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 mǐn gǎn sensitive / susceptible
 líng mǐn smart / clever / sensitive / keen / quick / sharp
 gǎn xìng perception / perceptual / sensibility / sensitive / emotional / sentimental
 xì wēi tiny / minute / fine / subtle / sensitive (instruments)
 mǐn gǎn xìng sensitive / sensitivity
 tōng líng to communicate with the spirits / psychic / (ears) sensitive / (information) accurate
 shí xiàng sensitive / tactful
 shàn gǎn sensitive / emotional
 liǎn pí báo thin-skinned / sensitive
 yīng jī xìng irritable / sensitive / excitable
 yìng jī xìng irritable / sensitive / excitable
 qīn mín in touch with the people / sensitive to people's needs
 pó po mā mā effeminate / old-womanish / garrulous / fainthearted / overly careful / overly sensitive / maudlin
 ài miàn zi to like to look good in the eyes of others / sensitive about how one is regarded by others / proud
 hán xiū cǎo mimosa / sensitive plant (that closes its leaves when touched)
 bō li xīn (slang) overly sensitive / butthurt
 mǐn gǎn wù zhì sensitive materials
 zhōng yāng āo fovea centralis (depression in the macula retina, most sensitive optic region)
 guāng gǎn yìng optical response / reaction to light / light sensitive / photoinduction
 qū fēn dà xiǎo xiě case sensitive / distinguishing capitals from lowercase letters
  sensitive species
  environmentally sensitive land resources
  sensitive site
 mǐn gǎn xìn xī sensitive information
  Sensitive List
  Guidelines for sensitive missile-relevant transfers
  conflict sensitive
西  Agreement on Unmanning of Positions in Sensitive Areas of Nicosia
  environmentally sensitive policy
  environmentally sensitive sector
  sensitive stock
  Particularly Sensitive Sea Area
  vulnerable area / militarily sensitive area
  vulnerable area / militarily sensitive area
  proliferation-sensitive item / sensitive technology / sensitive item
 mǐn gǎn chū kǒu wù pǐn sensitive exports
  sensitive to pollution
  sensitive area
  sensitive habitat
  Meeting of Legal Experts on Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas
  Fugitive Intelligence and Sensitive Sources Unit
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