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 nu:3 female / woman / daughter
 nu:3 zǐ woman / female
 cí xìng female
 nu:3 tóng bāo woman / female / female compatriot
 mǔ mother / elderly female relative / origin / source / (of animals) female
 cí female / Taiwan pr. [ci1]
 āo depressed / sunken / indented / concave / female (connector etc)
 pìn (of a bird, animal or plant) female / keyhole / valley
 nu:3 xìng woman / the female sex
 nu:3 shēng schoolgirl / female student / girl
 nán nu:3 male-female / male and female
 nu:3 gē shǒu female singer
 nu:3 xīng female star / famous actress
 liǎng xìng male and female / both types (acid and alkaline, positive and negative etc) / (chemistry) amphoteric
 xiǎo mèi little sister / girl / (Tw) young female employee working in a low-level role dealing with the public (assistant, waitress, attendant etc)
 shī jiě senior female fellow student or apprentice / daughter (older than oneself) of one's teacher
 kōng jiě abbr. for 空中小姐 / stewardess / air hostess / female flight attendant
 lǎo bǎn niáng female proprietor / lady boss / boss's wife
 Bái hǔ White Tiger (the seven mansions of the west sky) / (slang) hairless female genitalia
 biǎo gē older male cousin via female line
 biǎo mèi younger female cousin via female line
 shī mèi junior female student or apprentice / daughter (younger than oneself) of one's teacher
 biǎo jiě older female cousin via female line
 xiǎo gōng zhǔ lit. little princess / fig. spoiled girl / female version of 小皇帝[xiao3 huang2 di4]
 yì jì geisha (Japanese female entertainer) / also written 藝妓 / 艺妓[yi4 ji4]
 nu:3 yīng female baby
 biǎo dì younger male cousin via female line
 xué jiě senior or older female schoolmate
 xué mèi junior or younger female schoolmate
 A1 lán Alan, Allen, Allan, Alain etc (name) / A-lan (Chinese female name)
 guǎn jiā pó housewife (jocularly) / female housekeeper of a higher rank (old) / busybody
 wū pó witch / sorceress / female shaman
 Lín Dài yù Lin Daiyu, female character in The Dream of Red Mansions, cousin and thwarted lover of Jia Baoyu 賈寶玉|贾宝玉
 fā qíng oestrus (sexual receptivity in female mammals)
 nu:3 bàn female companion
鸿 jīng hóng graceful (esp. of female posture) / lithe
 yī qún female clothing
 nu:3 pú female servant / drudge
 nu:3 sè female charms / femininity
 huā dàn role of vivacious young female in Chinese opera
 nóng fù peasant woman (in former times) / female farm worker
 cí xióng male and female
 dǎ gōng mèi young female worker
 wǔ niáng female dancer
 yì jì geisha (Japanese female entertainer) / also written 藝伎 / 艺伎[yi4 ji4]
 nu:3 zhǔ rén gōng heroine (of a novel or film) / main female protagonist
 bù yùn zhèng female infertility
 wài sūn daughter's son / grandson / descendant via the female line
 nu:3 jiàng female general / (fig.) woman who is a leading figure in her area of expertise
 Lǐ Qīng zhào Li Qingzhao (1084-c. 1151), southern Song female poet
 lǎo bǎo female brothel keeper
 yīn dào kǒu female external genitalia (anatomy) / vulva
 Duō lì Dolly (1996-2003), female sheep, first mammal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell
 gē nu:3 female singer (archaic)
 xiān gū female immortal / sorceress
 biǎo xiōng older male cousin via female line
 chén yú luò yàn lit. fish sink, goose alights (idiom, from Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子) / fig. female beauty captivating even the birds and beasts
 Xuē Bǎo chāi Xue Baochai, female character in Dream of Red Mansions, married to Jia Baoyu 賈寶玉|贾宝玉
 chén qiè (literary) I, your servant (self-appellation of a lower-rank female) / (archaic) male and female slaves / subjects (of a ruler)
 gē jī female singer
 lǎo mā zi older female servant / amah
 huáng tǐ corpus luteum (glands in female mammals producing progesterone)
 jǐng huā attractive policewoman / young female cop
 huā jiǔ drinking party with female entertainers
 Dīng Líng Ding Ling (1904-1986), female novelist, author of novel The Sun Shines over the Sanggan River 太陽照在桑乾河上|太阳照在桑干河上, attacked during the 1950s as anti-Party
 nu:3 xuǎn shǒu female contestant / female athlete
 tóng nu:3 virgin female
 bì yuè xiū huā lit. hiding the moon, shaming the flowers (idiom) / fig. female beauty exceeding even that of the natural world
 sān péi xiǎo jie female escort / bar girl
 fā qíng qī the breeding season (zool.) / oestrus (period of sexual receptivity of female mammals)
 biǎo sǎo wife of older male cousin via female line
 biǎo xiōng dì male cousins via female line
 qiū jǐn Qiu Jin (1875-1907), famous female martyr of the anti-Qing revolution, the subject of several books and films
 qún dài waistband of a skirt / (fig.) related to the wife or another female family member
 nu:3 diàn yuán salesgirl / female shop assistant
 nu:3 fàn female offender in imperial China (old)
 biǎo qīn cousin (via female line)
 qún dài guān xi favoritism shown to sb because of the influence of the person's wife or other female relative / (by extension) favoritism towards relatives, friends or associates
 biǎo jiě fu husband of older female cousin via female line
 cí huā female flower
 cháng shé fù female gossip / busybody
 bǎo mǔ female brothel keeper / a bawd
 zhēn nu:3 female virgin / widow who does not remarry
 Zhāng Zhì xīn Zhang Zhixin (1930-1975) female revolutionary and martyr, who followed the true Marxist-Leninist line as a party member, and was arrested in 1969, murdered in 1975 after opposing the counterrevolutionary party-usurping conspiracies of Lin Biao and the Gang of Four, and only rehabilitated posthumously in 1979
 shí nu:3 female suffering absence or atresia of vagina (as birth defect)
 dàn jiǎo Dan, female roles in Chinese opera (played by specialized male actors)
 dàn jué dan, female roles in Chinese opera (traditionally played by specialized male actors)
 zhèng dàn starring female role in a Chinese opera
 cháo chuī female ejaculation
 mǔ woman who looks after small children / (old) female tutor
 dàn dawn / morning / daybreak / day / dan, female roles in Chinese opera (traditionally played by specialized male actors)
 nà (phonetic na) / used esp. in female names such as Anna 安娜[An1 na4] or Diana 黛安娜[Dai4 an1 na4]
 nī girl / phonetic "ni" (in female names) / Taiwan pr. [ni2]
 jī woman / concubine / female entertainer (archaic)
 lín female unicorn / see 麒麟
 jì artistry / talent / skill / (in ancient times) female entertainer
 Dá female personal name (archaic)
 qiáng female court officials
 lín female of Chinese unicorn
 yōu female deer / doe / female animal
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