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 wén jiàn document / file / CL:份[fen4]
 dàng àn file / record / archive
 wén dàng (computer) file
 bèi àn to put on record / to file
 wén jiàn jiā folder / file (paper)
 cún dàng to file / to save a file (computer) / saved data (for a video game etc)
 zòng duì column / file / CL:列[lie4],路[lu4]
 juàn zōng file / folder / dossier
 cuò dāo file (metalworking and woodworking tool)
 liè to arrange / to line up / file / series / (in data tables) column / (Tw) row
 àn (legal) case / incident / record / file / table
 dàng official records / grade (of goods) / file / records / shelves / slot / gap / crosspiece / classifier for crosspieces / classifier for events, affairs etc / Taiwan pr. [dang3]
 cuò file (tool used for smoothing) / rasp / to file
 yù a poker / brass filings / to file
 rù bǐng to file (law)
 gào sù to press charges / to file a complaint
 jiě yā decompression (in digital technology) / to extract data from a compressed file
 bǎo cún to conserve / to preserve / to keep / to save (a file etc) (computing)
 wén jiàn dà xiǎo file size
 suǒ dìng to lock (a door) / to close with a latch / to lock into place / a lock / a latch / to lock a computer file (to prevent it being overwritten) / to lock (denying access to a computer system or device or files, e.g. by password-protection) / to focus attention on / to target
 wén jiàn gé shì file format
 lì àn to register (to an official organism) / to file a case (for investigation)
 shēn sù to file a complaint / to appeal (to an authority, a higher court of justice etc) / complaint / appeal
 guī dàng to file away / to place on file
 zhuàng gào to sue / to take to court / to file a lawsuit
 dǎ guān si to file a lawsuit / to sue / to dispute
 yīn pín wén jiàn audio file (computer)
 pī chǔ lǐ batch file
 guī àn to bring to justice / to file away (a document)
 yú guàn one after the other / in single file
 wén jiàn fú wù qì file server
 jǔ guó shàng xià the entire nation / the whole country, from the leadership to the rank and file
 gào to say / to tell / to announce / to report / to denounce / to file a lawsuit / to sue
 dàng àn guì filing cabinet / file cabinet
 yú guàn ér chū to file out / to walk out in a line
 dàng àn chuán shū xié dìng File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
 dàng àn fēn pèi qū file allocation table / FAT
 dàng àn fú wù file service
 dàng àn jiàn lì file creation
 dàng àn shǔ xìng file attribute
 dàng àn zhí xíng file execution / executable file
 dàng àn zhuǎn sòng file transfer
 dàng àn zhuǎn sòng cún qǔ jí guǎn lǐ File Transfer, Access and Management / FTAM
 wén zì dàng text file
 yǐng xiàng dàng image file
 wén jiàn chuán shū xié yì File Transfer Protocol
 dàng àn zǒng guǎn file manager (computing) / (Windows) Explorer
  action file
  fiscal number / tax file number
  ESCAP Bibliographic Information Service Population File
  header file
  note to file
  Single Window-Single File System
  Presidential Adviser in charge of the Darfur file
 wěi zhuì (lit.) to follow sb / (linguistics) suffix / ending / (computing) file name extension
 lì àn zhēn chá to file for investigation / to prosecute (a case)
 wǎng pán online storage space / cloud file storage
 dàng àn jiā file folder / portfolio
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