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 jù lí distance / CL:個|个[ge4] / to be apart from
 yuǎn jìn far and near / distance
 jù at a distance of / distance / to be apart
 yáo jù jiào yù distance
 zài tú to cover the road (snow, wind, hazards etc) / distance (between locations)
 yuǎn chéng remote / long distance / long range
 xíng chéng journey / course of a journey / distance traveled / trajectory / itinerary / route / course (of history) / (Tw) (computing) process
 quán chéng the whole distance / from beginning to end
 qiān lǐ a thousand miles / a thousand li (i.e. 500 kilometers) / a long distance
 cháng tú long distance
 yuè guò to cross over / to transcend / to cover distance / to overcome / to rise above
 lù chéng route / path traveled / distance traveled / course (of development)
 jiāo jù focal length / focal distance
 xiāng jù distance apart / separated by a given distance
 lián mián continuous / unbroken / uninterrupted / extending forever into the distance (of mountain range, river etc)
 zuì yuǎn furthest / most distant / at maximum distance
 yáo wàng to look into the distance
 líng jù lí zero distance / face-to-face
 háng chéng flight / passage / sea or air distance
 kuà dù span / horizontal distance between vertical supports
 tóu zhì to throw sth a long distance / to hurl / to throw at / to throw (dice etc) / to flip (a coin)
 yuǎn tiào to gaze into the distance
 yuǎn wàng to gaze afar / to look into the distance
 yōu shēn serene and hidden in depth or distance
 liào wàng to watch from a height or distance / to keep a lookout
 dǎ cháng tú to make a long distance call
 yuǎn háng to travel a great distance by sea or air / voyage / long-haul flight
 cháng jù lí long distance
 ruò jí ruò lí lit. seeming neither close nor distant (idiom) / fig. to keep one's distance / (of a relationship) lukewarm / vague
 jìng ér yuǎn zhī to show respect from a distance (idiom) / to remain at a respectful distance
 cè jù yí distance measuring equipment
 duǎn jù lí short distance / a stone's throw away
 hào miǎo vast / extending into the distance
 nán běi cháng north-south distance
 bù yuǎn qiān lǐ make light of traveling a thousand li / go to the trouble of traveling a long distance
 hào miǎo vast / extending into the distance
 zhōng cháng pǎo middle distance race
 zhū jù spacing / distance between plants (within a row)
 yuàn to distance oneself from (classical)
 yuǎn bì to keep at a distance / to forsake
 tiān yuān distance between two poles / poles apart
 yǐn to draw (e.g. a bow) / to pull / to stretch sth / to extend / to lengthen / to involve or implicate in / to attract / to lead / to guide / to leave / to provide evidence or justification for / old unit of distance equal to 10 丈[zhang4], one-thirtieth of a km or 33.33 meters
 lì bì lever arm (i.e. perpendicular distance from the fulcrum to the line of force)
 qiáo wàng to raise one's head and look into the distance / fig. to forward to / to long for
 gé to separate / to partition / to stand or lie between / at a distance from / after or at an interval of
 mǎ weight / number / code / to pile / to stack / classifier for length or distance (yard), happenings etc
 tiào to gaze into the distance
 mào length / distance from north to south
 liào to watch from a height or distance / to survey
 gāo fēi yuǎn zǒu to fly high and run far (idiom) / to leave in a hurry for a distance place
 yú chén yàn yǎo lit. the fish sinks, the goose vanishes into the distance (idiom) / a letter does not arrive / lost in transmission
 cháng tú wǎng lù long distance network
 chuán shū jù lí transmission distance
 piān chā jù lí offset distance
 shì yǐn unit of distance equal to one-thirtieth km or 33.33 meters
 píng tiào to lean on sth and gaze into the distance
 jìng guǐ shén ér yuǎn zhī to respect Gods and demons from a distance (idiom) / to remain at a respectful distance
西 dōng xī kuān east-west distance
 biāo zhù distance marker / pole marking distance on racetrack
 miǎo miǎo sublime / solitary / distant or remote / to gaze off into the distance
 lín tiào to observe from afar / to look into the distance from a high place
 chāo jù zuò yòng action at a distance (e.g. gravitational force)
 yuǎn chéng dǎo dàn long distance missile
 cháng pǎo yùn dòng yuán long distance runner
 cháng pèi yuǎn yù to control from a distance (idiom)
 cháng tú huà fèi long distance call charge
 ān quán jù lí minimum safety distance / safety distance;
  epicentral distance
 líng jù lí pōu miàn zero-offset record section / zero source-receiver distance section
 yuàn xīn diǎn jù lí apofocal distance
  distance constraint / 350 M distance constraint
  stand-off distance
60海 60hǎi lǐ guī zé 60 M formula / foot of the continental slope plus 60 M formula / distance formula;
60海 60hǎi lǐ gōng shì 60 M formula / foot of the continental slope plus 60 M formula / distance formula;
60海  60 M formula / foot of the continental slope plus 60 M formula / distance formula;
 yuàn chéng xué xí distance learning
 yuàn jù lí xué xí distance learning
 shùn fēng jù lí downwind distance
 xié jù slant range / slant distance
西  University of the West Indies Distance Tele-education Network
  distance resection model
  distance criteria
  International Commission on Distance Education
  International Council for Open and Distance Education
  Distance Secondary Learning
  International Council for Distance Education
  International Centre for Distance Learning
  distance education
  SAARC Consortium of Open and Distance Learning
  buffer distance
 yáo guān to look into the distance
 lù yáo zhī mǎ lì , rì jiǔ jiàn rén xīn just as distance determines the stamina of a horse, so does time reveal a person's true heart (proverb)
 Hú Yuè large distance / disaster / calamity
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