zì rán


  • nature
  • natural
  • naturally



  • 我爱大自然
    I love nature.
  • 美国的自然资源很丰富。
    The United States is abundant in natural resources.
  • 功到自然成。
    Constant effort yields sure success.
  • 说法语对他来说很自然
    It comes natural to him to speak French.
  • 彩虹是一种自然现象。
    A rainbow is a natural phenomenon.
  • 自然熄灭了。
    The fire went out by itself.
  • 自然很慷慨。
    Mother Nature is generous.
  • 剩下的就自然跟着了。
    The rest follows naturally.
  • 日本并不拥有丰富的自然资源。
    Japan is not rich in natural resources.
  • 我觉得像这样句子听起来更自然
    I think the sentence would sound more natural like that.
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