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 bǎ wò to grasp (also fig.) / to seize / to hold / assurance / certainty / sure (of the outcome)
 gù hard / strong / solid / sure / assuredly / undoubtedly / of course / indeed / admittedly
 guǎn qǔ sure
 què dìng definite / certain / fixed / to fix (on sth) / to determine / to be sure / to ensure / to make certain / to ascertain / to clinch / to recognize / to confirm / OK (on computer dialog box)
 bǎo xiǎn insurance / to insure / safe / secure / be sure / be bound to / CL:份[fen4]
 guǒ rán really / sure enough / as expected / if indeed
 méi cuò that's right / sure! / rest assured! / that's good / can't go wrong
 shuō bu dìng can't say for sure / maybe
 wù bì must / to need to / to be sure to
 bì dìng to be bound to / to be sure to
 guǒ zhēn really / as expected / sure enough / if indeed... / if it's really...
 què xìn to be convinced / to be sure / to firmly believe / to be positive that / definite news
 kàn zhǔn to observe and make sure / to check
 shèng suàn odds of success / stratagem that ensures success / to be sure of success
 qiè qiè urgently / eagerly / worried / (urge sb to) be sure to / it is absolutely essential to (follow the above instruction)
 jiàn dé to seem / to appear / (in a negative or interrogative sentence) to be sure
 rèn zhǔn to identify clearly / to make sure of / to believe firmly
 qiè mò you must not / Please don't... / be sure not to / on no account (do it)
 huì can / to be possible / to be able to / will / to be likely to / to be sure to / to assemble / to meet / to gather / to see / union / group / association / CL:個|个[ge4] / a moment (Taiwan pr. for this sense is [hui3])
 bù tòng bù yǎng lit. doesn't hurt, doesn't tickle (idiom) / sth is wrong, but not quite sure what / fig. not getting to any matter of substance / scratching the surface / superficial / perfunctory
 liào dìng certain / to know for sure
 zhāo bù bǎo xī at dawn, not sure of lasting to evening (idiom) / precarious state / imminent crisis / living from hand to mouth
 zhǔn bǎo certainly / for sure
 hòu huì yǒu qī I'm sure we'll meet again some day. (idiom) / Hope to see you again.
 zhāo bù lu:4 xī at dawn, not sure of lasting to evening (idiom) / precarious state / imminent crisis / living from hand to mouth
 ān rú pán shí as solid as rock (idiom) / as sure as houses
 bù hǎo shuō hard to say / unpleasant to say / can't be sure
 bù jiàn bù sàn lit. Even if we don't see each other, don't give up and leave (idiom) / fig. Be sure to wait! / See you there!
 yīng gāi de you're most welcome / sure thing! / I did what I was supposed to do
 qiāo dīng zuān jiǎo to make doubly sure (idiom)
 méi zhǔn r not sure / maybe
 mǎn yǒu pǔ to have a clearcut idea / to have firm guidelines / to have confidence / to be sure / to be certain
 wěn ná a sure gain / sth one is sure to obtain
 wěn huò a sure catch / sth one is sure to obtain
 wàn ān completely secure / a sure thing / rest assured
 hǔ fù wú quǎn zǐ lit. father a lion, son cannot be a dog (honorific) / With a distinguished father such as you, the son is sure to do well. / like father, like son
 kēng (arch.) definitely / sure!
 huáng shǔ láng gěi jī bài nián Beware of suspicious folk bearing gifts, they are sure to be ill-intentioned. (idiom)
 zuǒ quàn a sure thing / a certainty / copy of a contract held by a creditor
 hé yǐ jiàn dé how can one be sure?
 wèi bì jiàn dé not necessarily / that's not sure
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