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 fù zá complicated / complex
 qū zhé winding / (fig.) complicated
 yí nán hard to understand / difficult to deal with / knotty / complicated
 fán fù complicated
 cuò zōng intricate / complicated / tangled / involved / to synthesize
 jiān shēn abstruse / complicated
 fán complicated / many / in great numbers / abbr. for 繁體|繁体[fan2 ti3], traditional form of Chinese characters
 jiǎn dān simple / not complicated
 bù jiǎn dān not simple / rather complicated / remarkable / marvelous
 fán suǒ many and complicated / mired in minor details
 bìng fā to be complicated by / to erupt simultaneously
 cuò zōng fù zá tangled and complicated (idiom)
 shēn rù qiǎn chū to explain a complicated subject matter in simple terms (idiom) / (of language) simple and easy to understand
 fēn fán numerous and complicated
 fù zá huà to complicate / to become complicated
 gù nòng xuán xū deliberately mystifying / to make sth unnecessarily complicated
 fán jiǎn complicated and simple / traditional and simplified form of Chinese characters
 shuō lái huà cháng start explaining and it's a long story (idiom) / complicated and not easy to express succinctly
 qiān tóu wàn xù plethora of things to tackle / multitude of loose ends / very complicated / chaotic
 yáng cháng xiǎo dào road as twisty as sheep's intestine (idiom) / narrow and winding road / fig. complicated and tricky job
 pán gēn cuò jié twisted roots and intertwined joints (idiom) / complicated and very tricky / knotty and deeply-rooted difficulties
 Er4 shí sì Shǐ the Twenty-Four Histories (25 or 26 in modern editions), collection of books on Chinese dynastic history from 3000 BC till 17th century / fig. a long and complicated story
 jiū complicated, confused / dispute
 yī yán nán jìn hard to explain in a few words (idiom) / complicated and not easy to express succinctly
 dà tí xiǎo zuò to cut a long story short / a brief treatment of a complicated subject / fig. to treat an important question as a minor matter
 xún shū yuè sòng pay every ten days, give tribute every month (idiom) / incessant and ever more complicated demands
 yū huí qū zhé meandering and circuitous (idiom) / complicated developments that never get anywhere / going around in circles
 fán rǒng diverse and complicated (of one's affairs) / prolix (of speech, writing etc)
 tuō kù zi fàng pì lit. to take off trousers to fart / fig. to do something absolutely unnecessary / fig. to make things too complicated
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