dinosauria
 cí zú word family (cognate words within a given language)
 zhuī sù shí xiào period during which one can prosecute or sue sb / within the statute of limitation
 A1 lǐ shān xiāng Alishan township in Chiayi county 嘉義縣|嘉义县[Jia1 yi4 xian4], within the Alishan Range, south-central Taiwan
 shí ròu mù Carnivora, order of carnivores within Mammalia
  Commonwealth Scheme for the Transfer of Convicted Offenders within the Commonwealth / London Scheme
  commission of good offices, mediation or conciliation within the United Nations
  Directive on Illegally Exported Cultural Objects within the European Community
  Seminar on the Analysis of Traffic Flows within Transport Corridors in Europe
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