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Strokes 3
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Decomp. 宀一疋
Mandarin dìng
Entry Methods
Pinyin ding4
Kanji /
Sijiao 3080.1
CNS 11643 1-4C79
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+5B9A
GB2312 B6A8
BIG5 A977
 dìng to set / to fix / to determine / to decide / to order
Results beginning with 定
 dìng wèi to orientate / to position / to categorize (as) / to characterize (as) / positioning / position / niche
 dìng yì definition / to define
 dìng jià to set a price / to fix a price
 dìng qī at set dates / at regular intervals / periodic / limited to a fixed period of time / fixed term
 dìng zhì custom-made / made-to-order / to have something custom made
 dìng shí to fix a time / fixed time / timed (of explosive etc)
 dìng diǎn to determine a location / designated / appointed / specific / fixed (time) / fixed point (geometry) / fixed-point (number)
 dìng lu:4 scientific law
 dìng zuò to have something made to order
 dìng xiàng to orientate / directional / directed / orienteering
 dìng é fixed amount / quota
 dìng liàng quantity / fixed amount / ration
 dìng dān variant of 訂單|订单[ding4 dan1]
 dìng gòu to order goods / to place an order
 dìng jū to settle (in some city, country etc) / to take up residence
 dìng xìng to determine the nature (usually of error or crime) / to determine chemical composition / qualitative / fixed
 dìng yú set at / scheduled at
 dìng jīn down payment / advance payment
 dìng lùn final conclusion / accepted argument
 dìng xíng to finalize (a design etc) / stereotype / permanent wave or perm (hairdressing)
 dìng gé to fix / to confine to / freeze frame / stop motion (filmmaking)
 dìng lǐ established theory / theorem (math.)
 dìng shén to compose oneself / to concentrate one's attention
 dìng rán certainly / of course
 dìng jīng to stare at
 dìng zuì to convict (sb of a crime)
 dìng jú foregone conclusion / to be settled conclusively
 dìng huò variant of 訂貨|订货[ding4 huo4]
 dìng qíng to exchange love tokens or vows / to pledge one's love / to get engaged
 dìng duó to make a decision / to determine
 dìng yǔ attributive (modifier)
 dìng shì attitude / mindset / prejudice
 dìng àn to reach a verdict / to conclude a judgment
 dìng shì joseki (fixed opening pattern in go game)
 dìng shù constant (math.) / quota / fixed number (e.g. of places on a bus) / fixed quantity (e.g. load of truck) / destiny
 dìng biāo to calibrate (measure or apparatus) / fixed coefficient
 dìng zǐ stator (electricity)
 dìng yuán fixed complement (of crew, passengers etc)
 dìng piào to reserve tickets
 dìng yǐng to fix a photographic image
 dìng biān fixed allocation
 dìng hūn variant of 訂婚|订婚[ding4 hun1]
 dìng jiè demarcation / boundary / delimited / bound (math.)
 dìng lì usual practice / routine
 Dìng ān Ding'an county, Hainan
 Dìng biān Dingbian County in Yulin 榆林[Yu2 lin2], Shaanxi
 dìng cāng (of freight or cargo) to book
 dìng chū to determine / to fix upon / to set (a target, a price etc)
 dìng cún certificate of deposit / time deposit / abbr. for 定期存款|定期存款[ding4 qi1 cun2 kuan3]
 dìng dàng settled / ready / finished
 dìng dāng necessarily
 dìng diào to set the tone
 dìng dǐng lit. to set up the sacred tripods (following Yu the Great) / to fix the capital / to found a dynasty / used in advertising
 dìng fèn predestination / one's lot (of good and bad fortune)
 Dìng hǎi Dinghai district of Zhoushan city 舟山市[Zhou1 shan1 shi4], Zhejiang / Qing dynasty name of 舟山市
 dìng hù variant of 訂戶|订户[ding4 hu4]
 dìng jiàn firm view / definite opinion
 Dìng jié Dinggyê / county, Tibetan: Gding skyes rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet
 dìng lǐ betrothal gift / bride-price
 dìng míng to name (sth)
 Dìng nán Dingnan county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi
 dìng néng to be definitely able (to do sth)
 dìng qian security deposit / earnest money (real estate) / good-faith deposit
 dìng qīn to settle a marriage / betrothal
 Dìng rì Tingri town and county, Tibetan: Ding ri rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, central Tibet
 dìng shí set meal (esp. in a Japanese restaurant)
 Dìng táo Dingtao county in Heze 菏澤|菏泽[He2 ze2], Shandong
西 Dìng xī Dingxi prefecture-level city in Gansu
 dìng xián tuning (stringed instrument)
 Dìng xiāng Dingxiang county in Xinzhou 忻州[Xin1 zhou1], Shanxi
 Dìng xīng Dingxing county in Baoding 保定[Bao3 ding4], Hebei
 dìng xíng to sentence (a criminal)
 dìng yàn to judge a case / to render a verdict / verdict
 dìng yáng (payment) account
 dìng yīn to call the tune / to make the final decision
 dìng yín deposit / down payment
 Dìng yuǎn Dingyuan county in Chuzhou 滁州[Chu2 zhou1], Anhui
 dìng yuè variant of 訂閱|订阅[ding4 yue4]
 dìng yuē to conclude a treaty / to make an agreement / contract (at bridge)
 Dìng zhōu Dingzhou county level city in Baoding 保定[Bao3 ding4], Hebei
 dìng zuò to have sth made to order
 dìng xīn wán tranquilizer / sth that sets one's mind at ease
 dìng jū diǎn settlement
 dìng jū zhě settler
 dìng yì yù domain (math.)
 dìng yīn gǔ timpani
  sedentary species
  sedentary species
  rationing card
  fix number
线  line of constant bearing / loxodrome
  purchase order
 Dìng ān xiàn Ding'an county, Hainan
 Dìng biān Xiàn Dingbian County in Yulin 榆林[Yu2 lin2], Shaanxi
 dìng biāo qì scaler
 dìng chǎng bái first soliloquy (introducing opera character)
 dìng cháng liú stationary flow / steady flow
 dìng chǎng shī first soliloquy text (introducing opera character)
 dìng cháng tài constant state / fixed state
 dìng diǎn chǎng factory designated by the state to make a particular product
 dìng diào zi to set the tone
 dìng é zǔ quorum
 dìng fēng zhēn wind vane / anemometer / weathercock
 dìng guàn cí definite article (grammar)
 Dìng hǎi qū Dinghai district of Zhoushan city 舟山市[Zhou1 shan1 shi4], Zhejiang
 dìng jiè fú delimiter (computing)
 Dìng jié xiàn Dinggyê / county, Tibetan: Gding skyes rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet
 Dìng nán xiàn Dingnan county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi
 dìng pán xīng the zero point indicator marked on a steelyard / fixed opinion / solid idea / decisive plan
 Dìng rì xiàn Tingri county, Tibetan: Ding ri rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet
 dìng shí zhōng timer / timing clock / alarm clock
 Dìng táo Xiàn Dingtao County in Heze 菏澤|菏泽[He2 ze2], Shandong
 dìng xiàng léi directional mine
 Dìng xiāng xiàn Dingxiang county in Xinzhou 忻州[Xin1 zhou1], Shanxi
 dìng xíng shuǐ hairspray
 Dìng xīng xiàn Dingxing county in Baoding 保定[Bao3 ding4], Hebei
西 Dìng xī shì Dingxi prefecture-level city in Gansu
 Dìng yuǎn xiàn Dingyuan county in Chuzhou 滁州[Chu2 zhou1], Anhui
 Dìng yuǎn yíng old name of Bayan Hot 巴彥浩特|巴彦浩特[Ba1 yan4 Hao4 te4], capital of Alxa League 阿拉善盟[A1 la1 shan4 Meng2], Inner Mongolia
线 dìng zhí xiàn directrix of a parabola
 Dìng zhōu shì Dingzhou county level city in Baoding 保定[Bao3 ding4], Hebei
 dìng zuò lu:4 occupancy (i.e. proportion of seats occupied)
 dìng wèi xì tǒng positioning system
 dìng shí zhà dàn time bomb
 dìng liàng fēn xī quantitative analysis
 dìng xiàng péi yù directed breeding
 dìng xìng fēn xī qualitative inorganic analysis
  directional drilling
  quantitative test
  type-approval inspection
  time referencing signal / timing reference signal / timing signal
  fix interval
  time charter / time lease
  position fix quality / fix quality
  chain indices
  pricing mechanism
  position error / positioning error / positional error
  mispricing / market mispricing
  static observation
  targeted assassination / targeted killing
  targeted assassination / targeted killing
  certificate of deposit
  fixed-term contract
  settlement bloc / bloc of settlements
  spot demining
  periodic report
  periodic summary
  flat-rate allowances
  settlement cluster
 guī dìng provision / to fix / to set / to formulate / to stipulate / to provide / regulation / rule / CL:個|个[ge4]
 jué dìng to decide (to do something) / to resolve / decision / CL:個|个[ge4],項|项[xiang4] / certainly
 yī dìng surely / certainly / necessarily / fixed / a certain (extent etc) / given / particular / must
 kěn dìng to be certain / to be positive / assuredly / definitely / to give recognition / to affirm / affirmative (answer)
 què dìng definite / certain / fixed / to fix (on sth) / to determine / to be sure / to ensure / to make certain / to ascertain / to clinch / to recognize / to confirm / OK (on computer dialog box)
 wěn dìng steady / stable / stability / to stabilize / to pacify
 zhì dìng to draw up / to formulate
 zhǐ dìng to appoint / to assign / to indicate clearly and with certainty / designated
 shè dìng to set / to set up / to install / setting / preferences
 gù dìng to fix / to fasten / to set rigidly in place / fixed / set / regular
 jiàn dìng to appraise / to identify / to evaluate
 rèn dìng to maintain (that sth is true) / to determine (a fact) / determination (of an amount) / of the firm opinion / to believe firmly / to set one's mind on / to identify with
 suǒ dìng to lock (a door) / to close with a latch / to lock into place / a lock / a latch / to lock a computer file (to prevent it being overwritten) / to lock (denying access to a computer system or device or files, e.g. by password-protection) / to focus attention on / to target
 yù dìng to schedule in advance
 yuē dìng to agree on sth (after discussion) / to conclude a bargain / to arrange / to promise / to stipulate / to make an appointment / stipulated (time, amount, quality etc) / an arrangement / a deal / appointment / undertaking / commitment / understanding / engagement / stipulation
 tè dìng special / specific / designated / particular
 jiān dìng firm / steady / staunch / resolute
 zhù dìng to foreordain / to be bound to / to be destined to / to be doomed to / inevitably
 fǎ dìng legal / statutory / rightful
 bì dìng to be bound to / to be sure to
 bù dìng indefinite / indeterminate / (botany) adventitious
 píng dìng to evaluate / to make one's judgment
 diàn dìng to establish / to fix / to settle
 fǒu dìng to negate / to deny / to reject / negative (answer) / negation
 gǎo dìng to fix / to settle / to wangle
 xuǎn dìng to select / to choose / to settle on
 ān dìng stable / quiet / settled / stabilize / maintain / stabilized / calm and orderly
 cè dìng to survey and evaluate
 xiàn dìng to restrict to / to limit
 Bǎo dìng Baoding prefecture-level city in Hebei
 bǎng dìng binding (loanword) / to bind (e.g. an account to a mobile phone number)
 jiè dìng definition / to delimit
 zhèn dìng calm / unperturbed / cool
 xié dìng (reach an) agreement / protocol
 pàn dìng to judge / to decide / judgment / determination
 qiān dìng to sign (a contract, treaty etc)
 nǐ dìng to draw up / to draft / to formulate
 é dìng specified (capacity, output etc) / rated (capacity, output etc)
 hé dìng to audit and determine / to check and ratify / to appraise and decide / determination / on a deemed basis (taxation) / to deem
 shěn dìng to examine and approve / to finalize
 duàn dìng to conclude / to determine / to come to a judgment
 cái dìng ruling
 yuán dìng originally planned / originally determined
 jì dìng already fixed / set / established
 qiāo dìng to come to a decision / to fix on (a date etc) / to determine / to finalize / to nail down (a deal etc)
 jiǎ dìng to assume / to suppose / supposed / so-called / assumption / hypothesis
 huà dìng to demarcate / to delimit / to allocate
 tiě dìng unalterable / certainly / definitely
 wèi dìng undecided / indeterminate / still in doubt
 dài dìng to await a decision / to be pending
 shāng dìng to agree / to decide after consultation / to come to a compromise
 píng dìng to pacify
 zàn dìng temporary arrangement / provisional / tentative
 jiǎn dìng a test / determination / to check up on / to examine / to assay
 gěi dìng to state in advance / preset / given
 zuò dìng to be seated
 dìng dìng to set / to designate / to stipulate / to provide / to draw up / to formulate (rules etc) / stipulation
 héng dìng constant
 dǔ dìng certain / confident (of some outcome) / calm and unhurried
 pái dìng to schedule
 tuī dìng to infer / to consider and come to a judgment / to recommend / to estimate / deduced to be
 nèi dìng to select sb for a position without announcing the decision until later / to decide behind closed doors / all cut and dried
 biāo dìng to stake out (the boundaries of a property etc) / to demarcate / (engineering etc) to calibrate
 yì dìng to reach an agreement / to agree upon
 liào dìng certain / to know for sure
 bào dìng to hold on firmly / to cling (to a belief) / stubbornly
 mìng dìng to be predestined
 dī dìng titration
 qīn dìng compiled and published by Imperial command (old)
 zhuó dìng to decide after intense deliberation
 pài dìng to believe / to be convinced
 dàn dìng calm and collected / unperturbed
 gū dìng to assess / to estimate the value
 Guì dìng Guiding county in Qiannan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture 黔南州[Qian2 nan2 zhou1], Guizhou
 Jiā dìng Jiading district of northwest Shanghai / final reign name 1208-1224 of South Song emperor Ningzong 寧宗|宁宗[Ning2 zong1]
 jiàn dìng variant of 鑒定|鉴定, to appraise / to identify / to evaluate
 kān dìng to demarcate / to survey and determine
 Kāng dìng Dartsendo, Dardo or Kangding county (Tibetan: dar mdo rdzong) in Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture 甘孜藏族自治州[Gan1 zi1 Zang4 zu2 zi4 zhi4 zhou1], Sichuan (formerly in Kham province of Tibet)
 Lú dìng Luding county (Tibetan: lcags zam rdzong) in Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture 甘孜藏族自治州[Gan1 zi1 Zang4 zu2 zi4 zhi4 zhou1], Sichuan (formerly in Kham province of Tibet)
 lùn dìng to make a definitive judgment / to come to a firm conclusion
 Luó dìng Luoding county level city in Yunfu 雲浮|云浮[Yun2 fu2], Guangdong
 Móu dìng Mouding county in Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture 楚雄彞族自治州|楚雄彝族自治州[Chu3 xiong2 Yi2 zu2 zi4 zhi4 zhou1], Yunnan
 Nán dìng Nam Dinh, Vietnam
 Pǔ dìng Puding county in Anshun 安順|安顺[An1 shun4], Guizhou
 qíng dìng to exchange vows with (sb) / to exchange vows at (a time or place)
 rén dìng middle of the night / the dead of night
 rù dìng (Buddhism) to enter a meditative state
 shǒu dìng to set down (rules) / to institute
 shuō dìng to agree on / to settle on
 sǐ dìng to be screwed / to be toast
 Wǔ dìng Wuding reign name (543-550) during Eastern Wei of the Northern Dynasties 東魏|东魏[Dong1 Wei4] / Wuding county in Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture 楚雄彞族自治州|楚雄彝族自治州[Chu3 xiong2 Yi2 zu2 zi4 zhi4 zhou1], Yunnan
 yán dìng to consider and decide / to decide after investigating
 yàn dìng to test and determine / to examine / to assay
 yǎo dìng to assert / to insist that
 Yǒng dìng Yongding county level city in Longyan 龍岩|龙岩, Fujian / Yongding district of Zhangjiajie city 張家界市|张家界市[Zhang1 jia1 jie4 shi4], Hunan
 zé dìng to select
 Zhèng dìng Zhengding county in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄[Shi2 jia1 zhuang1], Hebei
DNA鉴 D N A jiàn dìng DNA test / DNA testing
123协 123xié dìng nuclear cooperation agreement / 123 agreement
CFE-1A协  CFE-1A agreements
 yī dìng yào must
 bù yī dìng not necessarily / maybe
 shuō bu dìng can't say for sure / maybe
 zì dìng yì custom / user-defined
 wěn dìng xìng stability
 bù què dìng uncertain / uncertainty
 àn guī dìng according to regulation
 bù wěn dìng unstable
 bù dìng qī non-scheduled / irregularly
 jué dìng xìng decisive / conclusive
 yì dìng shū protocol / treaty
 chóng dìng xiàng to redirect
 ná bu dìng to be unsure
 jiān dìng xìng firmness / steadfastness
 An1 dìng mén Andingmen neighborhood of Beijing
 bù dìng shì infinitive (grammar)
 xià dìng yì to define
 jué dìng lùn determinism
 Lú dìng qiáo Luding Bridge over Dadu river 大渡河[Da4 du4 he2] in Sichuan, built by Kangxi in 1706, linking Luding county Sichuan Luding county 瀘定縣|泸定县[Lu2 ding4 xian4] with Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture 甘孜藏族自治州甘孜藏族自治州[Gan1 zi1 Zang4 zu2 zi4 zhi4 zhou1]
 Yǒng dìng Hé Yongding River to the West of Beijing
 é dìng zhí rating (for power output, flame resistance etc)
 Yǒng dìng mén Yongdingmen, front gate of the outer section of Beijing's old city wall, torn down in the 1950s and reconstructed in 2005
 zhèn dìng jì tranquilizer / depressant / sedative
 dī dìng guǎn burette / buret
 Péng Dìng kāng Chris Patten (1944-), last British Governor of Hong Kong 1992-1997
 xiàn dìng cí determiner (in grammar, i.e. article, demonstrative, possessive pronoun, noun genitive etc)
  statute law
  unconvicted status
  stationary source
 ān dìng huà stabilization
 An1 dìng qū Anding district of Dingxi city 定西市[Ding4 xi1 shi4], Gansu
 An1 dìng xiāng Anting township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县[Tai2 nan2 xian4], Taiwan
 bǎo bù dìng more likely than not / quite possible / on the cards
 Bǎo dìng shì Baoding prefecture-level city in Hebei
 bù dìng cí infinitive
 bù dìng fēng variable wind
 bù dìng xíng indeterminate form
 bù dìng yuán indeterminate element (math.), often denoted by x
 dī dìng jì titrant
 dú yǒu dìng picloram
 fēi fǎ dìng non-statutory / non-governmental
 fǒu dìng jù negative sentence
 gù dìng diǎn fixed point / calibration point
 gù dìng gǎng static patrol / static guard
 gù dìng shào static patrol / static guard
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