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 zhèng jiàn certificate / papers / credentials / document / ID
 shēn fèn zhèng identity card / ID
 běn wǒ id / the self
 duō shao how much? / how many? / (phone number, student ID etc) what number?
 yòng hù míng username / user ID
 liàng chū to suddenly reveal / to flash (one's ID, a banknote etc)
 zhèng zhào professional certification / certificate / ID or passport photo
 shēn fèn zhèng míng ID card / proof of identity
 lái diàn xiǎn shì caller ID
 xué hào student ID number
 huàn zhèng to renew a certificate (ID card etc) / to leave an ID at the desk to gain entrance
 dà tóu zhào head-and-shoulders photo (esp. a formal one used in a passport, ID card etc)
 shēn fèn kǎ identity card / ID card
 shēn fèn shí bié kǎ identification card / ID card
  UN number / UN ID
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