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 lì liang power / force / strength
 quán lì power / right / privilege
 quán lì power / authority
 shì li power / (ability to) influence
 cì shù number of times / frequency / order number (in a series) / power (math.) / degree of a polynomial (math.)
 gōng lu:4 rate of work / power (output)
 gōng lì merit / efficacy / competence / skill / power
 shì tóu power / momentum / tendency / impetus / situation / the look of things
 dà guó a power (i.e. a dominant country)
 lì dào strength / power / efficacy
 quán shì power / influence
 dà quán power / authority
 qiáng quán power / might
 zhǎng quán to wield (political etc) power / be in power
 quán xiàn scope of authority / extent of power / (access etc) privileges
 dòng lì motive power / force / (fig.) motivation / impetus
 diàn yuán electric power source
 diàn lì electrical power / electricity
 rén lì manpower / labor power
 tǐ lì physical strength / physical power
 néng yuán energy / power source / CL:個|个[ge4]
 quán wēi authority / authoritative / power and prestige
 kāi guān power switch / gas valve / to open the city (or frontier) gate / to open and close / to switch on and off
 wēi lì might / formidable power
 mó lì magic / magic power
 kuò zhāng expansion / dilation / to expand (e.g. one's power or influence) / to broaden
 yùn yíng shāng operator (of a power station, transport network etc) / carrier (telecommunications etc)
 shuǐ diàn hydroelectric power / plumbing and electricity
 zhèng quán regime / political power
 zhí zhèng to hold power / in office
 rú yì as one wants / according to one's wishes / ruyi scepter, a symbol of power and good fortune
 zhēng bà to contend for hegemony / a power struggle
线 diàn xiàn wire / power cord / CL:根[gen1]
 shàng tái to rise to power (in politics) / to go on stage (in the theater)
 shén qì magical object / object symbolic of imperial power / fine weapon
 zhí quán authority / power over others
 diàn chǎng electric power plant
 fǎ lì magic power
 qiáng guó powerful country / great power
 tíng diàn to have a power failure / power cut
 shā shāng lì destructive power / harmfulness
 guó lì a nation's power
 diàn zhàn a power station / an electricity generating plant
 fēng lì wind force / wind power
 shēng shì fame and power / prestige / influence / impetus / momentum
 jié diàn to save electricity / power saving
 diàn biǎo power meter / ammeter / amperemeter / wattmeter / kilowatt-hour meter
 shén tōng remarkable ability / magical power
 shén lì occult force / the power of a God or spirit
 gōng hào electric consumption / power wastage
 wěi tuō shū commission / proxy / power of attorney / authorization / warrant
 duàn diàn power cut / electric power failure
 shuǐ diàn zhàn hydroelectric power plant
 zhàn lì military strength / military power / military capability
 fā diàn chǎng power plant
线 diàn yuán xiàn power cable (of an appliance etc)
 dǐ qì lung capacity / lung power / stamina / confidence
 jūn lì military power
 wù xìng perception / wits / power of understanding / comprehension
 gòu mǎi lì purchasing power
 zhí zhèng dǎng ruling party / the party in power
 hào zhào lì to have the power to rally supporters
 biǎo xiàn lì expressive power
 hé diàn nuclear power
 hé diàn zhàn nuclear power plant
 shuǐ lì hydraulic power
 tián tou sweet taste (of power, success etc) / benefit
 xióng zhuàng majestic / awesome / full of power and grandeur
 Chǔ guó the state of Chu, one of the most important of the small states contending for power in China between 770 and 223 BC, located around present-day Hubei
 làn yòng zhí quán abuse of power
 wēi shì might / power and influence
 jí quán centralized power (history), e.g. under an Emperor or party
 dāng dào in the middle of the road / to be in the way / to hold power / (fig.) to predominate / to be in vogue
 wēi fēng lǐn lǐn majestic / awe-inspiring presence / impressive power
 huǒ diàn thermal power
 fā tiáo spring / coil spring (spiral spring used to power clockwork)
 rú rì zhōng tiān lit. like the sun at noon (idiom) / fig. to be at the peak of one's power, career etc
  power of attorney
 guān chá lì power of observation / perception
 mó zhǎng the power of sb or sth evil / the clutches (of a bad person etc)
 tè yì gōng néng supernatural power / extrasensory perception
 dǎ tiān xià to seize power / to conquer the world / to establish and expand a business / to carve out a career for oneself
广 shén tōng guǎng dà to possess great magical power / to possess remarkable abilities
 shuǐ néng hydroelectric power
 fēng néng wind power
 jìng shè power shot (e.g. in soccer)
 rú hǔ tiān yì lit. like a tiger that has grown wings / with redoubled power (idiom)
 biàn diàn power transformation
 bào fā xìng explosive power / explosive
 bīng quán military leadership / military power
 rè diàn chǎng thermoelectric power plant
线 gāo yā xiàn high tension power line
 zài yě to be out of (political) office / to be out of power
 fāng square / power or involution (math.) / upright / honest / fair and square / direction / side / party (to a contract, dispute etc) / place / method / prescription (medicine) / just when / only or just / classifier for square things / abbr. for square or cubic meter
 jiǔ dǐng the Nine Tripod Cauldrons, symbol of state power, dating back to the Xia Dynasty
 guān tíng (of a power plant, refinery etc) to shut down
 fù bì to recover one's power or authority / restoration (of a past regime)
 hé dòng lì nuclear power
 kuǎ tái to fall from power / to collapse / demise
 cì fāng (raised to the) nth power
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