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 tí gāo to raise / to increase / to improve
 zēng jiā to raise / to increase
 yǎng chéng to cultivate / to raise / to form (a habit) / to acquire
 sì yǎng to raise / to rear
 fǔ yǎng to foster / to bring up / to raise
 tí to carry (hanging down from the hand) / to lift / to put forward / to mention / to raise (an issue) / upwards character stroke / lifting brush stroke (in painting) / scoop for measuring liquid
 dài band / belt / girdle / ribbon / tire / area / zone / region / CL:條|条[tiao2] / to wear / to carry / to take along / to bear (i.e. to have) / to lead / to bring / to look after / to raise
 zhī to support / to sustain / to erect / to raise / branch / division / to draw money / classifier for rods such as pens and guns, for army divisions and for songs or compositions
 jǔ to lift / to hold up / to cite / to enumerate / to act / to raise / to choose / to elect / act / move / deed
 tái to lift / to raise / (of two or more persons) to carry
 tí chū to raise (an issue) / to propose / to put forward / to suggest / to post (on a website) / to withdraw (cash)
 tí dào to mention / to raise (a subject) / to refer to
 tí qǐ to mention / to speak of / to lift / to pick up / to arouse / to raise (a topic, a heavy weight, one's fist, one's spirits etc)
 shēng qǐ to raise / to hoist / to rise
 shàng yáng to rise (i.e. number increases) / a price rise / to raise
 shēng gāo to raise / to ascend
 tí jí to mention / to raise (a subject) / to bring to sb's attention
 shàng tiáo to raise (prices) / to adjust upwards
 mù jí to raise / to collect
 shù qǐ to erect (a tent etc) / to prick up (one's ears) / to raise (one's eyebrows) / to stick up (one's thumb) / to turn up (one's collar) / (of a bird) to puff up (one's feathers)
 zēng gāo to heighten / to raise / to increase / to rise
 tái gāo to raise (price etc)
 wèi yǎng to feed (a child, domestic animal etc) / to keep / to raise (an animal)
 chóu cuò to raise (money)
 tiáo jiào to instruct / to teach / to train / to raise (livestock)
 liāo qǐ to raise / to lift up (curtains, clothing etc)
 jiā zhù to increase a bet / to raise (poker) / to raise the stakes
 fàng yǎng to breed (livestock, fish, crops etc) / to grow / to raise
 fú yǎng to foster / to bring up / to raise
 jiā mǎ to ratchet up / to raise (expectations etc) / to increase (a quota, a position in the market etc) / to up the ante / (computing) to encode
 qǐ to rise / to raise / to get up / to set out / to start / to appear / to launch / to initiate (action) / to draft / to establish / to get (from a depot or counter) / verb suffix, to start / starting from (a time, place, price etc) / classifier for occurrences or unpredictable events: case, instance / classifier for groups: batch, group
 fǔ yù to nurture / to raise / to foster / to tend
 bá gāo to raise (one's voice) / to overrate / to build up / to stand out / outstanding
 shēng yǎng to bring up (children) / to raise / to bear
 diàn gāo a support / to raise / to bolster / to jack up
 yǎng to raise (animals) / to bring up (children) / to keep (pets) / to support / to give birth
 tiǎo to raise / to dig up / to poke / to prick / to incite / to stir up
 rán to burn / to ignite / to light / fig. to spark off (hopes) / to start (debate) / to raise (hopes)
 chóu chip (in gambling) / token (for counting) / ticket / to prepare / to plan / to raise (funds) / resource / means
 áng to lift / to raise / to raise one's head / high / high spirits / soaring / expensive
 sì to raise / to rear / to feed
 xù to raise (animals)
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