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 yán sù solemn / grave / serious / earnest / severe
 lóng zhòng grand / prosperous / ceremonious / solemn
 zhèng zhòng serious / solemn
 zhuāng yán solemn / dignified / stately
 zhuāng zhòng grave / solemn / dignified
 yǎn rán just like / solemn / dignified / neatly laid out
 yán zhèng sternly / solemn
 sù rán respectful / solemn / awed
 zhěng sù strict / serious / solemn / dignified / to tidy up / to clean up / to purge / to adjust
 zhèng jīng bā bǎi very serious / solemn
 àn rán solemn / serious
 sù respectful / solemn / to eliminate / to clean up
 mù solemn / reverent / calm / burial position in an ancestral tomb (old) / old variant of 默
 xiàng mó xiàng yàng solemn / presentable / decent
 yīn peaceful / solemn
 bǎn bǎn solemn
 xiǎo xīn yì yì cautious and solemn (idiom) / very carefully / prudent / gently and cautiously
 bēi zhuàng solemn and stirring / moving and tragic
 sù mù solemn and respectful / serene
 xìn shì dàn dàn to make a solemn vow
 bēi gē sad melody / stirring strains / elegy / dirge / threnody / sing with solemn fervor
 zhuāng farmstead / village / manor / place of business / banker (in a gambling game) / grave or solemn / holdings of a landlord (in imperial China)
 zhèng yán lì sè solemn in word and countenance (idiom) / strict and unsmiling / also written 正顏厲色|正颜厉色
 gù zuò duān zhuāng artificial show of seriousness / to pretend to be solemn
 zhèng yán lì sè solemn in countenance (idiom) / strict and unsmiling
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