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Decomp. 一冂人人
Mandarin liǎng
Entry Methods
Pinyin liang3
Kanji /
Sijiao 1022.0
CNS 11643 3-243F
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+4E24
GB2312 C1BD
Level 2
 liǎng two / both / some / a few / tael, unit of weight equal to 50 grams (modern) or 1⁄16 of a catty 斤[jin1] (old)
Results beginning with 两
 liǎng cì twice
 liǎng tiān two days
 liǎng àn bilateral / both shores / both sides / both coasts / Taiwan and mainland
 liǎng guó both countries / two countries
 liǎng zhě both sides
 liǎng bian either side / both sides
 liǎng cè two sides / both sides
 liǎng jù (say) a few words
 liǎng xìng male and female / both types (acid and alkaline, positive and negative etc) / (chemistry) amphoteric
 Liǎng huì National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
 liǎng shǒu double tactics / twin strategies
 liǎng páng both sides / either side
 liǎng yàng two kinds / difference
 liǎng xià twice / for a little while
 liǎng qiān two thousand
 liǎng bǎi two hundred
 liǎng tóu both ends / both parties to a deal
 liǎng miàn both sides
 liǎng bèi twice as much / double the amount
 liǎng duān both ends (of a stick etc) / two extremes
 liǎng yòng dual-use
 liǎng jí the two poles / the north and south poles / both ends of sth / electric or magnetic poles
 liǎng nán dilemma / quandary / to face a difficult choice
 liǎng yuàn two chambers (of legislative assembly), e.g. House of Representatives and Senate
 liǎng qī amphibious / dual-talented / able to work in two different lines
 liǎng xiàng two-phase (physics)
 liǎng xiāng both sides
 liǎng zú bicommunal
 liǎng quán to satisfy both sides / to accommodate both (demands)
广 Liǎng Guǎng the two provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi (traditional)
 liǎng Hàn Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) / refers to the Western Han and Eastern Han
 liǎng hé two rivers / Mesopotamia
 Liǎng Hú Hubei 湖北 / and Hunan 湖南 / provinces
 liǎng lì to coexist / coexistence
 liǎng zào both parties (to a lawsuit) / plaintiff and defendant
 Liǎng dāng Liangdang county in Longnan 隴南|陇南[Long3 nan2], Gansu
 liǎng Dé two Germanies / refers to German Democratic Republic (East Germany) and the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany)
 liǎng fāng both sides (in contract) / the two opposing sides (in a dispute)
 liǎng qì received and paid for (business term) / the goods delivered and the bill settled
 liǎng qīn see 雙親|双亲[shuang1 qin1]
 liǎng qīng loan settled (business term) / business complete to the satisfaction of both parties
 Liǎng Sòng the Song dynasty (960-1279) / refers to the Northern (960-1127) and Southern Song (1128-1279)
 liǎng yí heaven and earth / yin and yang
 liǎng bù wù to neglect neither one
 liǎng kǒu zi husband and wife
 liǎng huí shì two quite different things / two unrelated matters
 liǎng mǎ shì two quite different things / another kettle of fish
 liǎng xià zi a couple of times / to repeat the same / the same old trick / tricks of the trade
 liǎng miàn pài two-faced person / double-dealing
 liǎng qī lèi class Amphibia / amphibians
 liǎng fēn fǎ (Maoism) one divides into two
 liǎng bǎi wàn two million
亿 liǎng bǎi yì twenty billion
 liǎng bān zhì double-shift system
 liǎng bù lù a step away / very close
 Liǎng dāng xiàn Liangdang county in Longnan 隴南|陇南[Long3 nan2], Gansu
 liǎng dǎng zhì two-party system
 liǎng diǎn shuǐ name of "ice" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 15) / see also 冫[bing1]
 Liǎng jiāng dào Ryanggang province province in north North Korea, adjacent to Jilin province
 liǎng jiǎo jià bipod (supporting a machine gun etc)
 liǎng jié gùn nunchaku
 liǎng jí zhèng bipolar disorder
 liǎng kǒu r husband and wife / couple
 liǎng qiān nián the year 2000 / 2000 years
 liǎng shēng lèi class Amphibia / also written 兩棲類|两栖类[liang3 qi1 lei4]
 liǎng tóu r erhua variant of 兩頭|两头[liang3 tou2]
 liǎng xìng huā hermaphrodite flower
 liǎng xīng qī fortnight
 liǎng yuàn zhì bicameralism / bicameral legislative system
 liǎng zhāo r the same old trick / illegal device
 liǎng bài jù shāng both sides suffer (idiom) / neither side wins
 liǎng guó guān xì bilateral relations
 liǎng quán qí měi to satisfy rival demands (idiom) / to get the best of both worlds / to have it both ways / to have one's cake and eat it too
 liǎng àn sān dì China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau (media term used esp. since 1997)
 liǎng xìng guān xì gender relations
 liǎng guó zhī jiān bilateral / between two countries
 liǎng xiǎo wú cāi innocent playmates
 liǎng xiù qīng fēng lit. both sleeves flowing in the breeze (idiom) / having clean hands / uncorrupted / unsoiled by corrupt practices
 liǎng miàn sān dāo two-faced, three knives (idiom) / double-cross / double dealing and back stabbing
 liǎng qī dòng wù amphibian / amphibious animals
 liǎng xiāng qíng yuàn both sides are willing / by mutual consent
 liǎng hǔ xiāng dòu two tigers fight (idiom) / fig. a dispute between two powerful adversaries / a battle of the giants
 liǎng lèi chā dāo lit. knifes piercing both sides (idiom) / fig. to attach a great importance to friendship, up to the point of being able to sacrifice oneself for it
 liǎng shǒu kōng kōng empty-handed (idiom) / fig. not receiving anything
  gender equity
  gender awareness issue
  dual-use mine / hybrid mine
  amphibious warfare
  amphibious force
  amphibious operation
  amphibious ship / amphibious craft
  ayan / distemonanthus
 liǎng àn duì huà bilateral talks
 liǎng bǎ shuā zi ability / skill
 liǎng bù xiāng qiàn to be even / to be quits / to be even-steven
 liǎng cè duì chèn bilateral symmetry
 liǎng dàn yī xīng (China's achievements of) producing an atomic bomb (1964) and hydrogen bomb (1967) and launching a satellite into space (1970)
 liǎng duó mù biāo two-degree target
 liǎng gè dài guó two major Powers, (the)
 liǎng gè zhōng guó two-China (policy)
广 liǎng guǎng zǒng dū Governor of Guangdong and Guangxi
 liǎng guó jí tuán Group of 2
 liǎng hé liú yù Mesopotamia
 liǎng hé wén míng Mesopotamian civilization
 liǎng hǔ xiāng zhēng two tigers fighting (idiom) / fierce contest between evenly matched adversaries
 liǎng jiá shēng jīn mouth-watering / to whet one's appetite
 liǎng jí fēn huà polarization
 liǎng jí wén fǎ two-level
 liǎng nián zhèn dàng biennial oscillation
 liǎng qíng liǎng yuàn by mutual consent (north China dialect)
 liǎng qíng xiāng yuè (of a couple) to be harmonious / to be each other's sunshine
 liǎng xiāng qíng yuàn both sides are willing / by mutual consent
 liǎng xìng chā jù disparity between the sexes
 liǎng xìng dòng wù hermaphrodite creature
 liǎng xìng jūn děng gender parity
 liǎng xìng lí zǐ (chemistry) zwitterion
 liǎng xìng píng děng equality between the sexes
 liǎng xìng yì xíng sexual dimorphism
西 liǎng yàng dōng xi two distinct things
 Liǎng Yī Zhàn zhēng Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988)
 liǎng yòng wù pǐn dual-use item / dual-use good
  biannual review
  inter-Korean reconciliation
  gender inequality
  amphibious assault vehicle
  Binational Commission
  dual-purpose chemical
 liǎng diǎn shí jiǔ fēn 2 :1 9 (time of day)
 liǎng gè huò gèng duō two or more
 liǎng nián qī yù suàn biennial budget
 liǎng shèng sì hù fǎ Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques
  Subgroup on Gender
  two-dimensional chromatography
  gender-equality perspective
  Fund for Gender Equality
  bicommunal and bizonal federation
 liǎng guó jiě jué fāng àn two-State solution
 liǎng nián yù suàn zhōu qī biennial budget cycle
 liǎng qī yùn shū néng lì amphibious lift
 liǎng xìng píng děng gù wèn gender adviser
 liǎng xìng píng děng jī zhì gender machinery
 liǎng xìng píng děng xiǎo zǔ Gender Team
 liǎng xìng píng děng yì chéng Agenda for Gender Equality
  Division for Gender Affairs
  Gender Adviser Unit
  Central American Bipartisan Agreement
  biennial programme plan
 liǎng ěr bù wén chuāng wài shì to pay no attention to outside matters
 liǎng gè huò liǎng gè yǐ shàng two or more
 yín liǎng silver currency / currency of the Qing dynasty based on the silver tael 兩|两
 sān liǎng two or three
 jīn liǎng weight / (fig.) importance
 gōng liǎng hectogram
 shì liǎng Chinese unit of weight equivalent to 50 grams
 Yīng liǎng British imperial ounce (old)
 zhá liǎng (Cantonese cuisine) zhaliang, rice noodle rolls 腸粉|肠粉[chang2 fen3] stuffed with youtiao 油條|油条[you2 tiao2]
 xiǎo liǎng kǒu (coll.) young married couple
 cān liǎng yuàn both houses of US Congress
 hòu liǎng zhě the latter two
 yī jǔ liǎng dé one move, two gains (idiom) / two birds with one stone
 yī guó liǎng zhì one country, two systems (PRC proposal regarding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)
 sān sān liǎng liǎng in twos and threes
退 jìn tuì liǎng nán no room to advance or to retreat (idiom) / without any way out of a dilemma / trapped / in an impossible situation
 pàn ruò liǎng rén to be a different person / not to be one's usual self
 sān tiān liǎng tóu lit. twice every three days (idiom) / practically every day / frequently
 mó léng liǎng kě equivocal / ambiguous
 sān cháng liǎng duǎn unexpected misfortune / unexpected accident / sudden death
 shì bù liǎng lì the two cannot exist together (idiom) / irreconcilable differences / incompatible standpoints
 bàn jīn bā liǎng not much to choose between the two / tweedledum and tweedledee
 Guó Gòng liǎng dǎng Guomindang 國民黨|国民党[Guo2 min2 dang3] and Chinese Communist Party 共產黨|共产党[Gong4 chan3 dang3]
 yǒu liǎng xià zi to have real skill / to know one's stuff
 shì bù liǎng lì the two cannot exist together (idiom) / irreconcilable differences / incompatible standpoints
 qīng fēng liǎng xiù honest and upright (idiom)
 rén cái liǎng kōng loss of life and property / to lose the beauty and her possessions
 sān wǎ liǎng shè places of pleasure (like brothels, tea houses etc)
 sān yán liǎng jù in a few words (idiom) / expressed succinctly
 sān yán liǎng yǔ in a few words (idiom) / expressed succinctly
 yī dāo liǎng duàn lit. two segments with a single cut (idiom) / fig. to make a clean break (idiom)
 yī shēn liǎng yì one person taking on two tasks simultaneously
 zuǒ yòu liǎng nán dilemma / quandary / Scylla and Charybdis / between the devil and the deep blue sea (idiom)
 fēn xīng bāi liǎng punctilious / clear and detailed
 jiè yú liǎng nán to be on the horns of a dilemma (idiom)
 lǎo liǎng kǒu r an old married couple
 sān jiǎo liǎng bù hurriedly / just a few steps away
 sān xià liǎng xià quickly and effortlessly (idiom)
 shuǐ lù liǎng yòng amphibious (vehicle)
 xiǎo liǎng kǒu r erhua variant of 小兩口|小两口[xiao3 liang3 kou3]
 yī guó liǎng fǔ one China, two governments
 yī pāi liǎng sàn (of marriage or business partners) to break up (idiom) / to separate
 yī tǐ liǎng miàn lit. one body two sides (idiom) / fig. a situation with two sides to it
 yī zhé liǎng duàn to split sth into two (idiom)
 zēng jiā liǎng bèi to double
 zhèng fǎn liǎng miàn two-way / reversible / both sides of the coin
 jiǎo tà liǎng tiáo chuán lit. to stand with each foot in a different boat (idiom) / fig. to have it both ways / to run after two hares / (especially) to have two lovers at the same time
 Hàn zéi bù liǎng lì lit. Shu Han 蜀漢|蜀汉[Shu3 Han4] and Cao Wei 曹魏[Cao2 Wei4] cannot coexist (idiom) / fig. two enemies cannot live under the same sky / (former KMT slogan against CPC) "gentlemen and thieves cannot coexist"
 jiǎo tà liǎng zhī chuán to have a foot in both camps / to have a bet each way / to be having an affair
 jiǎo cǎi liǎng zhī chuán see 腳踏兩隻船|脚踏两只船[jiao3 ta4 liang3 zhi1 chuan2]
 là zhú liǎng tóu shāo to burn the candle at both ends (idiom) / to labor under a double burden
 zháo sān bù zháo liǎng scatter-brained / thoughtless
M2水  M2 amphibious vehicle / M2 rigs pontoon bridge / M2 rigs for rafting
 yī fèn qián liǎng fèn huò two for the price of one offer
 yī fēn qián liǎng fēn huò high quality at bargain price
 yī ge tóu liǎng ge dà (coll.) to feel as though one's head could explode (Tw)
 yī huí shēng liǎng huí shú see 一回生二回熟[yi1 hui2 sheng1 er4 hui2 shu2]
 cǐ dì wú yín sān bǎi liǎng lit. 300 silver taels not hidden here (idiom) / fig. to reveal what one intends to hide
  gender responsive
  Asia Pacific Gender Equality Network
 liù guó jiā liǎng guó xiǎo zǔ Six plus Two group
 yī cì shēng , liǎng cì shú unfamiliar at first but you get used to it / strangers are first meeting, but soon friends / an acquired taste
  Section for Women and Gender Equality
  national gender machinery
 Hǎi xiá Liǎng àn Guān xi Xié huì PRC Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS)
  UNESCO Shore-to-Shore Network
  Basic Education and Gender Equality
  nuclear-related dual-use item
 sān tiān dǎ yú , liǎng tiān shài wǎng lit. to fish for three days and sun-dry the nets for two days (proverb) / fig. not to persevere in doing sth / to do sth by fits and starts
  Women's Human Rights and Gender Unit
  National Gender Action Plan
  Runa Gender Studies and Development Institute / Runa Institute
  Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa
 gāo jí liǎng xìng píng děng shì wù gù wèn Senior Gender Affairs Adviser
  Gender Responsive Budget Initiatives
  gender responsiveness
  Culture, Gender and Human Rights Branch
  gender-responsive budgeting
  United Nations Gender Theme Group
  Biennial Conference of African Ministers of Industry
  Biennial Meeting of National Recruitment Services
  International Solar Polar Mission
  dual-use products, services and know-how
  Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality
  Centre for Environment, Gender and Development
  United Nations gender experts workshop
  Optional Rules for Arbitrating Disputes between Two States
  African Best Practices for Gender Integration
 quán qiú liǎng xìng píng děng jié gòu gǎi gé yùn dòng Global campaign for Gender Equality Architecture Reform / GEAR Campaign
  African Centre for Gender and Social Development
  Optional Protocols to the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  Ministry of National Solidarity, Human Rights and Gender
  Inter-Agency Committee on Women and Gender Equality
  Community Development, Gender Equality and Children Section
西  ECOWAS Gender Development Centre
 lián hé guó liǎng xìng píng děng wèn tí zōng hé shí tǐ United Nations composite gender entity / United Nations composite gender equality entity
  Thematic Working Group on Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality
  Declaration of Tunis on Gender and Human Development
  Inter-Agency Meeting on Women and Gender Equality
  Evaluation of Gender Policy Implementation in UNICEF
  double jeopardy rule / non bis in idem principle
  Local Authorities against Apartheid Biennial Conference
3工  Millennium Project Task Force 3 on Primary Education and Gender Equality / Task Force 3 on Primary Education and Gender Equality
  Ad Hoc Inter-Agency Group on Gender Issues in Afghanistan
  Joint Declaration on Ukrainian-Moldovan cooperation
  United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women / UN-Women
  joint workshop on governance, poverty reduction and gender equality
  Sub-Working Group on Gender in Humanitarian Action
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