• to use
  • by means of
  • according to
  • in order to
  • because of
  • at (a certain date or place)



  • 律己, 宽待人。
    Pardon all but thyself.
  • 18岁下不可结婚。
    People under 18 cannot get married.
  • 「你可帮忙把门关上吗?」「可,当然可。」
    "Would you mind shutting the door?" "No, not at all."
  • 前可从这里看到教堂。
    You used to be able to see the church from here.
  • 因为前见过他, 所我立刻就认出他来。
    Having met him before, I recognized him at once.
  • 前人们为只有人类才懂得用语言沟通。
    People used to think that only humans could use language.
  • 前的人为地球是平的。
    It used to be thought that the earth was flat.
  • 前的人为地球是平的。
    It was believed that the earth was flat.
  • 后再讲.
    Talk to you later.
  • 你可看,可听,但手脚不要乱动。
    Hear and see and be still.
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