• to take
  • to get
  • to choose
  • to fetch



  • 我们应该消这次远足。
    We should cancel the hike.
  • 杰克决定消预约。
    Jack decided to cancel the reservations.
  • 他们去了鸟
    They went to Tottori.
  • 单凭力量不能保证胜。
    Relying on strength alone cannot guarantee victory.
  • 他被消了参赛资格。
    He was disqualified from the competition.
  • 你不应该以貌人。
    You should not judge a man by his appearance.
  • 我希望考试能录
    I hope to graduate at the exams.
  • 得了优异的英语成绩。
    She gets good marks in English.
  • 田径运动会因天雨关系消了。
    The track meet was called off on account of the heavy rain.
  • 你必须从失败中吸教训。
    You must learn from mistakes.
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