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Strokes 3
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Decomp. 彳日一寸
Mandarin dé; de; děi
Entry Methods
Pinyin de2; de; dei3
Kanji /
Sijiao 2624.1
CNS 11643 1-5A35
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+5F97
GB2312 B5C3
Results for 得
 dé to obtain / to get / to gain / to catch (a disease) / proper / suitable / proud / contented / to allow / to permit / ready / finished
 de structural particle: used after a verb (or adjective as main verb), linking it to following phrase indicating effect, degree, possibility etc
 děi to have to / must / ought to / to need to
Results beginning with 得
 dé dào to get / to obtain / to receive
 dé fēn to score
 dé zhī to find out / to know / to learn about
 dé le all right! / that's enough!
 dé liǎo (emphatically, in rhetorical questions) possible
 de hěn very (much, good etc)
 dé yǐ able to / so that sb can / enabling / in order to / finally in a position to / with sth in view
 dé yì proud of oneself / pleased with oneself / complacent
 dé chū to obtain (results) / to arrive at (a conclusion)
 dé zui to offend sb / to make a faux pas / a faux pas / see also 得罪[de2 zui4]
 dé zuì to commit an offense / to violate the law / excuse me! (formal) / see also 得罪[de2 zui5]
 dé shǒu to go smoothly / to come off / to succeed
 dé lì able / capable / competent / efficient
 dé yì to derive benefit
 dé shī gains and losses / success and failure / merits and demerits
 dé míng to get one's name / named (after sth)
 dé dàng appropriate / suitable
 dé jiǎng to win a prize
 dé chěng to prevail / to have one's way / to get away with it
 dé tǐ appropriate to the occasion / fitting
 dé zhǔ recipient (of an award) / winner (in a competition)
 dé piào vote-getting
 dé dào to achieve the Dao / to become an immortal
 dé shèng to triumph over an opponent
 dé jiù to be saved
 dé bìng to fall ill / to contract a disease
 dé zháo to obtain
 dé zhì to accomplish one's ambition / a dream come true / to enjoy success
 dé xī to learn about / to be informed
 dé fǎ (doing sth) in the right way / suitable / properly
 dé shì to win power / to get authority / to become dominant
 dé yí proper / appropriate / suitable
 dé chǒng to be a favorite / favor
 dé sè pleased with oneself
 dé qì "to obtain qi", the sensation of electrical tingling, numbness, soreness etc at the meridian where accupuncture needle is inserted
便 dé biàn at one's convenience / when one has time
 dé biāo to win a bid / to win a trophy in a contest / (jokingly) to get an STD
 děi kuī luckily / fortunately
 děi yào to need / must
 dé kòng to have leisure time
 dé lìng to follow your orders / roger! / yessir!
 Dé róng Dêrong county (Tibetan: sde rong rdzong) in Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture 甘孜藏族自治州|甘孜藏族自治州[Gan1 zi1 Zang4 zu2 zi4 zhi4 zhou1], Sichuan (formerly in Kham province of Tibet)
 dè se (dialect) to be cocky / smug / to show off
 Dé wén Devon (county of southwest England)
 dé wú (literary) isn't it that...?
 dé zhèng to obtain a proof / Q.E.D.
 dé zhòng to succeed in an imperial examination / successful / to hit the target / to win (the lottery) / suitable / proper / just right
 dé bù dào cannot get / cannot obtain
 dé piào lu:4 percentage of votes obtained
 děi ěr tǎ delta (Greek letter Δδ)
 de kě yǐ (coll.) very / awfully
 dé lái sù drive-thru (loanword)
 Dé Méi yīn Des Moines, capital of Iowa
 Dé róng xiàn Dêrong county (Tibetan: sde rong rdzong) in Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture 甘孜藏族自治州[Gan1 zi1 Zang4 zu2 zi4 zhi4 zhou1], Sichuan (formerly in Kham province of Tibet)
 dé xīn yìng shǒu lit. what the heart wishes, the hand accomplishes (idiom) skilled at the job / entirely in one's element / going smoothly and easily
 dé tiān dú hòu blessed by heaven (idiom) / enjoying exceptional advantages / favored by nature
 dé bù cháng shī the gains do not make up for the losses (idiom)
 dé yì wàng xíng so pleased as to lose one's sense of measure / beside oneself with joy
 dé cùn jìn chǐ lit. win an inch, want a foot (idiom) / fig. not satisfied with small gains / give him an inch, and he'll want a mile
 Dé kè sà sī Texas, US state
 dé guò qiě guò satisfied just to get through (idiom) / to muddle through / without high ambitions, but getting by
 dé Lǒng wàng Shǔ lit. covet Sichuan once Gansu has been seized / fig. endless greed / insatiable desire
 dé dào duō zhù a just cause enjoys abundant support (idiom) / those upholding justice will find help all around
 dé ér fù shī to lose what one has just obtained (idiom)
 dé yì mén shēng favorite pupil
 dé yì yáng yáng variant of 得意洋洋[de2 yi4 yang2 yang2]
 dé yì yáng yáng joyfully satisfied / to be immensely proud of oneself / proudly / an air of complacency
 dé yú wàng quán lit. catch fish then forget the trap (idiom, from Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子) / fig. to take help for granted
 Dé kè sà sī zhōu Texas, US state
 dé ráo rén chù qiě ráo rén where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them (idiom) / anyone can make mistakes, forgive them when possible
  First Past the Post
 dé dào duō zhù , shī dào guǎ zhù A just cause attracts much support, an unjust one finds little (idiom, from Mencius)
  underserved populations
  underserved community
 jué de to think / to feel
 huò dé to obtain / to receive / to get
 bù dé must not / may not / not to be allowed / cannot
 qǔ dé to acquire / to get / to obtain
 biàn de to become
 jì de to remember
 zhí de to be worth / to deserve
 xiǎn de to seem / to look / to appear
使 shǐ de usable / workable / feasible / doable / to make / to cause
 yíng dé to win / to gain
 nán dé seldom / rare / hard to come by
 dǒng de to understand / to know / to comprehend
 xīn dé what one has learned (through experience, reading etc) / knowledge / insight / understanding / tips / CL:項|项[xiang4],個|个[ge4]
 zhǎng de to look (pretty, the same etc)
 suǒ dé what one acquires / one's gains
 zhǐ dé to have no alternative but to / to be obliged to
 guò dé How are you getting by? / How's life? / contraction of 過得去|过得去, can get by / tolerably well / not too bad
 xiǎo de to know
 lái de to emerge (from a comparison) / to come out as / to be competent or equal to
 miǎn de so as not to / so as to avoid
 lǎn dé not to feel like (doing sth) / disinclined to
 duó dé to take (after a struggle) / to wrest / to seize / to capture / to win (a trophy)
 shě de to be willing to part with sth
 rèn de to recognize / to remember sth (or sb) on seeing it / to know
 fēi děi (followed by a verb phrase, then &ndash / optionally &ndash / 不可, or 不行 / etc) must
 liǎo de exceptional / outstanding / dreadful / appalling
 zhēng dé to obtain (permission etc)
 hài de to cause or lead to sth bad
 shěng de to avoid / so as to save (money or time)
 qiú dé to ask for sth and receive it / to try to obtain / to look for and obtain
 yǐn dé index (loanword)
 bó dé to win / to gain
 zǒng děi must / have to / be bound to
 luò de ending up as / leading to / resulting in / in total
 zì dé contented / pleased with one's position
 zhào dé seeing that
 gòu dé to purchase / to acquire
 zhuàn dé to earn
 jiàn dé to seem / to appear / (in a negative or interrogative sentence) to be sure
 yīng dé to deserve
 zhēng dé to obtain by an effort / to strive to get sth
 yào dé good / fine
 bì děi must / have to
 qù de can go
 Bīn dé Pentax, Japanese optics company
 jì dé vested in / already obtained / vesting
 shí de to know
 xí dé to learn / to acquire (some skill through practice) / acquisition
 kuī de fortunately / luckily / (sarcastic) fancy that, how fortunate!
 zhèng dé to earn (income) / to make (money)
 shí dé to find / to pick up / to collect
 Zhà dé Chad
 móu dé to get / to obtain
 biāo dé to win (sth) in a bid
 Bǐ dé Peter (name)
 huāng de hurriedly / in a frenzy
 lì dé profit / gain
 Lù dé Ruth (name) / variant of 路德[Lu4 de2] / Luther
 bù dé bù have no choice or option but to / cannot but / have to / can't help it / can't avoid
 bù yóu de can't help / cannot but
 suǒ dé shuì income tax
 shě bu de to hate to do sth / to hate to part with / to begrudge
 lái de jí there's still time / able to do sth in time
 bù dé liǎo desperately serious / disastrous / extremely / exceedingly
 hèn bu de wishing one could do sth / to hate to be unable / itching to do sth
 guài bu de no wonder! / so that's why!
 bù jiàn de not necessarily / not likely
 bù dé yǐ to act against one's will / to have no alternative but to / to have to / to have no choice / must
 gù bu de unable to change sth / unable to deal with
 chēng de shàng can be counted as
 kàn dé jiàn can see / visible
 huò dé zhě recipient
 duì de qǐ not to let sb down / to treat sb fairly / be worthy of
 yòng de zháo to be able to use / useable / to have a use for sth / (in interrogative sentence) to be necessary to
 kě dé dào available
 jīng de qǐ to be able to withstand / to be able to endure
 xìn de guò trustworthy / reliable
 bā bu de (coll.) to be eager for / to long for / to look forward to
 yóu bù de cannot help / to be beyond control of
 róng bu dé unable to tolerate / intolerant / unable to bear sth
 kàn de qǐ to show respect for / to think highly of
 tīng dé jiàn audible
 jiàn bu dé not fit to be seen by / should not be exposed to / can't bear to see
 suàn bù dé not count as
 jiǎng dé zhǔ recipient of an award / prize winner
 guò dé qù lit. can pass through (an opening) / fig. can get by (in life) / tolerably well / not too bad / How are you getting by? / How's life?
 yào bu de intolerable / unacceptable
 tiān xiǎo de Heaven knows!
 shǎo bu dé cannot be avoided / cannot do without
 kào de zhù reliable / trustworthy
 méi de shuō really good / excellent
 tán de lái to be able to talk to / to get along with / to be congenial
 xíng de tōng practicable / realizable / will work
 yuàn bu de cannot blame / no wonder
 hé de lái to get along well / compatible / also written 和得來|和得来[he2 de5 lai2]
使 shǐ bu de cannot be used / must not (do sth) / unacceptable
 Shèng Bǐ dé Saint Peter
 Lì yǎ dé Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia
 xiǎng dé měi in your dreams! / as if! / You wish! / I wish that were so
 Bǐ dé bǎo Petersburg (place name) / Saint Petersburg, Russia
 yǎn jiàn de (dialect) obviously / clearly
 chī de kāi to be popular / to be getting on well / much in demand
 fàn de zháo worthwhile (often in rhetorical questions, implying not worthwhile) / also written 犯得上
 xiǎng de kāi to not take to heart / to be free of worried thoughts / to adopt a lighthearted perspective / lighthearted
 chī de xiāo to be able to endure (exertion, fatigue etc) / to be able to afford
 huá de lái worth it / it pays to
 Sān dé lì Suntory, Japanese beverage company
 Fó dé jiǎo Cape Verde
 jiā dé bǎo Home
 xīn dé ān propranolol (beta-blocker used to treat high blood pressure)
 shǔ de zháo to be considered as outstanding or special / to be reckoned with / notable
 Aó bèi dé Obed (name)
 bǎo de zhù worth keeping
 Bǐ dé Pān Peter Pan, the novel character
 bù dé jìn awkward / unhandy / be indisposed / not feel well
 bù zhí de unworthy
 cāi de tòu to have sufficient insight to perceive / to suspect that ...
 chà dé duō fall short by a large amount
 chī de zhù to be able to bear / to be able to support
 chuō de zhù up to it / can stand the test
 duō de shì there's no shortage / there are plenty
 E2 bèi dé Obed (son of Boaz and Ruth)
 fàn de shàng worthwhile (often in rhetorical questions, implying not worthwhile)
 fàng de xià to be able to accomodate / to have room for / to be able to put (sth) down
 gǎn dé jí there is still time (to do sth) / to be able to do sth in time / to be able to make it
 gòu de zháo to reach / to be up to
 hé de lái to get along well / compatible / also written 合得來|合得来[he2 de5 lai2]
 huò dé xìng acquired (i.e. not inborn)
 Huò huá dé Howard (name)
 Jiā dé lè Gatorade (brand)
 kàn de guò presentable / passable
 kàn de zhòng to take a liking for / to fancy
 lái bu dé cannot allow (to be present) / cannot admit
 lì dé shuì profit tax
 Lù dé jì Book of Ruth
 Luó dé Dǎo Rhode Island, US state / Rhodes, an island of Greece
 miǎn bu de unavoidable / bound to (happen)
 mó de kāi unembarrassed / without fear of impairing personal relation
 Pāi lì dé Polaroid (Tw)
 rè de kuài immersion heater / electric heater for liquid
 rěn de zhù to refrain / to be able to endure it
 shǔ dé kè difenacoum (anticoagulant and rodenticide)
 shǔ de shàng to be considered as outstanding or special / to be reckoned with / notable
 shuō de shàng can be counted or regarded as / to be able to tell or answer / to deserve mention
 tīng de dǒng to understand (by hearing) / to catch (what sb says)
 Wàn shì dé Mazda Motor Corporation / also known as 馬自達|马自达
 xí dé xìng acquired / learned
 Yǎ wēn dé Yaoundé, capital city of Cameroon
 yì qǔ dé accessible
 yòng de shàng needed / to come in useful
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