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 wén jiàn document / file / CL:份[fen4]
 wén xiàn document
 zhèng jiàn certificate / papers / credentials / document / ID
 shū book / letter / document / CL:本[ben3],冊|册[ce4],部[bu4] / to write
 wén shū document / official correspondence / secretary / secretariat
 gōng wén document
 dié (official) document / dispatch
 chá xún to check / to inquire / to consult (a document etc) / inquiry / query
 fā sòng to transmit / to dispatch / to issue (an official document or credential)
 shàng wǎng to go online / to connect to the Internet / (of a document etc) to be uploaded to the Internet / (tennis, volleyball etc) to move in close to the net
 zì yàng model or template character / written slogan or phrase / mention (e.g. "air mail" 航空 / on a letter, "first draft" 初稿 / on a document etc)
 fù yìn to photocopy / to duplicate a document
 yuán jiàn the original / original document / master copy
 liú kòng to leave blank space in a document / to leave some time free
 tiáo wén clause / explanatory section in a document
 wén hào document identifier code (typically including an abbreviation for the name of the issuing organization, the date and a serial number)
 wén jiàn guǎn lǐ document management
 chàng yì shū written proposal / document outlining an initiative
 biāo shū bid or tender submission or delivery / bid or tender document
稿 gǎo zi draft of a document / script / manuscript / mental plan / precedent
 yào jiàn key document / important condition / criterion / requirement / requisite / cornerstone
 zhèng míng wén jiàn identification document / documentary proof
 nèi cān restricted document, available only to certain individuals such as high-ranking Party officials (abbr. for 內部參考|内部参考) / (literary) palace eunuch
 bái tiáo IOU / informal document acknowledging a debt
 pī jiàn approved document / document with written instructions
 hóng tóu wén jiàn red-letterhead document, an official document with the name of the issuing government agency printed in red at the top, circulated to relevant bodies
稿 huà gǎo rough sketch (of a painting) / (of an official) to approve a document by signing it
 zhá thin piece of wood used a writing tablet (in ancient China) / a kind of official document (in former times) / letter / note / plague
 zhé document folded in accordion form / to fold
 hù fēng dust jacket (of a book) / protective cover / document seal
 huā yā signature (in grass-style writing) / symbol used in place of a signature (on a document, contract etc)
 lái wén received document / sent document
 diàn zǐ wén jiàn electronic document
 jī mì wén jiàn secret document
 bǎo chéng document guaranteeing the words or actions of a third party (old)
 xiū dìng lì shǐ revision history (of a document, web page etc)
 pàn dú to interpret (a visual document, a medical exam, an historical event etc) / to analyze data (from a chip, a black box etc)
 quàn variant of 券 / bond (esp. document split in two, with each party holding one half) / contract / deed (i.e. title deeds) / ticket / voucher / certificate
 chéng zhuǎn to transmit a document (up or down a chain of bureaucracy)
 Wén dàng Duì xiàng Mó xíng Document Object Model (DOM)
 wén dié official document
 jué mì wén jiàn top secret document / classified papers
 wén jiàn guǎn lǐ xì tǒng document management system
  room document
  The Kairos Palestine Document
 zōng shù wén jiàn round-up document
 xiàng mù shè jì shū project design document
 mù biāo wén jiàn Document of Objectives
  Single Administrative Document
  document imaging
  electronic document management
 wén jiàn suǒ yǐn biān zhì zhǔ guǎn Document Indexing Supervisor
 wén jiàn suǒ yǐn biān zhì yuán Document Indexing Clerk
 wén jiàn suǒ yǐn biān zhì zǔ Document Indexing Subunit
  movement document
 duǎn qī guó jiā fāng àn wén jiàn short-duration country programme document
  stolen and lost travel document
  document exploitation
 jǐn jí qíng kuàng wén jiàn huì biān Emergency Document Collection
  Task Force on Document Management Technology
  in-session document
  Open Document Management API
 xiàng mù wén jiàn project document
 chéng guǒ wén jiàn outcome document
 liáng nóng zǔ zhī wén jiàn kù Corporate Document Repository
  Dhaka Document
  Office Document Architecture / Office Document Interchange Format
  treaty-specific document
  Document for Guidance on Fishermen's Training and Certification
 gòng tòng guó jiā fāng àn wén jiàn common country programme document
 guó jiā fāng àn wén jiàn country programme document
 fāng àn wén jiàn programme document
  Internet Document Records, Information and Tracking System
 gòng tòng hé xīn wén jiàn common core document
  business requirements document
  Electronic Document Archiving / Document archiving system
 wén jiàn cún dàng xì tǒng Electronic Document Archiving / Document archiving system
  Doha Declaration on Financing for Development: outcome document of the Follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development to Review the Implementation of the Monterrey Consensus / Doha Declaration on Financing for Development
  document reader
 wén jiàn mú pàn document template
 bèi jǐng wén jiàn background document
  limited document
  general document
 zhēn duì xìng bào gào targeted report / targeted document
 zhēn duì xìng wén jiàn targeted report / targeted document
  obligating document
 wén jiàn dìng yuè fù wù Document Subscription Service
 kě yí zhí wén jiàn gé shì portable document format
 hé chéng wén jiàn synthesis document
  Review and Appraisal of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and the Outcome Document of the Twenty-Third Special Session of the General Assembly / Beijing + 10
  Convention-specific document
  solicitation document
  Basic Document
线  Operation Lifeline Sudan Phase II Background Appeal Document
  negotiable document
  Cartagena Document on Methodology
  Document Content and Format Working Group
  machine readable travel document
1990年  Vienna Document 1990 of the Negotiations on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures Convened in Accordance with the Relevant Provisions of the Concluding Document of the Vienna Meeting of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe / Vienna Do
1990年  Vienna Document 1990 of the Negotiations on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures Convened in Accordance with the Relevant Provisions of the Concluding Document of the Vienna Meeting of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe / Vienna Do
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