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 gǎn qíng emotion / sentiment / affection / feelings between two persons / CL:個|个[ge4],種|种[zhong3]
 ài to love / to be fond of / to like / affection / to be inclined (to do sth) / to tend to (happen)
 qīn qíng affection / family love / love, esp. within a married couple or between parents and children
 qíng yì friendly regard / affection
 qíng ài affection / friendly feelings towards sb / love
 qíng yì affection / comradeship
 ài lián to show tenderness / to coo over / affection
 ēn qíng kindness / affection / grace / favor
 fǔ ài to love tenderly / affection / loving care / to caress
 yì si idea / opinion / meaning / wish / desire / interest / fun / token of appreciation, affection etc / CL:個|个[ge4] / to give as a small token / to do sth as a gesture of goodwill etc
 fāng xīn the affection, or heart, of a young woman
 ēn ài loving affection (in a couple) / conjugal love
 yǒu ài friendly affection / fraternal love
 cí ài love / devotion (to children) / affection, esp. towards children
 lián ài to have tender affection for / to love tenderly / to pamper sb
 tǎo rén xǐ huan to attract people's affection / charming / delightful
 yí qíng to shift one's affection / to change sentiment
 jiù qíng old affection
 gǒu liáng dog food / (Internet slang) public display of affection (term used by singles 單身狗|单身狗[dan1 shen1 gou3] forced to "eat" it)
 zhēng fēng chī cù to rival sb for the affection of a man or woman / to be jealous of a rival in a love affair
 lǎo prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity / old (of people) / venerable (person) / experienced / of long standing / always / all the time / of the past / very / outdated / (of meat etc) tough
 méng to sprout / to bud / to have a strong affection for (slang) / adorable (loanword from Japanese 萌え / moe, slang describing affection for a cute character)
 xū qíng jiǎ yì false friendship / hypocritical show of affection
 shǒu zú zhī qíng brotherly affection
 qíng bù kě què unable to refuse because of affection
 shì dú qíng shēn lit. the cow licking its calf fondly (idiom) / fig. to show deep affection towards one's children
 qíng fèn mutual affection / friendship
 xiù ēn ài to make a public display of affection
 yí qíng bié liàn change of affection, shift of love (idiom) / to change one's feelings to another love / to fall in love with sb else
 zì zuò duō qíng to imagine that one's love is reciprocated / to shower affection on an uninterested party
 hū lěng hū rè now hot, now cold / (of one's mood, affection etc) to alternate
 wèn kè shā jī lit. asking guests whether or not to butcher a chicken for them (idiom) / fig. hypocritical show of affection (or hospitality)
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