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Decomp. 勹巳
Mandarin bāo
Entry Methods
Pinyin bao1
Kanji /
Sijiao 2771.2
Wubi QUV
CNS 11643 1-457D
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+5305
GB2312 B0FC
Level 3
 bāo to cover / to wrap / to hold / to include / to take charge of / to contract (to or for) / package / wrapper / container / bag / to hold or embrace / bundle / packet / CL:個|个[ge4],隻|只[zhi1]
Results beginning with 包
 bāo kuò to comprise / to include / to involve / to incorporate / to consist of
 bāo zhuāng to pack / to package / to wrap / packaging
 bāo hán to contain / to embody / to include
 bāo wéi to surround / to encircle / to hem in
 bāo guǒ to wrap up / to bind up / bundle / parcel / package / CL:個|个[ge4]
 bāo yuè to make monthly payments / monthly payment
 bāo fu wrapping cloth / a bundle wrapped in cloth / load / weight / burden / funny part / punchline
 bāo zi steamed stuffed bun / CL:個|个[ge4]
 bāo róng to pardon / to forgive / to show tolerance / to contain / to hold / inclusive
 bāo bāo bag or purse etc / small bump or pimple / hillock
 bāo tóu turban / headband
 bāo jī chartered plane / to charter a plane
 bāo zā to wrap up / to pack / to bind up (a wound)
 bāo xiāng box (in a theater or concert hall) / private room (in a restaurant or karaoke)
 bāo huàn to guarantee replacement (of faulty goods) / warranty
 bāo yǎng to provide for / to keep (a mistress)
 bāo hán to excuse / to forgive / to bear with / to contain
 bāo pí wrapping / wrapper / foreskin
 bāo fáng compartment (of train, ship etc) / private room at restaurant / rented room for karaoke / hotel room rented by the hour
 bāo bàn to undertake to do everything by oneself / to run the whole show
 bāo lǎn to monopolize / to take on responsibility over everything / to undertake the whole task
 bāo zhù to envelop / to wrap / to enclose
 bāo jiān private room (in a restaurant, or for karaoke etc) / parlor / booth / compartment
 bāo chē hired car / chartered car
 bāo chāo to outflank / to envelop
 bāo bì to shield / to harbor / to cover up
 Bāo gōng Lord Bao or Judge Bao, fictional nickname of Bao Zheng 包拯[Bao1 Zheng3] (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty
 bāo gān to have the full responsibility of a job / allocated task
 bāo xiāo to have exclusive selling rights / to be the sole agent for a production unit or firm
退 bāo tuì to guarantee refund (for faulty or unsatisfactory goods)
 bāo dài bag
 Bāo Zhěng Bao Zheng (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty / modern day metaphor for an honest politician
 bāo zū to rent / to charter / to rent land or a house for subletting / fixed rent for farmland
 bāo luó to include / to cover / to embrace
 bāo gōng to undertake to perform work within a time limit and according to specifications / to contract for a job / contractor
 bāo yī capsule (containing medicine) / husk (of corn)
 bāo jīng phimosis (medicine)
 bāo cáng to contain / to harbor / to conceal
 bāo guǎn to assure / to guarantee
 bāo chǎng to reserve all the seats (or a large block of seats) at a theater, restaurant etc
 bāo fàn to get or supply meals for a monthly rate / to board / to cater
 bāo gǔ (dialect) maize / corn / also written 苞穀|苞谷[bao1 gu3]
 bāo cài cabbage
 bāo péi guarantee to pay compensations
 bāo chuán to charter a ship
 bāo yín contracted payment (esp. actors' salary in former times)
 bāo bèi peridium (envelope or coat of fungi, e.g. puffballs)
 bāo céng cladding / covering (on a fiber)
 bāo chǎn to make a production contract
 bāo cháng packet size (computing)
 bāo chéng to charter (a car, ship, plane)
 Bāo ěr Borr (Norse deity)
 bāo fēng to seal / to close up a package with a seal
 Bāo hé Baohe district of Hefei city 合肥市[He2 fei2 shi4], Anhui
 bāo huāng to be tolerant / to be forgiving / to conceal / to cover
 bāo huǒ see 包飯|包饭[bao1 fan4]
 bāo huó job paid according to the amount of work done / contract work
 bāo jià package / all-inclusive deal
 bāo jiǎo to surround and annihilate (bandits)
 bāo jīn to gild / (old) wages paid to a performer or a troupe by a theater
 bāo jīn headscarf / turban
 bāo jǔ to summarize / to swallow up / to annex / to merge
 bāo máo bundled thatch
 bāo mǐ (dialect) corn / maize / also written 苞米[bao1 mi3]
 bāo náng bundle / bag
 bāo piào guarantee certificate
 bāo sù corn / maize
 bāo tàn detective (in former times)
 bāo yè to buy an all-night package / (esp.) to book a prostitute for the night
 bāo yóu shipping included
 bāo zhuāng jī packing machine
 bāo gōng tóu chief labor contractor
 bāo zhuāng zhǐ wrapping paper
 bāo èr nǎi to cohabit with and financially support a mistress
 bāo jiǎo zi to wrap jiaozi (dumplings or potstickers)
 bāo zhuāng wù packaging
 bāo qīng tiān Bao Qingtian, fictional nickname of Bao Zheng 包拯[Bao1 Zheng3] (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty
 bāo shēn gōng indentured laborer
 Bāo hé qū Baohe district of Hefei city 合肥市[He2 fei2 shi4], Anhui
 bāo xīn cài cabbage
 Bāo háo sī Bauhaus (German school of modern architecture and design)
 bāo gān zhì a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash
 bāo chéng zhì responsible crew system
 bāo chéng zhì chartering system
 bāo chéng zǔ (responsible) crew
 bāo chéng zǔ chartering charge
 bāo chóng bìng hydatidosis
 Bāo Dài zhì Bao Daizhi, "Edict Attendant Bao", fictional name used for Bao Zheng 包拯[Bao1 Zheng3] (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty
 bāo gān r erhua variant of 包乾|包干[bao1 gan1]
 bāo guǎn yuán custodian
 bāo jiǎn chuí rock-paper-scissors (game)
 bāo jī shāng air charter vendor / air charter company / charter company
 Bāo lǐ sī Boris (name)
 Bāo Lóng tú Bao Longtu, ”Bao of the Dragon Image”, fictional name used for Bao Zheng 包拯[Bao1 Zheng3] (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty
线 bāo luò xiàn envelope
 bāo shū pí book cover
 Bāo tóu shì Baotou prefecture-level city in Inner Mongolia
退 bāo tuì huàn to guarantee refund or replacement (of faulty or unsatisfactory goods)
 bāo yuán r buy the whole lot / finish up or off
 bāo yuán r to buy the whole lot / to take everything remaining
 bāo zhuāng gōng Packer
 bāo luó wàn xiàng all-embracing / all-inclusive
 bāo dǎ tiān xià to run everything (idiom) / to monopolize the whole business / not allow anyone else to have a look in
 bāo chǎn dào hù fixing of farm output quotas for each household
 bāo cáng huò xīn to harbor evil intentions (idiom) / concealing malice
 bāo fu dǐ r family heirloom / most precious family possession / person's secrets / one's best performance
 bāo lǎn cí sòng to canvas for lawsuits (idiom) / to practice chicanery
  wound bandaging
 bāo bàn dài tì to do everything oneself (idiom) / not to allow others in on the act
 bāo bàn hūn yīn forced marriage / arranged marriage (without the consent of the individuals)
 bāo fu pí r wrapping cloth
 bāo jià lu:3 yóu package holiday
 bāo jī gōng sī air charter vendor / air charter company / charter company
 bāo jī xiǎo zǔ Air Charter Team
 bāo pí huán qiē circumcision
 bāo róng gè fāng inclusiveness
 Bāo tóu dì qū Baotou prefecture in Inner Mongolia
 bāo yī zhǒng zi seed enclosed in artificial capsule
 bāo zhì bǎi bìng guaranteed to cure all diseases
  inclusive development
  inclusive growth
  inclusive registration
  inclusive design
 bāo chǎn dào hù zhì system of quotas for farm output per household
 bāo pí huán qiē shù circumcision
 bāo róng xìng shì chǎng inclusive market
 bāo róng xìng xuǎn jǔ inclusive election
 Bāo shì luó xuán tǐ Borrelia, genus of Spirochaete bacteria
 bāo zài wǒ shēn shang leave it to me (idiom) / I'll take care of it
  warning on packages
 bāo kuò nèi zhì pèi zhòng integrated weights (diving)
 bāo róng xìng quán qiú huà inclusive globalization
 Bāo róu shì luó xuán tǐ Borrelia, genus of Spirochaete bacteria
  Inclusive Market Development
  packing and assembly costs
  packaged goods media
 bāo róng xìng zhèng zhì duì huà Inclusive Political Dialogue
 bāo róng xìng zī běn zhǔ yì inclusive capitalism
  Institute for Inclusive Security
 bāo róng xìng quán qiú huà xiǎo zǔ Inclusive Globalization Cluster
 bāo zi yǒu ròu bù zài zhě shàng a book is not judged by its cover (idiom)
  Comprehensive and All-Inclusive Agreement on the Transition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo / All-Inclusive Agreement / Global and All-Inclusive Agreement
  all-inclusive reconciliation process / all-inclusive reconciliation
  National Accounting Matrix including Environmental Accounts
 miàn bāo bread / CL:片[pian4],袋[dai4],塊|块[kuai4]
 chéng bāo to contract / to undertake (a job)
 dǎ bāo to wrap / to pack / to put leftovers in a doggy bag for take-out / to package (computing)
 qián bāo purse / wallet
 bēi bāo knapsack / rucksack / infantry pack / field pack / blanket roll / CL:個|个[ge4]
 hóng bāo money wrapped in red as a gift / bonus payment / kickback / bribe
 wài bāo outsourcing
 shū bāo schoolbag / satchel / bookbag / CL:個|个[ge4],隻|只[zhi1]
 pí bāo handbag / briefcase
 sān bāo "three-guarantee service": repair, exchange, refund
 xiǎo bāo packet
 yāo bāo waist purse (old) / (fig.) purse / pocket / waist pack / fanny pack / bum bag
 hé bāo embroidered pouch for carrying loose change etc / purse / pocket (in clothing)
 fēn bāo to subcontract
 fà bāo bun hair extension
 fā bāo to put out to contract
 tí bāo handbag / bag / valise
 fēng bāo to package up / (computer networking) packet
 kuà bāo satchel / bag
 cǎo bāo idiot / straw bag
 xiāng bāo a small bag full of fragrance used on Dragon boat Festival
 yóu bāo postal parcel / parcel
 nóng bāo pustule / (fig.) worthless person / a good-for-nothing / useless weakling
 xīn bāo pericardium
 diào bāo to steal sb's valuable item and substitute a similar-looking but worthless item / to sell a fake for the genuine article / to palm off
 tào bāo collar part of horse harness
 bì bāo closure (math)
 chá bāo tea bag / (slang) trouble (loanword)
 chū bāo to contract out / to run into problems
 dàn bāo omelet
 diào bāo see 掉包[diao4 bao1]
 dǐng bāo to serve as forced labor / to take the rap for sb
 diū bāo (computing) packet loss / to lose a packet
 gēn bāo to work as footman / to do odd jobs / to understudy (an opera actor)
 guà bāo popular Taiwan snack, similar to a hamburger, steamed bun stuffed with pork, pickled vegetables, peanut powder and cilantro
 guà bāo see 刈包[gua4 bao1]
 guǒ bāo to wrap up / parcel
 hé bāo co-sourcing
 huò bāo bundle / bale
 jiě bāo to unpack (computing)
 līn bāo handbag or shopping bag (dialect)
 nèi bāo home-sourcing
 pú bāo cattail bag / (old) gift of fruit or pastries (traditionally presented in a cattail bag)
 ruǎn bāo soft (bread) roll
 sāo bāo (slang) alluring / showy / flashy and enticing person / painted Jezebel
 shān bāo (dialect) hill
 shāo bāo to forget oneself in extravagance / to burn money
 shǒu bāo handbag
 tāng bāo steamed dumpling
 tāo bāo to pick pockets
 xióng bāo worthless person / good-for-nothing
 zhòng bāo crowdsourcing / abbr. for 群眾外包|群众外包[qun2 zhong4 wai4 bao1]
 zhuā bāo to catch sb in the act
e包 ebāo róng e-inclusion
 ruǎn jiàn bāo software package
 miàn bāo chē van for carrying people / taxi minibus
 gōng wén bāo briefcase / attaché / case
 dǎ bāo jī paper baler
 chéng bāo shāng contractor
 shǒu tí bāo (hand)bag / hold-all
 tāo yāo bāo to dip into one's pocket / to pay out of pocket / to foot the bill
 chéng bāo rén contractor
 hé bāo dàn poached egg / egg fried on both sides
 bēi bāo kè backpacker
 hàn bǎo bāo hamburger (loanword)
 xiǎo lóng bāo steamed dumpling
 gōng shì bāo (Tw) briefcase
 měng gǔ bāo yurt
 tǔ bāo zi country bumpkin / boor / unsophisticated country person (humble, applied to oneself) / burial mound
 miàn bāo fáng bakery / CL:家[jia1]
 dǎ bāo piào to vouch for / to guarantee
 kǎo miàn bāo toast / to bake bread
 huáng bāo chē rickshaw
 dòu shā bāo bean paste bun
 miàn bāo xiè breadcrumbs
 xiǎo miàn bāo bread roll / bun
 chéng bāo zhě contractor for seabed exploration
 miàn bāo piān bread slice / sliced bread
 miàn bāo piàn bread slice / sliced bread
 shuāng jiān bāo backpack
 gē bāo pí to circumcise
  recreation kit
  dignity kit
  general contractor
 bēi bāo fú to have a weight on one's mind / to take on a mental burden
 bèi bāo yóu backpacking
 bìng bāo r a person who is always falling ill / chronic invalid
 cài bāo zi steamed bun stuffed with vegetables / (fig.) useless person / a good-for-nothing
 chā shāo bāo roast pork bun / cha siu baau
 dài zi bāo pita bread (Middle eastern flat bread)
 dàn bāo fàn rice omelet
 dān jiān bāo shoulder bag
 Dān mài bāo Danish pastry
 dòu róng bāo bean paste bun
 fèn bāo shāng subcontractor
 fú wù bāo service pack
 hóu miàn bāo see 猴麵包樹|猴面包树[hou2 mian4 bao1 shu4]
 huài bāo r rascal / rogue / little devil (term of endearment)
 huà yàn bāo laboratory kit
 jí jiù bāo emergency health kit
 kōng bāo dàn blank cartridge
 Lā bāo ěr Rabaul, port city and capital of New Britain, island of northeast Papua New Guinea
 lǎn rén bāo (Tw) (neologism c. 2007) information presented in easily assimilable form (digest, summary, infographic etc)
 lián róng bāo lotus seed bun
 lì lè bāo carton (e.g. for milk or juice) / Tetra Pak
 līn bāo dǎng (coll.) purse snatcher
 miàn bāo chóng mealworm (Tenebrio molitor)
 miàn bāo guǒ jackfruit / breadfruit / Artocarpus heterophyllus
 miàn bāo kāng breadcrumbs
 miàn bāo pí crust
 miàn bāo ráng crumb (soft interior of a loaf of bread)
 miàn bāo shù breadfruit tree / Artocarpus altilis
 miàn bāo xīn crumb (soft interior of a loaf of bread)
 miàn bāo zhā breadcrumbs
 nǎi huáng bāo custard bun
 niú jiǎo bāo croissant
 qì bāo zi quick-tempered person
 qǔ yàng bāo sampling kit
 shēng jiān bāo pan-fried dumpling
 shǒu ná bāo clutch bag
 shòu qì bāo (fig.) punching bag
寿 shòu táo bāo longevity peach bun / birthday peach bun
 shuǎi bāo fu lit. to fling off a bundle / fig. to abandon one's responsibility for sth / to wash one's hands of the matter
 wài bāo gōng outwork
 wō nóng bāo useless weakling
 xiǎo lóng bāo steamed dumpling
 xīn chóu bāo remuneration package
 yáng jiǎo bāo croissant
 yī yào bāo travel kit
 yù hé bāo jade purse, a cultivar of lychee
 zāng zāng bāo pastry bun filled with chocolate and covered with cocoa powder
 zhěn duàn bāo diagnosis kit
 zhì liáo bāo treatment kit
 zhī ma bāo sesame bun
 zhū bā bāo pork
 zhū zǎi bāo a French-style bread, similar to a small baguette, commonly seen in Hong Kong and Macao
 shí pǐn bāo zhuāng food packaging
 wú suǒ bù bāo not excluding anything / all-inclusive
 yī shǒu bāo bàn to take care of a matter all by oneself / to run the whole show
 dà bāo dà lǎn to take complete charge (idiom)
 pí bāo gōng sī lit. briefcase company / dummy corporation / shell company / fly-by-night company
 kǎo miàn bāo jī toaster
 zǒng chéng bāo shāng general contractor
 dà dù bāo róng generous and forgiving
 dǎn dà bāo tiān reckless / extremely daring
 jiān róng bìng bāo to include and monopolize many things / all-embracing
  social inclusion
  minivan / mini-van
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