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 wú dòng yú zhōng aloof / indifferent / unconcerned
 xī sōng poor / sloppy / unconcerned / heedless / lax / unimportant / trivial / loose / porous
 mò desert / unconcerned
 bù yǐ wéi yì not to mind / unconcerned
 màn bù jīng yì careless / unconcerned
 tuō rán unconcerned / without worries
 xián rén idle person / idler / unconcerned person
 shī duō bù yǎng many fleas, but unconcerned (idiom) / no point in worrying about one debt when one has so many others / Troubles never come singly. / It never rains but it pours.
 shì bù guān jǐ , gāo gāo guà qǐ to feel unconcerned and let matters rest (idiom)
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