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 huáng yellow / pornographic / to fall through
 Huáng emperor / old variant of 惶[huang2]
 huāng desolate / shortage / scarce / out of practice / absurd / uncultivated / to neglect
 huāng to get panicky / to lose one's head / (coll.) (after 得) unbearably / terribly
 huǎng to dazzle / to flash past
 huàng to sway / to shake / to wander about
 huǎng lies / to lie
 huáng brilliant
 huáng frightened
 huáng phoenix
 huǎng disappointed / flurried / indistinct
 huǎng shop sign / (literary) window curtain
 huáng locust
 huáng metallic reed / spring of lock
 huáng sulfur
 huáng irresolute
 huáng semicircular jade ornament
 huáng dry moat / god of city
 huáng dye paper / lake / pond / mount scroll
 huāng region between heart and diaphragm
 huáng name of a river
 huáng leisure
 huáng (bamboo) / bamboo grove
 huáng sturgeon
 huáng horse-leech
 huáng sound of drums and bells / trident
 huáng fast ship / see 艅艎, large warship
 huáng see 癀病[huang2 bing4]
 huāng blood
 huáng sobbing / sound of bell
 huáng brilliant
 huáng spaniel
 huáng sound of drums and bells / trident
 huáng music of bell and drum
 huǎng disappointed / flurried / indistinct
 huǎng screen
 huǎng bright expanse of water
 huǎng bright / dazzling
 huāng a watery waste / to reach
 huáng agitated / alarmed
 huáng a dry moat outside a city wall / a dry ditch
 huǎng luminous / bright hoary, white
 huǎng sound of a bell / small bell
 huáng to strike / to stab
 huáng variant of 艎[huang2]
 huǎng variant of 艎[huang2]
 huǎng old variant of 晃[huang3]
 huǎng bright and spacious
 huǎng old variant of 晃[huang3] / bright
 huáng black-naped oriole (Oriolus chinensis)
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