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 wēn dù temperature / CL:個|个[ge4]
 tǐ wēn (body) temperature
 rè dù temperature / heat / short-lived enthusiasm
 wēn warm / lukewarm / temperature / to warm up / mild / soft / tender / to review (a lesson etc) / fever (TCM) / old variant of 瘟[wen1]
 lěng rè dù shù temperature (esp. of medical patient)
 gāo wēn high temperature
 qì wēn air temperature / CL:個|个[ge4]
 fā shāo to have a high temperature (from illness) / to have a fever
 fā rè to have a high temperature / feverish / unable to think calmly / to emit heat
 gāo wèi high position / eminent status / top job / raised position / upper (limbs) / a high (i.e. local maximum) / high point on scale, high grade, temperature, latitude etc
 dī wēn low temperature
 jiàng wēn to become cooler / to lower the temperature / cooling / (of interest, activity etc) to decline
 shēng wēn to become hot / temperature rise / (fig.) to intensify / to hot up / to escalate / to get a boost
 héng wēn constant temperature
 shuǐ wēn water temperature
 lěng nuǎn lit. daily changes of temperature / fig. well-being / sb's comfort, health, prosperity etc
 gāo shāo fever / high temperature
 shì wēn room temperature
 wēn chā difference in temperature
 cháng wēn room temperature / ordinary temperatures
 jiā wēn to heat / to add warmth / to raise temperature / fig. to stimulate
 huán jìng wēn dù environmental temperature
 píng jūn qì wēn average temperature
 cè wēn to measure temperature
 dù to pass / to spend (time) / measure / limit / extent / degree of intensity / degree (angles, temperature etc) / kilowatt-hour / classifier for events and occurrences
 liáng tǐ wēn to take sb's temperature
 děng wēn constant temperature / equal temperature
 wēn biāo temperature scale
 shuǐ wēn biǎo engine temperature gauge / coolant temperature gauge
 tǔ wēn temperature of the soil
 shāo to burn / to cook / to stew / to bake / to roast / to heat / to boil (tea, water etc) / fever / to run a temperature / (coll.) to let things go to one's head
 Shè shì wēn biāo Celsius (centigrade) temperature scale
 jué duì wēn dù absolute temperature
 jué duì gāo dù absolute temperature
退 tuì bīng to thaw (frozen food) / to bring to room temperature
 hǎi yáng wēn dù ocean temperature
 wēn dù tī dù temperature gradient
 biāo zhǔn zhuàng kuàng standard conditions for temperature and pressure
 biāo zhǔn zhuàng tài standard conditions for temperature and pressure
 níng gǒng wēn dù mercury condensation temperature (physics)
 liè shì wēn biāo Réaumur temperature scale
 duì bǐ wēn dù temperature contrast / difference in temperature (of body to its surroundings)
 wēn yā temperature and pressure
 rè lì xué wēn dù thermodynamic temperature (temperature above absolute zero)
 rè lì xué wēn biāo thermodynamic temperature scale (in degrees Kelvin, measured above absolute zero)
 biǎo wēn surface temperature
 shì biǎo to take temperature
 yín diǎn the silver point / the melting point of silver 962°C used as a calibration point in some temperature scales
 fáng shǔ jiàng wēn to prevent heatstroke and reduce temperature
 tǐ wēn jiǎn cè yí infrared body thermometer / temperature gun
 shuǐ mù water screen (screen formed of sprayed water droplets, used for displaying projected images, for temperature control, or for air purification)
 nián píng jūn wēn duó mean annual temperature
 nián jūn wēn mean annual temperature
 quán qiú píng jūn qì wēn global mean temperature
湿 shī qiú wēn duó wet bulb temperature
  mean surface temperature
 hǎi yáng biǎo miàn wēn duó sea surface temperature
线 wēn duó chuí zhí kuò xiàn fú shè yí vertical temperature profile radiometer
  surface air temperature
 píng jūn biǎo miàn dài qì wēn duó average surface atmospheric temperature
 píng jūn biǎo miàn qì wēn average surface atmospheric temperature
 hǎi yáng biǎo miàn wēn duó xiàng mù Sea Surface Temperature Project
 quán qiú hǎi miàn wēn duó xiàng mù Global Sea Surface Temperature Project
 zhòu yè wēn duó fú duó diurnal temperature range
  very high temperature reactor
  Conductivity, Temperature, Depth
湿 shī qiú hēi qiú wēn duó yí wet bulb globe temperature meter / WBGT index meter / heat stress meter
湿  wet bulb globe temperature meter / WBGT index meter / heat stress meter
 yún dǐng wēn duó cloud-top temperature
 shè jì wēn duó design temperature
  conductivity, temperature, depth, salinity / salinity, conductivity, temperature, depth
  battery-powered temperature recorder
  high temperature thermostat
  self-acceleration decomposition temperature
 tǐ gǎn wēn dù apparent temperature (meteorology)
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