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 rèn wu mission / assignment / task / duty / role / CL:項|项[xiang4],個|个[ge4]
 gōng kè homework / assignment / task / classwork / lesson / study / CL:門|门[men2]
 zhǐ pài to assign / to appoint / assignment
 chāi shi errand / assignment / job / commission / CL:件[jian4] / see also 差使[chai1 shi5]
 ràng yǔ assignment
 zhí zhǎng to be in charge of / assignment
宿 sù tí assignment
 zuò yè school assignment / homework / work / task / operation / CL:個|个[ge4] / to operate
 tè wu special assignment (military) / special agent / operative / spy
 dài yè to await job assignment (term used only in mainland China)
 guà zhí temporary assignment to a Chinese government or CPC post
 diào pài to send on assignment / to deploy (troops)
 qǐng yīng to volunteer for military service / to offer oneself for an assignment
 zuò lěng bǎn dèng to hold an inconsequential job / to receive a cold reception / to be kept waiting for an assignment or audience / to be out in the cold / to be sidelined / to warm the bench / to cool one's heels
  target for resources assignment from the core
 rèn wù jié shù bào gào End of Assignment Report
 pài rèn jīn tiē assignment grant
  electronic Interpreter Assignment Programme / Interpreter Management Application
 lín shí pài rèn temporary duty assignment / temporary assignment
  Directive on the Assignment of Defence Counsel
  administrative place of assignment
  United Nations Convention on the Assignment of Receivables in International Trade
  staff on special temporary assignment
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