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 ài qíng romance / love (romantic) / CL:個|个[ge4],份[fen4]
 liàn ài (romantic) love / CL:個|个[ge4],場|场[chang3] / in love / to have an affair
 ài xīn compassion / kindness / care for others / love / CL:片[pian4] / charity (bazaar, golf day etc) / heart (the symbol ♥)
 ài to love / to be fond of / to like / affection / to be inclined (to do sth) / to tend to (happen)
 xǐ ài to like / to love / to be fond of / favorite
 xǐ hào to like / fond of / to prefer / to love / one's tastes / preference
 ài yì love
 qíng ài affection / friendly feelings towards sb / love
 huān xīn favor / liking / love / jubilation / joy
 cí ài love / devotion (to children) / affection, esp. towards children
 chūn huī lit. spring sunshine / fig. parental (often maternal) love
 rè ài to love ardently / to adore
 ài shàng to fall in love with / to be in love with
 zuò ài to make love
 xiāng ài to love each other
 shēn qíng deep emotion / deep feeling / deep love
 qíng yuán predestined love / love affinity
 qíng gē love song
 ài guó to love one's country / patriotic
 chū liàn first love
 táo huā peach blossom / (fig.) love affair
 xīn téng to love dearly / to feel sorry for sb / to regret / to grudge / to be distressed
 qīn qíng affection / family love / love, esp. within a married couple or between parents and children
 shī liàn to lose one's love / to break up (in a romantic relationship) / to feel jilted
 liàn qíng romantic love
 cǎo méi strawberry / CL:顆|颗[ke1] / (Tw) hickey / love bite
 ài hù to cherish / to treasure / to take care of / to love and protect
 wú yuán to have no opportunity / no way (of doing sth) / no chance / no connection / not placed (in a competition) / (in pop lyrics) no chance of love, no place to be together etc
 tóng xìng liàn homosexuality / gay person / gay love
 qíng shū love letter
 chūn guāng scenes of springtime / the radiance of spring / (fig.) a sight of sth sexy or erotic / an indication of a love affair
 àn liàn to be secretly in love with
 yǒu qíng to be in love / sentient beings (Buddhism)
 huā xīn fickle (in love affairs) / dissipated / unfaithful / heart of a flower (pistil and stamen)
 ài liàn in love with / to feel deeply attached to
 dòng qíng to get excited / passionate / aroused to passion / to fall in love / on heat (of animals)
 téng ài to love dearly
 gào bái to announce publicly / to explain oneself / to reveal one's feelings / to confess / to declare one's love
 shēn ài to love dearly
 tōu qíng to carry on a clandestine love affair
 yī jiàn zhōng qíng love at first sight (idiom)
 ài měi love of beauty / wishing to appear beautiful / to set store by one's appearance
 rè liàn to fall head over heels in love / to be passionately in love
 xiāng liàn to love each other
 zhōng qíng to fall in love / to love sb or sth dearly (lover, or art)
 qīng xīn to admire wholeheartedly / to fall in love with
 mǔ ài maternal love
 bó ài universal fraternity (or brotherhood) / universal love
 qíng dí rival in love
 qíng huà terms of endearment / words of love
 ēn ài loving affection (in a couple) / conjugal love
 chuán qíng to pass on amorous feelings / to send one's love to sb
 yuān jia enemy / foe / (in opera) sweetheart or destined love
 ài dài to love and respect / love and respect
 ài bù shì shǒu to love sth too much to part with it (idiom) / to fondle admiringly
 ài shén god of love
 jī kě hungry and thirsty / (fig.) to crave (knowledge, love etc)
 zhì ài true love
 yǒu ài friendly affection / fraternal love
 táo sè pink / peach color / illicit love / sexual
 ài ai (coll.) to make love
 lián ài to have tender affection for / to love tenderly / to pamper sb
 qíng wǎng snare of love
 ài hé the river of love / a stumbling block on the path to enlightenment (Buddhism)
 fáng shì sexual intercourse / to make love
 liàn gē love song
 jìng ài respect and love
 dān liàn unrequited love / one-sided love
 yì zhōng rén sweetheart / one's true love / the person of one's thoughts
 sī shēng zǐ illegitimate child (male) / bastard / love child
 zuò ài to make love
 hūn liàn love and marriage
 fù ài paternal love
 sī qíng personal considerations / love affair
 jiě dì liàn love between an older woman and a younger man
 chūn yì beginning of spring / thoughts of love
 Jiǎ Bǎo yù Jia Baoyu, male character in The Dream of Red Mansions, in love with his cousin Lin Daiyu 林黛玉 / but obliged to marry Xue Baochai 薛寶釵|薛宝钗
 dìng qíng to exchange love tokens or vows / to pledge one's love / to get engaged
 chūn xīn amorous feelings / stirrings of love
 Qiū bǐ tè Cupid, son of Venus and Mars, Roman god of love and beauty
 yàn qíng romantic love / romance / erotic (novel etc)
 xǐ wén lè jiàn to love to hear and see (idiom) / well received / to one's liking
 cù yì jealousy (in love rivalry)
 qíng shī love poem
 xùn qíng to die together in the name of love / to sacrifice oneself for love
 fān yún fù yǔ to produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another (idiom) / fig. to shift one's ground / tricky and inconstant / to make love
 qíng biàn loss of love / breakup of a relationship
 qiǎn quǎn in love and inseparable
 hēi xiū (coll.) to make love
 fù xīn ungrateful / heartless / to fail to be loyal to one's love
 tiān lún zhī lè family love and joy / domestic bliss
 zhēng fēng chī cù to rival sb for the affection of a man or woman / to be jealous of a rival in a love affair
 zhōng qíng madly in love
 bó qíng inconstant in love / fickle
怀 huái chūn (of girls) to yearn for love
 wěn hén hickey / love bite
 hào yì wù láo to love ease and comfort and hate work (idiom)
 ài zēng love and hate
 fǔ ài to love tenderly / affection / loving care / to caress
 Shí rì Tán Decameron, collection of 100 tales of love supposedly told by ten young people in ten days, written by Giovanni Boccaccio 薄伽丘[Bo2 jia1 qiu1]
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