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Strokes 2
Strokes 8
Decomp. 耳又
Entry Methods
Pinyin qu3
Kanji /
Sijiao 1714.0
Wubi BCY
CNS 11643 1-4C3D
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+53D6
GB2312 C8A1
Level 4
 qǔ to take / to get / to choose / to fetch
Results beginning with 取
 qǔ dé to acquire / to get / to obtain
 qǔ xiāo to cancel / cancellation
 qǔ dài to replace / to supersede / to supplant / (chemistry) substitution
 qǔ chū to take out / to extract / to draw out
 qǔ shèng to score a victory / to prevail over one's opponents
 qǔ xiàng orientation / direction
 qǔ míng to name / to be named / to christen / to seek fame
 qǔ huí to retrieve
 qǔ dì to suppress / to crack down on / to prohibit
 qǔ zhèng to collect evidence
 qǔ nuǎn to warm oneself (by a fire etc)
 qǔ xiào to tease / to make fun of
 qǔ shě to choose / to accept or reject
 qǔ jīng to journey to India on a quest for the Buddhist scriptures / to learn by studying another's experience
 qǔ yàng to take a sample
 qǔ cái to collect material
 qǔ yuè to try to please
 qǔ zǒu to remove / to take away
 qǔ kuǎn to withdraw money from a bank
 qǔ shuǐ water intake / to obtain water (from a well etc)
 qǔ yòng to access / to make use of
 qǔ qián to withdraw money
 qǔ jué to depend upon / to hinge upon
 qǔ xìn to win the trust of
 qǔ lè to find amusement / to amuse oneself
 qǔ dào via / by way of / en route to
 qǔ qiǎo quick fix / opportune short cut (around a difficulty) / cheap trick (to get what one wants) / to pull a fast one
 qǔ nào to make trouble / to make fun of
 qǔ guān to unfollow (on microblog etc)
 qǔ líng zeroing
 qǔ mó modulo (math.)
 qǔ mú to take an impression (dentistry etc)
 qǔ xiàn to withdraw money
 qǔ yín to take silver / to come second in a competition
 qǔ jǐng qì viewfinder (of a camera etc)
 qǔ kuǎn jī ATM
 qǔ yàng qì sampler
 qǔ jǐng kuàng rectangular frame used to view a scene (made out of cardboard etc, or formed by the thumbs and forefingers) / viewfinder / viewing frame
 qǔ dài jī substituent (chemistry)
 qǔ dēng r (dialect) match (for lighting fire)
 qǔ yàng bāo sampling kit
 qǔ yàng guǎn sampling tube
 qǔ yù zhí thresholding
 qǔ ér dài zhī to substitute for sb / to remove and replace
 qǔ cháng bǔ duǎn lit. use others' strengths to make up for one's weak points (idiom from Mencius) / to use this in place of that / what you lose on the swings, you win on the roundabouts
 qǔ bǎo hòu shěn release from custody, subject to provision of a surety, pending investigation (PRC)
  sample period / sampling interval
  sampling plan / sample plan
  sampling frequency
  territorial gains
 qǔ bǎo shì fàng to be released on bail (law)
 qǔ dé shèng lì to prevail / to achieve victory / to be victorious
 qǔ dé yī zhì to reach a consensus
 qǔ qí jīng huá to take the best / to absorb the essence
 qǔ xiāo dìng yuè to cancel a subscription / to unsubscribe (from a mailing list)
 qǔ xiāo jìn lìng to lift a prohibition / to lift a ban
 qǔ xiāo zhài wù debt cancellation
 qǔ xiāo zī ge disqualification
 qǔ yàng mú shì sampling pattern
 qǔ yàng shù liàng sample size (statistics)
 qǔ yàng zhà gé sampling grid
 qǔ yàng zuò yè sampling operation
  attain and maintain
  lessons learned
  sampling site data
  sampling station data
  School Fee Abolition Initiative
 qǔ dé dà xué xué wèi to obtain a university education
  Agreement Concerning the Suppression of Opium-Smoking
  Convention against Discrimination in Education
  Regional Knowledge Acquisition Forum
 qǔ qí jīng huá , qù qí zāo pò take the cream, discard the dross (political and educational slogan) / keep what is good, discard the rest / You need to be selective when studying. / In modernizing the country, don't accept uncritically all foreign ideas.
 qǔ zhī bù jìn , yòng zhī bù jié limitless supply (of) / inexhaustible
  International Convention for the Suppression of Counterfeiting Currency
  Optional Protocol regarding the Suppression of Counterfeiting Currency
 qǔ dì wěi xiè chū bǎn wù liú tòng xié dìng Agreement for the Suppression of the Circulation of Obscene Publications
  Convention for the Suppression of the Illicit Traffic in Dangerous Drugs
  Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents / Apostille Convention
  Protocol to the International Convention for the Suppression of Counterfeiting Currency
  International Convention for the Suppression of the Circulation of and Traffic in Obscene Publications
  Global programme of action against illicit narcotic drugs
  Regional Cooperation Agreement on the Eradication of Illicit Trafficking in Drugs
  inter-Agency Project on Post-Apartheid South Africa
 cǎi qǔ to adopt or carry out (measures, policies, course of action) / to take
 huò qǔ to gain / to get / to acquire
 zhēng qǔ to fight for / to strive for / to win over
 lù qǔ to accept an applicant (prospective student, employee etc) who passes an entrance exam / to admit (a student) / to hire (a job candidate)
 dú qǔ (of a computer etc) to read (data)
 shōu qǔ to receive / to collect
 tí qǔ to withdraw (money) / to collect (left luggage) / to extract / to refine
 lǐng qǔ to receive / to draw / to get
 tīng qǔ to hear (news) / to listen to
 suǒ qǔ to ask / to demand
 jìn qǔ to show initiative / to be a go-getter / to push forward with one's agenda
 xuǎn qǔ to choose
 xī qǔ to absorb / to draw (a lesson, insight etc) / to assimilate
 duó qǔ to seize / to capture / to wrest control of
 huàn qǔ to obtain (sth) in exchange / to exchange (sth) for (sth else)
 cún qǔ to store and retrieve (money, belongings etc) / (computing) to access (data)
 zhuàn qǔ to make a profit / to earn a packet
 chōu qǔ to extract / to remove / to draw (a sales commission, venom from a snake etc)
 piàn qǔ to gain by cheating
 shè qǔ to absorb (nutrients etc) / to assimilate / intake / to take a photograph of (a scene)
 zhuā qǔ to seize
 qiè qǔ to steal / to seize
 jí qǔ to draw / to derive / to absorb
 jié qǔ to cut off a section of sth
 kě qǔ acceptable / desirable / worth having
 cuì qǔ (chemistry) liquid-liquid extraction (aka solvent extraction) / to extract
 móu qǔ to seek / to strive for / to obtain / see also 牟取[mou2 qu3]
 qù qǔ to accept or reject
 dào qǔ to steal (including identity theft, credit card fraud or theft of computer account) / to misappropriate
 kǎo qǔ to pass an entrance exam / to be admitted to
 shí qǔ to pick up / to collect
 zì qǔ to help oneself to (food) / to invite (trouble) / to court (disaster)
 xié qǔ to pick / to select / to take / to capture (data) / to acquire / to pick up (a signal)
 qīng qǔ to beat easily / to gain an easy victory
 móu qǔ to gain profit (by underhand means) / to exploit / see also 謀取|谋取[mou2 qu3]
 zhāi qǔ to pluck / to take
 bó qǔ to win (favors, confidence etc)
 jué qǔ to plunder / to loot / robbery / pillage
 zhī qǔ to withdraw (money)
 zhì qǔ to take by ruse / to outwit / to outsmart
 qiú qǔ to seek after / to strive for
 kuài qǔ (computing) cache (loanword) (Tw)
 liè qǔ to hunt / (fig.) to seek (fame etc)
 gōng qǔ to attack and seize
 zhà qǔ to extract / to squeeze out (juice etc) / (fig.) to exploit
 diào qǔ to obtain (information from an archive etc)
 lāo qǔ to fish for / to seek profit (by improper means)
 qiáng qǔ commandeer (v)
 bèi qǔ to be on the waiting list (for admission to a school)
 tǎo qǔ to ask for / to demand
 lu:è qǔ to plunder / to pillage / to loot
 zhà qǔ to swindle / to defraud
 bá qǔ to pick out / to select and recruit / to pluck / to pull
 gē qǔ to cut off
 gǒu qǔ (literary) to extort / to take as bribe
 guǎn qǔ sure
 hé qǔ connective / conjunction
 jiè qǔ to borrow
 lā qǔ client pull (computing)
 mì qǔ to seek / to seek out
 shòu qǔ to accept / to receive
 tào qǔ to acquire fraudulently / an illegal exchange
 tōu qǔ to steal / to abstract / to appropriate
 wàng qǔ to take sth without permission
 yì qǔ to ladle out / to scoop up
 zhuō qǔ to capture
 jìn qǔ xīn enterprising spirit / initiative
 lù qǔ lu:4 acceptance rate / admission rate
 xìng qǔ xiàng sexual orientation
线 lù qǔ xiàn minimum passing score for admission
  back extraction
 shuǐ qǔ yàng water sampling
 yì qǔ dé accessible
Western吸  Western blotting / Western blot
 cǎi qǔ cuò shī to adopt measures / to take steps
 wú lǐ qǔ nào to make trouble without reason (idiom) / to be deliberately provocative
 jī jí jìn qǔ proactive
 huá zhòng qǔ chǒng sensationalism / vulgar claptrap to please the crowds / playing to the gallery / demagogy
 tóu jī qǔ qiǎo to seize every opportunity / to be full of tricks
 jiù yóu zì qǔ to have only oneself to blame (idiom) / to bring trouble through one's own actions
 jiù dì qǔ cái to draw on local resources / using materials at hand
 zì qǔ miè wáng to court disaster (idiom) / to dig one's own grave
 tàn náng qǔ wù to feel in one's pocket and take sth (idiom) / as easy as pie / in the bag
 yǒu jìn qǔ xīn aggressive / go-getter
 shā jī qǔ luǎn lit. to kill the chicken to get the eggs (idiom) / fig. to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs
 fēn wén bù qǔ to give for free
 duàn zhāng qǔ yì to quote out of context (idiom)
 duǎn zhōng qǔ cháng see 短中抽長|短中抽长[duan3 zhong1 chou1 chang2]
 huǒ zhōng qǔ lì lit. to pull chestnuts out of the fire (idiom) / fig. to be sb's cat's-paw
 shě shēng qǔ yì to give up life for righteousness (idiom, from Mencius) / to choose honor over life / would rather sacrifice one's life than one's principles
 yī jiè bù qǔ to not even take a penny (as a bribe)
 yǐ mào qǔ rén to judge sb by appearances (idiom)
 yù qǔ gū yǔ variant of 欲取姑與|欲取姑与[yu4 qu3 gu1 yu3] / to make concessions for the sake of future gains (idiom)
 zì qǔ qí jiù see 咎由自取[jiu4 you2 zi4 qu3]
  inclusive disjunction / non-exclusive alternation
  playing for time
  access arrangement
  discrete sampling
  dual-phase extraction
  religious preference
  probability sampling
  bottom sampling
  environmental sampling
  random sampling
  benzene extract
  cash call-forward
 biāo xīn qǔ yì to start on sth new and different (idiom) / to display originality
 cǎi qǔ xíng dòng to take action / to adopt policies / to move on some issue
 cuì qǔ xì tǒng withdrawal system / extraction system
 gè qǔ suǒ xū each takes what he needs (idiom)
 gē qǔ yú chì shark finning
 jūn yún qǔ yàng regularly spaced / evenly sampled
 kě qǔ zhī chù positive point / merit / redeeming quality
 kōng qì qǔ yàng air sampling
 móu qǔ bào lì to profiteer / profiteering
 móu qǔ miàn shì to be interviewed for a job
 náng zhōng qǔ wù as easy as reaching for it from a bag (idiom) / in the bag / (as good as) in one's possession
 néng yuán huò qǔ energy access
Northern吸 Northernxī qǔ fǎ Northern blotting / Northern blot
 qù qǔ zhī jiān undecided between taking and leaving
 róng jì cuì qǔ solvent extraction
 shēng wù shè qǔ biological uptake
Southern吸 Southernxī qǔ fǎ Southern blotting / Southern blot
 suí jī cún qǔ random access (memory)
 tǔ rǎng qǔ yàng soil sampling
 xī qǔ jiào xun to draw a lesson (from a setback)
 yù qǔ gū yǔ to make concessions for the sake of future gains (idiom)
 zhēng qǔ shí jiān to act with urgency / to buy time
 zhuā qǔ chéng xù spider or crawler bot (Internet)
 zhuō qǔ tú xiàng capture image
 zuān mù qǔ huǒ to drill wood to make fire
 lù qǔ tōng zhī shū admission notice (delivered by a university)
  gravity corer
  food intake
  piston corer
  for action
  alkaloid extraction
 bīng xìn qǔ yàng qì corer
 fēi lián xù qǔ yàng discrete sampling
 jì suàn jī qǔ zhèng computer forensics
 kě wàng qǔ shèng zhě favorite (to win a race or championship) / well-placed contestant
 kōng qì qǔ yàng qì air sampler
 róng jì cuì qǔ qì solvent extractor
 tún wèi qǔ tāi shù breech extraction (medicine)
 xiāng shì qǔ yàng qì box corer
 yān cōng kǒu qǔ yàng sampling of a stack
 yán xìn qǔ yàng qì rock corer
 zì dòng qǔ kuǎn jī automated teller machine (ATM)
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