yī kuài


  • one block
  • one piece
  • one (unit of money)
  • together
  • in the same place
  • in company



  • 我想用这块手表换一块便宜一点的。
    I would like to exchange this watch with a cheaper one.
  • 请你给我一块面包。
    Please give me a piece of bread.
  • 她捡起了一块鹅卵石。
    She stooped to pick up a pebble.
  • 他在手上贴了一块胶布。
    He put a Band-Aid on his hand.
  • 随便拿一块蛋糕吧。
    Take whatever cake you want.
  • 一块岩石从上面落下。
    A rock fell from above.
  • 我可以再吃一块蛋糕吗?
    May I have another piece of cake?
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