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 wēi wàng prestige
 xìn yù prestige / distinction / reputation / trust
 shēng shì fame and power / prestige / influence / impetus / momentum
 wēi xìn prestige / reputation / trust / credit with the people
 shēng wàng popularity / prestige
 wēi yán dignified / imposing / august / awe-inspiring / awe / prestige / dignity
 mén mian shop front / facade / CL:間|间[jian1] / prestige
 yán miàn face / prestige
 míng wàng renown / prestige
 shēng wēi prestige / renown / influence
 wēi power / might / prestige
 wēi líng authority / prestige / supernatural spirit
 quán wēi authority / authoritative / power and prestige
 xià tái to go off the stage / to fall from position of prestige / to step down (from office etc) / to disentangle oneself / to get off the hook
 zōng zhǔ head of a clan / natural leader / person of prestige and authority in a domain / suzerain
 dé gāo wàng zhòng a person of virtue and prestige / a person of good moral standing and reputation
 guó wēi national prestige
 xū huǒ excess of internal heat due to poor general condition (TCM) / the prestige of another person, which one borrows for oneself
 guó tǐ state system / national prestige
 jiè guāng excuse me (i.e. let me through, please) / reflected glory / to benefit from sb else's prestige
 lā dà qí zuò hǔ pí lit. to wave a banner as if it were a tiger skin (idiom) / fig. to borrow sb's prestige / to take the name of a great cause as a shield
 yǒu liǎn lit. having face / to have prestige / to command respect / to have the nerve (e.g. to ask sth outrageous) / to have the gall / not ashamed to
 zī wàng seniority and prestige
 mén wàng family prestige
 pīn diē (slang) to rely on one's father's wealth or prestige to get ahead
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