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 juǎn to roll (up) / to sweep up / to carry on / roll
 fú width / roll / classifier for textiles or pictures
 gǔn to boil / to roll / to take a hike / Get lost!
 gǔn dòng to roll / (to do sth) in a loop / to scroll (computing) / to progressively expand (economics) / to rumble (of thunder)
 huá luò to slide / to roll
 fān gǔn to roll / to boil
 fān zhuǎn to roll / to turn over / to invert / to flip
 zhuàn you to roll / to wander around / to appear repeatedly
 míng cè roll (of names) / register / CL:本[ben3]
 rén yǎng mǎ fān to suffer a crushing defeat (idiom) / in a pitiful state / in a complete mess / to roll (with laughter)
 zhá gǔn (steelmaking) roll / roller / CL:根[gen1]
 gū lù wheel / to roll / also pr. [gu1 lu5]
 jí book or record / registry / roll / place of one's family or ancestral records / membership
 zhá to roll (steel)
 gū wheel / to roll
 gǎn to roll (dough etc)
 bǒ dàng roll / rock
 juǎn bǐng rolled-up pastry / roll / turnover (patisserie)
 ruǎn bāo soft (bread) roll
 míng jí register of names / roll
 yáo gǔn rock 'n' roll (music) / to rock / to fall off
 mán tou steamed roll / steamed bun / steamed bread / CL:個|个[ge4]
 gǔn gǔn to surge on / to roll on
 bēi bāo knapsack / rucksack / infantry pack / field pack / blanket roll / CL:個|个[ge4]
 bēn téng (of waves) to surge forward / to roll on in waves / to gallop
 juǎn qǐ to roll up / to curl up / (of dust etc) to swirl up
 shū zhǎn to roll out / to extend / to smooth out / to unfold
 bái yǎn to give a supercilious look / roll of the eyes
 diǎn míng roll call / to mention sb by name / (to call or praise or criticize sb) by name
 shàng bǎng to appear on the public roll of successful examinees (i.e. pass an exam) / to make the list / (of a song) to hit the charts
 yáo gǔn yuè rock music / rock 'n roll
 dǎ gǔn to roll about
 jiāo juǎn film / roll of film
 fān bái yǎn to roll one's eyes
 juǎn qū to curl (hair) / to crimp / to roll up / curly
 juǎn zi steamed roll / spring roll
 jīn bǎng lit. tablet with inscription in gold / pass list for the top imperial examinations / roll of honor
 fēi lín (dialect) film (loanword) / roll of film
 dàn juǎn egg roll
 zhá gāng to roll steel (into sheets or bars)
 zhuǎn tǐ to roll over / to turn over (one's body)
 chūn juǎn egg roll / spring roll
 pái míng bǎng ranking / ordered list / top 20 / roll of honor / to come nth out of 100
 guāng róng bǎng honor roll
 fǔ zhú roll of dried tofu strips
 shǒu juǎn hand scroll (horizontal format for Chinese landscape painting) / hand roll (Japanese: temaki, style of fish cuisine) / hand rolled cigarette / hand roll (many contexts) / roll up
 cháng fěn rice noodle roll, a roll made from sheets of rice flour dough, steamed and stuffed with meat, vegetables etc
 huā juǎn Chinese steamed twisted bread roll
 xiǎo miàn bāo bread roll / bun
 yǐn roll of thunder
 cuō to rub or roll between the hands or fingers / to twist
 zhǎn roll over on side / turn half over
 tuán to roll up into a ball with one's hands / spiral / circle / variant of 團|团[tuan2]
 xuān to roll up one's sleeves / to slap with the palm
 liè to roll the eyeballs to look
 mó quán cā zhǎng fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms (idiom) / to roll up one's sleeves for battle / eager to get into action or start on a task
 pái míng biǎo league table / roll of honor
 diǎn míng cè register of names / attendance roll book
 bàng liú roll sulfur
 lèi roll stone down hill / stone pile
 fèn mèi to roll up one's sleeves for action
 yìng mǎo to answer the roll call at 卯時|卯时[mao3 shi2], i.e. between 5 and 7 am / fig. to put in a conventional appearance
 tuán fàn to roll rice balls
 dǎng chāi pick and roll (basketball) / screen and roll
 rǎng xiù to roll up the sleeves
 gǔn zòu drum roll
 Ruì shì juǎn Swiss roll
 zǐ cài bāo fàn gimbap (Korean rice roll similar in appearance to sushi) / kimbap
 fān yǒng to roll over and over (of billows or clouds)
 yà cháng to roll with a stone roller / to thresh grain by rolling
 yà rǎn to roll used in dyeing trough
 zhǎn yà to roll over / to run over
 diǎn mǎo morning roll call
500佳  Global 500 Roll of Honour for Environmental Achievement / Global 500 Roll of Honour
 yù suàn guāng róng bǎng Budget Honour Roll
  Roll Back Malaria Partnership / RBM Partnership
  Abuja Declaration to Roll Back Malaria in Africa
  roll sensor
 jí zhuāng xiāng zhuāng xiè píng tái Container Roll In / Out Platform
  barbed wire roll
  African Summit to Roll Back Malaria
  gauze roll
  flow-forming / flow-turning / power roll forming
2000-2015年  Roll Back Malaria Global Strategic Plan 2005-2015
  Decade to Roll Back Malaria in Developing Countries, Particularly in Africa
  Decade to Roll Back Malaria in Africa
 ài juǎn moxa cigar / moxa roll (TCM)
 ài tiáo moxa stick, moxa roll (TCM)
 niē jǐ form of therapeutic massage, mainly for children, in which a roll of skin is squeezed, working from the base of the spine to the neck (TCM)
 xǐ gōu to roll a ball into the gutter (ten-pin bowling)
 gū lu to roll rapidly / to spin / Taiwan pr. [gu2 lu5]
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