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 hè awe-inspiring / abbr. for 赫茲|赫兹[he4 zi1], hertz (Hz)
 lǐn cold / to shiver with cold / to tremble with fear / afraid / apprehensive / strict / stern / severe / austere / awe-inspiring / imposing / majestic
 wēi yán dignified / imposing / august / awe-inspiring / awe / prestige / dignity
 xióng fēng lit. powerful wind / awe-inspiring
 sēn rán (of tall trees) dense, thick / awe-inspiring
 wēi lì awe-inspiring / majestic
 wēi xiǎn awe-inspiring / power
 wàng ér shēng wèi intimidate at the first glance (idiom) / awe-inspiring / terrifying / overwhelming
 hè rán with astonishment / with a shock / awe-inspiringly / impressively / furiously (angry)
 wēi fēng might / awe-inspiring authority / impressive
 wēi yí majestic presence / awe-inspiring manner
 wēi fēng lǐn lǐn majestic / awe-inspiring presence / impressive power
 yī lǎn zhòng shān xiǎo (last line of the poem 望岳 / by Tang poet Du Fu 杜甫[Du4 Fu3]) with one look I shall see all the smaller mountains down below (from the summit of Mt Tai 泰山[Tai4 Shan1]) / (fig.) awe-inspiring view from a very high place
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