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 lěng dàn cold / indifferent
 píng yōng mediocre / indifferent / commonplace
 wú dòng yú zhōng aloof / indifferent / unconcerned
 dàn insipid / diluted / weak / mild / light in color / tasteless / fresh / indifferent / nitrogen
 báo thin / cold in manner / indifferent / weak / light / infertile
 dàn dàn faint / dim / dull / insipid / unenthusiastic / indifferent
 dàn rán tranquil and calm / indifferent
 màn bù jīng xīn careless / heedless / absent-minded / indifferent
 wàng qíng unmoved / indifferent / unruffled by sentiment
 dàn mò apathetic / indifferent / unsympathetic
 mò rán indifferent / apathetic / cold
 wú guān jǐn yào indifferent / insignificant
 wú kě wú bù kě neither for nor against sth / indifferent
 jiá indifferent
 bù zhī tòng yǎng numb / unfeeling / indifferent / inconsequential
 yǒu yī dā méi yī dā unimportant / perfunctory / indifferent / (of conversation) idly
 guǎ dàn insipid / bland / indifferent
 wú suǒ wèi to be indifferent / not to matter / cannot be said to be
 bù zěn me yàng not up to much / very indifferent / nothing great about it / nothing good to be said about it
 tián dàn quiet and contented / indifferent to fame or gain
 mò bù guān xīn not the least bit concerned / completely indifferent
 kàn dàn to regard as unimportant / to be indifferent to (fame, wealth etc) / (of an economy or a market) to slacken
 mò rán zhì zhī to set to one side and ignore (idiom) / quite indifferent / cold and uncaring
 ài lǐ bù lǐ to look cold and indifferent / standoffish
 zuò shì bù lǐ to sit and watch, but remain indifferent (idiom)
 hū hū yōu yōu indifferent to the passing of time / careless
 tián mò indifferent and undisturbed
 dàn bó míng lì not caring about fame and fortune (idiom) / indifferent to worldly rewards
 luò huā yǒu yì , liú shuǐ wú qíng lit. the falling flowers are yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples on (idiom) / fig. one side is willing, yet the other one remains indifferent (usually of unrequited love)
 lù zhuǎn fěn (Internet slang) to go from being indifferent to being a big fan
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