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Decomp. 丿扌戈
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Pinyin wo3
Kanji /
Sijiao 2355.0
Level 1
 wǒ I / me / my
Results beginning with 我
 wǒ men we / us / ourselves / our
 wǒ de my / mine
 wǒ guó our country / China
 wǒ děng we / us (archaic)
 wǒ fāng our side / we
 wǒ kào bosh! / crap! / see also 哇靠[wa1 kao4]
 wǒ bèi (literary) we / us
 wǒ qù (slang) dang! / shoot!
 wǒ rén we
 wǒ sī our company (polite)
 wǒ men de our / ours
 wǒ zì jǐ myself / my own
 wǒ xíng wǒ sù to continue in one's own way (idiom)
 wǒ zuì yù mián lit. I'm drunk and would like to sleep (idiom) / (used to indicate one's sincere and straightforward nature)
 wǒ lè ge qù (slang) shoot! / crap!
 wǒ men zì jǐ ourselves
  Operation Umoja Wetu / Umoja Wetu
 wǒ yě shì zuì le (Internet slang) I can't even... / Are you kidding me! / OMG!
  Instituto Sou da Paz
  WMD-We Must Disarm
 wǒ wài mǔ wú xì rén Heavenly
  I care ... Do you?
 wǒ lái kòng zhì jié hé bìng I am stopping TB
 wǒ men bì xū cái jūn xuān yán WMD Declaration
  Our Common Agenda for the Americas
  Centre for Our Common Future
  Our Creative Diversity
 wǒ men sǐ hòu jiāng huì hóng shuǐ tāo tiān Après nous, le Déluge / after us, the deluge
  We Are United Nations Peacekeepers
  Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America
- 人  Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America - Peoples' Trade Agreement
 zì wǒ self- / ego (psychology)
 nǐ wǒ you and I / everyone / all of us (in society) / we (people in general)
 wàng wǒ selflessness / altruism
 wú wǒ anatta (Buddhist concept of "non-self")
 dí wǒ the enemy and us
 dà wǒ the collective / the whole / (Buddhism) the greater self
 xiǎo wǒ the self / the individual
 gù wǒ one's old self / one's original self / what one has always been
 běn wǒ id / the self
 chāo wǒ superego
 yī wǒ kàn in my opinion
 wù wàng wǒ forget-me-not, genus Myosotis (botany)
 jù wǒ kàn in my view / in my opinion / from what I can see
 zài wǒ kàn in my opinion / in my view
 zì wǒ jiè shào self-introduction / to introduce oneself
 duì wǒ lái shuō as far as I'm concerned
 zì wǒ píng jià self-esteem
 zì wǒ pī píng self-criticism
 nǐ sǐ wǒ huó lit. you die, I live (idiom) / irreconcilable adversaries / two parties cannot coexist
 zì wǒ yì shí self-awareness
 zì wǒ ān wèi to comfort oneself / to console oneself / to reassure oneself
 nǐ zhuī wǒ gǎn friendly one-upmanship / to try to emulate
 shí bù wǒ dài time and tide wait for no man (idiom)
 yī rán gù wǒ to be one's old self (idiom) / to be unchanged / (derog.) to be stuck in one's ways
 nǐ zhēng wǒ duó lit. you fight, I snatch (idiom) / to compete fiercely offering no quarter / fierce rivalry / tug-of-war
 dí zhòng wǒ guǎ multitude of enemies, few friends (idiom from Mencius) / heavily outnumbered / beaten by the weight of numbers
 dí wǒ máo dùn contradictions between ourselves and the enemy / Either you are for us or against us.
 ěr yú wǒ zhà lit. you hoodwink me and I cheat you (idiom) / fig. mutual deception / each tries to outwit the other / dog eats dog and devil take the hindmost
 qīng qīng wǒ wǒ to bill and coo (idiom) / to whisper sweet nothings to one another / to be very much in love
 rú shì wǒ wén so I have heard (idiom) / the beginning clause of Buddha's quotations as recorded by his disciple, Ananda (Buddhism)
 suì bù wǒ yǔ Time and tide wait for no man (idiom)
 zì wǒ jiě cháo to refer to one's foibles or failings with self-deprecating humor
 zì wǒ táo zuì self-satisfied / self-imbued / narcissistic
 bié ràng wǒ zǒu never
 gòng gāo wǒ màn haughty and arrogant
 jù wǒ suǒ zhī as far as I know / to the best of my knowledge
 nǐ qíng wǒ yuàn to both be willing / mutual consent
 yī wǒ lái kàn as I see it / in my opinion
 zì wǒ chuī xū to blow one's own horn (idiom)
 zì wǒ cuī mián self-hypnotism
 zì wǒ de rén (my, your) own person / (to assert) one's own personality
 zì wǒ fáng wèi self-defense
 zì wǒ fàng zhú self-imposed exile
 zì wǒ jiāo yì self-dealing
 zì wǒ shí xiàn self-actualization (psychology) / self-realization
  self-regenerating area
  identification friend or foe personal identifier
 bāo zài wǒ shēn shang leave it to me (idiom) / I'll take care of it
  self-insured plan
  All In My Back-Yard
  self-sustainment category
  AIDS Stops With Me!
  self-sustainment standards / performance standards for self-sustainment
  self-sustaining logistics
  self-sustainment arrangement / self-sustainment contract
  medical self-sustainment
 zì wǒ wéi chí néng lì self-sustained capacity
 zì wǒ zài shēng zī yuán self-renewing resource
  working group on self-evaluation
  self-sustainment reimbursement rate / self-sustainment rate
  mandatory self-assessment
 zì wǒ shí xiàn de yù yán self-fulfilling prophecy
 shùn wǒ zhě chāng nì wǒ zhě wáng submit to me and prosper, or oppose me and perish
  unilateral self-supporting expenditures
  unilateral self-supporting contributions
  Dominican Leadership Conference
  manifest acquittal system
  self-sustainment standards / performance standards for self-sustainment
  self-sustainment arrangement / self-sustainment contract
 sān rén xíng , bì yǒu wǒ shī lit. if three walk together, one can be my teacher (idiom, from the Analects of Confucius) / you have sth to learn from everyone
  self-restoring capacity of nature
  discretionary self-evaluation
 rén wéi dāo zǔ , wǒ wéi yú ròu lit. to be the meat on sb's chopping block (idiom) / fig. to be at sb's mercy
 sān rén xíng , zé bì yǒu wǒ shī If three walk together, one of them can teach me sth (Confucius)
"不"综  not-in-my-back-yard syndrome
  self-sustaining economic growth
  Flag State Performance Self-Assessment Form
  Volunteering for our Planet
  monitoring, self-evaluation and reporting system
  National Capacity Self-Assessment for Global Environmental Management
 nǐ zǒu nǐ de Yáng Guān dào , wǒ guò wǒ de dú mù qiáo lit. you hit the high road, I'll cross the log bridge (idiom) / fig. you go your way, I'll go mine / you do it your way, I'll do it mine
  Voices of the poor - Can anyone hear us?
  In-Country Team Self-Assessment Tool for Natural Disaster Response Preparedness
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