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Strokes 4
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Decomp. 扌丁
Mandarin dá; dǎ
Entry Methods
Pinyin da2; da3
Kanji /
Sijiao 5102.0
Wubi RSH
CNS 11643 1-4654
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+6253
GB2312 B4F2
Results for 打
 dá dozen (loanword)
 dǎ to beat / to strike / to hit / to break / to type / to mix up / to build / to fight / to fetch / to make / to tie up / to issue / to shoot / to calculate / to play (a game) / since / from
Results beginning with 打
call dǎ c a l l (slang) to cheer sb on / to show one's support / ("call" is pronounced approximately like English "call")
 dǎ kāi to open / to show (a ticket) / to turn on / to switch on
 dǎ zào to create / to build / to develop / to forge (of metal)
 dǎ yìn to print / to seal / to stamp
 dǎ jī to hit / to strike / to attack / to crack down on sth / blow / (psychological) shock / percussion (music)
 dǎ suàn to plan / to intend / to calculate / plan / intention / calculation / CL:個|个[ge4]
 dǎ pò to break / to smash
 dǎ zhé to give a discount
 dǎ gōng to work a temporary or casual job / (of students) to have a job outside of class time, or during vacation
 dǎ ban to decorate / to dress / to make up / to adorn / manner of dressing / style of dress
 dǎ liang to size sb up / to look sb up and down / to take the measure of / to suppose / to reckon
 dǎ duàn to interrupt / to break off / to break (a bone)
 dǎ sǐ to kill / to beat to death
 dǎ rǎo to disturb / to bother / to trouble
 dǎ bài to defeat / to overpower / to beat / to be defeated
 dǎ jià to fight / to scuffle / to come to blows / CL:場|场[chang2]
 dǎ ting to ask about / to make some inquiries / to ask around
 dǎ xià to lay (a foundation) / to conquer (a city etc) / to shoot down (a bird etc)
 dǎ dòng to move (to pity) / arousing (sympathy) / touching
 dǎ zì to type
 dǎ lái to come to attack
 dǎ bāo to wrap / to pack / to put leftovers in a doggy bag for take-out / to package (computing)
 dǎ dǎo to overthrow / to knock down / Down with ... !
 dǎ fēn to grade / to give a mark
 dǎ fa to dispatch sb to do sth / to make sb leave / to pass (the time) / (old) to make arrangements / (old) to bestow (alms etc)
 dǎ sǎo to clean / to sweep
 dǎ qiú to play ball / to play with a ball
 dǎ fǎ to play (a card) / to make a move in a game
 dǎ zhàng to fight a battle / to go to war
 dǎ jìn to breach / to invade
 dǎ xiǎng to start shooting or firing / to win an initial success / to succeed (of a plan)
 dǎ dòu to fight
 dǎ tōng to open access / to establish contact / to remove a block / to put through (a phone connection)
 dǎ yā to suppress / to beat down
 dǎ jiǎ to fight counterfeiting / to expose as false / to denounce sb's lies
 dǎ lǐ to take care of / to sort out / to manage / to put in order
 dǎ xiāo to dispel (doubts, misgivings etc) / to give up on
 dǎ pái to play mahjong or cards
 dǎ shāng to injure / to wound / to damage
 dǎ diào to tear down / to destroy / to dismantle (a gang) / to abort (a fetus)
 dǎ jié to loot / to rob / to plunder / to ransack
 dǎ zhuàn to spin / to rotate / to revolve
 dǎ suì to shatter / to smash / to break into pieces
 dǎ mó polish / grind
 dǎ dian to bribe / to get (luggage) ready / to put in order / to organize things / (baseball) RBI (run batted in)
 dǎ tàn to make discreet inquiries / to scout out
 dǎ dǔ to bet / to make a bet / a wager
 dǎ liè to go hunting
 dǎ pīn to work hard / to try to make a living
 dǎ gǔn to roll about
 dǎ qì to inflate / to pump up / fig. to encourage / to boost morale
 dǎ chē to take a taxi (in town) / to hitch a lift
 dǎ qù to make fun of
 dǎ shou hired thug
 dǎ zhēn to give or have an injection
 dǎ cóng from / (ever) since
 dǎ lāo to salvage / to dredge / to fish out (person or object from the sea)
 dǎ zhù to stop / to halt
 dǎ fān to overturn / to overthrow / to strike down (an enemy)
 dǎ zuò to sit in meditation / to meditate
 dǎ jiǎo to disturb / to trouble
 dǎ shuǐ to draw water / to splash water
 dǎ gǔ to beat a drum / to play a drum / (fig.) to feel nervous
 dǎ mà to beat and scold
 dǎ zá to do odd jobs / to do unskilled work
 dǎ sàn to scatter / to break sth up / to beat (an egg)
 dǎ léi to rumble with thunder / clap of thunder
 dǎ shā to kill
 dǎ jié to tie a knot / to tie
 Dǎ gǒu Takow, Takao or Takau, old name for Kaohsiung 高雄[Gao1 xiong2] in the southwest of Taiwan
 dǎ tiě to forge ironware
 dǎ dǔn to doze off
退 dǎ tuì to beat back / to repel / to repulse
 dǎ huá to skid / to slip / to slide
 dǎ kuǎ to defeat / to strike down / to destroy
 dǎ hēi to crack down on illegal activities / to fight organized crime
 dǎ bào to blow out / to blow off / (computer games) to zap / (phone) to ring off the hook / to be jammed / to max out (credit card etc)
 dǎ kǎ (of an employee) to clock on (or off) / to punch in (or out)
 dǎ yú to fish
 dǎ là to wax (a car, floor etc)
 dǎ pào to open fire with artillery / to set off firecrackers / to make one's stage debut / (slang) to have sex / to masturbate
 dǎ yàng to close shop in the evening / also pr. [da3 yang2]
 dǎ chà interruption / to interrupt (esp. talk) / to change the subject
 dǎ dǐ to lay a foundation (also fig.) / to make a first sketch / to eat sth before drinking / to apply an undercoat
 dǎ pǎo to run off rebuffed / to fend off / (to fight off and make sb) run off
 dǎ gé to hiccup / to belch / to burp
 dǎ hān to snore
 dǎ sǎn to hold up an umbrella
 dǎ dòng to punch a hole / to drill a hole / to dig a hole / to burrow
 dǎ bǎ target shooting
 dǎ quán to do shadowboxing
 dǎ zhì to forge (silverware, metal implements etc)
 dǎ mǎ to pixelate an image / to key in captcha authentication codes
 dǎ tāi to have an abortion
 dǎ qiāng to fire a gun / to substitute for sb in sitting an examination
 dǎ zhuāng to drive piles into
 dǎ kǒu (of CDs, videos etc) surplus (or "cut-out") stock from Western countries, sometimes marked with a notch in the disc or its case, sold cheaply in China (beginning in the 1990s), as well as Eastern Europe etc
 dǎ yǎn to drill or bore a hole / to attract attention / conspicuous
 dǎ jiān to stop for a snack while traveling
 dǎ gōu to tick / to check / tick mark / check mark
 dǎ gēng to sound the night watches (on clappers or gongs, in former times)
 dǎ chái to chop firewood / to gather firewood
 dǎ jǐn important
 dǎ cǎo to mow grass / haymaking / to write a rough draft (of an essay etc)
 dǎ gǔ to thresh
 dǎ biǎo to run the meter (in a taxi)
 dǎ bō (dialect) to kiss
 dǎ chà to prune (branches)
 dǎ chǎ (dialect) to joke / to make fun of (sb)
 dǎ chán to meditate (of Buddhist)
 dǎ cháng to thresh grain (on the floor)
 dǎ chóng to swat an insect / to get rid of intestinal parasite with drugs
 dǎ chù to fear / to feel terrified
 dǎ chù variant of 打怵[da3 chu4]
 dǎ chūn see 立春[Li4 chun1]
 dǎ cuò to err / to dial a wrong number / to make a typo
 dǎ dǎng (Tw) to change gears
 dǎ dī (coll.) to take a taxi / to go by taxi
 dǎ duì to arrange (colloquial) / to transfer creditor's rights (in a debt case)
 dǎ dùn to pause
 dǎ è to hiccup
 dǎ fàn to get food at a canteen
 dǎ gǒng to bow with clasped hands
 dǎ gōu to check / to tick / (old) to buy
 dǎ gū to hoop / to put a hoop around sth
 dǎ guà to tell sb's fortune using divinatory trigrams
 dǎ guā a smaller variety of watermelon, with big, edible seeds
 dǎ hāng to ram / to tamp
 dǎ hǒng to fool around / to kid around
 dǎ hū to snore
 dǎ hùn to muddle things up / to goof off / to hang around
 dǎ hùn to intersperse comic remarks (in a performance) / (fig.) to quip / to banter
 dǎ jǐng to dig a well
 dǎ jiǔ to have a drink
 dǎ lài to deny / to disclaim / to disavow
 dǎ lán dram (1⁄16 ounce) (loanword)
 dǎ mén to knock on the door / to take a shot on goal (sports)
 dǎ nǎi lit. to beat milk / to churn (to make butter) / milk foamer (for cappuccino)
 dǎ niǎo to shoot a bird (with a gun, slingshot etc) / to photograph birds
 dǎ pāi to beat time / to mark rhythm on drum or clapper boards
 dǎ péng (dialect) to joke
 dǎ pì to chat idly
 dǎ qiān genuflection, a form of salutation in Qing times performed by men, going down on the right knee and reaching down with the right hand
 dǎ shǎng to reward / to tip / to give a gratuity
 dǎ shí to go in search of food (of animals) / to take medicine for indigestion or gastro-intestinal upsets
 dǎ wǎng to net sth / to catch sth with a net
 dǎ wèn to inquire about / to give sb the third degree
 dǎ xí (baseball) plate appearance (PA)
 dǎ xuán to revolve
 dǎ zá to smash up / to vandalize
Approximate Results for 打
 bō dǎ to call / to dial
 gōng dǎ to attack (the enemy)
 ōu dǎ to beat up / to come to blows / battery (law)
 pāi dǎ to slap
 pāi da to pat / to slap / (of a bird) to flap (one's wings)
 qiāo dǎ to beat sb / to beat (a drum)
 dān dǎ singles (in sports) / CL:場|场[chang3]
 ái dǎ to take a beating / to get thrashed / to come under attack
 bào dǎ to beat viciously
 yán dǎ to crack down on / to take severe measures against
 yī dá dozen
 kāi dǎ (of a sports competition or match) to commence / (of a war or battle) to break out / to perform acrobatic or choreographed fighting (in Chinese opera) / to brawl / to come to blows
 shuāng dǎ doubles (in sports) / CL:場|场[chang3]
 jī dǎ to beat / to lash
 wǔ dǎ acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance
 dú dǎ beat up / CL:頓|顿[dun4]
 sàn dǎ mixed martial arts
 quán dǎ to punch
 zì dǎ (coll.) since
 duì dǎ to spar / to fight / to duke it out
 měng dǎ to strike / wham!
 biān dǎ to whip / to lash / to flog / to thrash
 tòng dǎ to beat sb soundly
 tiě dǎ made of iron / strong as iron
 chōu dǎ to whip / to flog / to thrash
 zhuī dǎ to chase and beat
 chuí dǎ to beat / to pound / to thump
 qiáng dǎ promotion (for a product) / advertisement
 sū dá soda (loanword)
 kǎo dǎ to beat a prisoner (to obtain confessions) / to give sb the third degree / to torture
 jī dǎ laser printer / abbr. for 激光打印機|激光打印机[ji1 guang1 da3 yin4 ji1]
 ān dǎ base hit (baseball)
 niǔ dǎ to wrestle / to grapple / to scuffle
 pū dǎ to swat / (of wings) to flap
 sī dǎ to fight together / to come to blows
 máng dǎ to touch-type
 shuāi da to knock / to grasp sth in the hand and beat it / to toughen oneself up
 bàn dá half a dozen
 zé dǎ to punish by flogging
 qīng dǎ tap / hit lightly
 chōng dǎ (of waves, rain etc) to dash against / to batter
 diàn dǎ electric typewriter (as opposed to hand typewriter), abbr. for 電打字機|电打字机
 diào dǎ to hang sb up and beat him
 Jí dǎ Kedah, state of northwest Malaysia, capital Alor Star 亞羅士打|亚罗士打[Ya4 luo2 shi4 da3]
 Jìn dǎ Kinta valley and river in Perak, Malaysia
 shī dǎ to inject (a vaccine etc)
 shǒu dǎ hand typewriter (as opposed to electric typewriter), abbr. for 手打字機|手打字机
西 xī dá cider (loanword)
 bù dǎ jǐn unimportant / not serious / it doesn't matter / never mind
 quán lěi dǎ home run (baseball)
 wǔ dǎ piàn action movie / kungfu movie
 sū dá shuǐ soda drink (loanword)
 xiǎo sū dá baking soda / sodium bicarbonate
 pào dǎ fěn baking powder
 běn lěi dǎ home run (baseball)
 sū dá fěn baking soda
 diē dǎ yào liniment
 duǎn dǎ ban shorts / tight-fitting clothes
 gān dǎ lěi rammed earth / adobe house
 Jìn dǎ Hé Kinta River in Perak, Malaysia
 jīng dǎ guāng with absolutely nothing / completely broke
 kǔ dié dǎ coup d'état (loanword)
 lán mǔ dǎ lambda (Greek letter Λλ)
 ōu dǎ zuì assault and battery (law)
 wǔ dǎ yī to masturbate (slang)
 xī shēng dǎ sacrifice hit (in sport, e.g. baseball)
 yī wǎng dǎ jìn lit. to catch everything in the one net (idiom) / fig. to scoop up the whole lot / to capture them all in one go
 wú jīng dǎ cǎi dispirited and downcast (idiom) / listless / in low spirits / washed out
 jīng dǎ xì suàn meticulous planning and careful accounting (idiom)
 quán dǎ jiǎo tī lit. to punch and kick (idiom) / to beat up / fig. determined to sort out a problem
 chèn huǒ dǎ jié to loot a burning house / to profit from sb's misfortune (idiom)
 wěn zhā wěn dǎ to go steady and strike hard (in fighting) / fig. steadily and surely
 chèn rè dǎ tiě to strike while the iron is hot
穿 chuān zhuó dǎ bàn style of dress / one's appearance
 xiǎo dǎ xiǎo nào small-scale
 sǎo huáng dǎ fēi to eradicate pornography and illegal publications
 léi dǎ bù dòng not shaken by thunder (idiom) / the arrangements are unalterable / to adhere rigidly to regulations / will go ahead whatever happens (of an arrangement or plan)
 yī pào dǎ xiǎng to win instant success (idiom) / to start off successfully
 diē dǎ sǔn shāng injury such as contusion, sprain or fracture from falling, blow etc
 chā kē dǎ hùn to include impromptu comic material in opera performance (idiom) / to jest / buffoonery
 bù dǎ zì zhāo to confess without being pressed / to make a confession without duress
 dào dǎ yī pá lit. to strike with a muckrake (idiom), cf Pigsy 豬八戒|猪八戒 / in Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记 / fig. to counterattack / to make bogus accusations (against one's victim)
 jī fēi dàn dǎ the chicken has flown the coop and the eggs are broken / a dead loss (idiom)
 bāo dǎ tiān xià to run everything (idiom) / to monopolize the whole business / not allow anyone else to have a look in
 fēng chuī yǔ dǎ lit. windswept and battered by rain / to undergo hardship (idiom)
 líng dǎ suì qiāo to do things in bits and pieces (idiom) / piecemeal work
 líng qiāo suì dǎ to do things in bits and pieces (idiom) / piecemeal work
 mǎn dǎ mǎn suàn taking everything into account (idiom) / when all is said and done
 méi jīng dǎ cǎi listless / dispirited / washed out / also written 沒精打彩|没精打彩
 qiáo zhuāng dǎ bàn to dress up in disguise (idiom) / to pretend for the purpose of deceit
 qū dǎ chéng zhāo to obtain confessions under torture
 sā kē dǎ hùn to intersperse comic dialogue (as they do in operas)
 wāi dǎ zhèng zháo to succeed by a lucky stroke
 zhú lán dǎ shuǐ using a wicker basket to draw water (idiom) / wasted effort
 ái dǎ shòu mà to suffer beatings and receive abuse (idiom)
 ái dǎ shòu qì to suffer bullying and beating (idiom)
 bào dǎ bù píng see 打抱不平[da3 bao4 bu4 ping2]
 chéng huǒ dǎ jié to take advantage of sb's misfortune / to loot
 chén zhòng dǎ jī to hit hard
 dān dǎ dú dòu to fight alone (idiom)
 diàn dǎ zì jī electric typewriter (as opposed to hand typewriter)
 èr cì dǎ jī second
 gǎn dǎ gǎn chōng courageous and daring
 Gē dǎ bā lǔ Kota Bharu, city in Malaysia on border with Thailand, capital of Kelantan sultanate
 hé shang dǎ sǎn see 和尚打傘,無法無天|和尚打伞,无法无天[he2 shang5 da3 san3 , wu2 fa3 wu2 tian1]
 jí fù jí dǎ pay as you go
 kuān dǎ zhǎi yòng to give oneself leeway (idiom) / to allow room for error
 lián tī dài dǎ to kick and beat (idiom)
 méi jīng dǎ cǎi listless / dispirited / washed out
 mō pá gǔn dǎ to go through challenging experiences / to become seasoned (in one's profession etc)
 qiāo dǎ luó gǔ lit. to beat a gong / fig. to irritate sb / a provocation
 qiāo qiāo dǎ dǎ to make a continual banging sound / (fig.) to provoke with words
 qǐng wù dǎ rǎo please do not disturb
 shǒu dǎ zì jī hand typewriter (as opposed to electric typewriter)
 sǐ chán làn dǎ (coll.) to pester / to harass
 sū dá bǐng gān soda biscuit / cracker
 Wǎng luò dǎ shǒu see 網絡水軍|网络水军[Wang3 luo4 shui3 jun1]
 wéi chéng dǎ yuán to besiege and strike the relief force (idiom) / strategy of surrounding a unit to entice the enemy to reinforce, then striking the new troops
 wù dǎ wù zhuàng accidentally / to act before thinking
 wú jīng dǎ cǎi dull and colorless (idiom) / lacking vitality / not lively
 xiǎo sū dá fěn baking soda
 Yà luó shì dǎ Alor Star city, capital of Kedah state in northwest Malaysia
 yán lì dǎ jī to strike a severe blow / to crack down / to take strong measures
 yán xíng kǎo dǎ torture / interrogation by torture
 yíng tóu dǎ jī to hit head on
 Zhā dǎ Yín háng Standard Chartered Bank
 zhǔ dǎ pǐn pái premium brand / flagship product
 jī guāng dǎ yìn jī laser printer
 pēn mò dǎ yìn jī ink jet printer
 bù dǎ bù xiāng shí lit. don't fight, won't make friends (idiom) / an exchange of blows may lead to friendship / no discord, no concord
  cheque imprinting machine / cheque printing machine
  second strike
  Conference Typist
  picket driver
  assault and battery
 bào fù xìng dǎ jī retaliatory strike
 bù dǎ bù chéng cái spare the rod and spoil the child (idiom)
 bù dǎ bù chéng qì spare the rod and spoil the child (idiom)
 dà pào dǎ wén zi cannon fire to hit a mosquito / to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut
 diàn chuán dǎ zì jī teletypewriter
 diǎn zhèn dǎ yìn jī dot matrix printer
 jī guāng dǎ yǐn jī laser printer
 Léi Gōng dǎ dòu fu the God of Thunder strikes bean curd / fig. to bully the weakest person / to pick on an easy target
 qiāng dǎ chū tóu niǎo the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out (idiom) / nonconformity gets punished
 qí dǎ hāng r de in unison and with one voice (dialect)
 rè mǐn dǎ yìn jī thermal
 ròu bāo zǐ dǎ gǒu what's gone can never come back
 wǎng luò dǎ yìn jī network printer
 wú ān dǎ bǐ sài no-hitter
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