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Mandarin wèi; wéi
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Pinyin wei4; wei2
Kanji /
Sijiao 340.2
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+4E3A
Level 3
Results for 为
 wèi variant of 為|为[wei4], because of / for / to
 wéi variant of 為|为[wei2] / as (i.e. in the capacity of) / to take sth as / to act as / to serve as / to behave as / to become / to be / to do
Results beginning with 为
 wèi le in order to / for the purpose of / so as to
 wéi zhǔ to rely mainly on / to attach most importance to
 wèi hé why
 wèi cǐ for this reason / with regards to this / in this respect / in order to do this / to this end
 wéi zhǐ until / (used in combination with words like 到[dao4] or 至[zhi4] in constructs of the form 到...為止|到...为止)
 wéi rén to conduct oneself / behavior / conduct / personal character
 wèi rén for sb / for others' interest
 wéi zhǔn to serve as the norm / ...shall prevail (as standard for rules, regulations, price etc)
 wèi lì as an example / e.g.
 wéi nán to feel embarrassed or awkward / to make things difficult (for someone) / to find things difficult (to do or manage)
 wéi shǒu head / be headed by
 wéi qī (to be done) by (a certain date) / lasting (a certain time)
 wèi shá dialectal equivalent of 為什麼|为什么[wei4 shen2 me5]
 wéi shēng to make a living
 wèi zhe in order to / because of / for the sake of
 wéi wǔ to associate with / to keep company with
 wéi lì used in the construction 以...為例|以...为例, "to take ... as an example"
 wéi shí timewise / pertaining to time
 wéi zhòng to attach most importance to
 wèi shén me why? / for what reason?
 wèi de shì for the sake of / for the purpose of
 wéi jǐ rèn to make it one's business / to take upon oneself to
 wéi yī fāng of the one part
 wéi suǒ yù wéi to do whatever one pleases
 wéi fēi zuò dǎi to break the law and commit crimes (idiom) / malefactor / evildoer / to perpetrate outrages
 wèi hǔ zuò chāng to act as accomplice to the tiger / to help a villain do evil (idiom)
 wéi dé bù zhōng to start on virtue but give up (idiom) / to fail to carry things through / lack of sticking power / short attention span
 wéi dé bù zú to start on virtue but give up (idiom) / to fail to carry things through / lack of sticking power / short attention span
 wéi fù bù rén the benevolent man cannot be rich (idiom, from Mencius). It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 19:24).
 wéi rén bù fù the rich man cannot be benevolent (idiom, from Mencius). It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 19:24).
 wéi shàn zuì lè doing good deeds brings the greatest joy (idiom)
  of the other part
  pro bono
 wéi rén shī biǎo to serve as a model for others (idiom) / to be a worthy teacher
 wéi shí bù wǎn it is not too late (idiom)
 wéi shí guò zǎo premature / too soon
 wéi shí wèi wǎn it is not too late (idiom)
 wéi shí yǐ wǎn already too late
 wèi rén mín fú wù Serve the People!, CCP political slogan
  Pumped Up for Peace
  Water for the Poorest
  Round up for Children
  debt-relief-for-children initiative
  parenting skills
  Action for Sick Children
  honour killing
使  use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes / peaceful uses of nuclear energy
湿  Wetlands for the Future
  criminal association with terrorist aims / conspiracy to commit an offence with terrorist aims
 wéi fù bù rén , wéi rén bù fù the benevolent man cannot be rich and vice versa (idiom, from Mencius). It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 19:24).
  Volunteering for our Planet
  Healthy Environment for Children Alliance
  Meeting of Experts on Preparation for Life in Peace
  Acting for Women in Distressing Situation
  International Commission on Education for the twenty-first Century
  Declaration of Belgrade for a Better Future
  National Capacity-building for Child Survival and Development
  Trust Fund for the Financing of the New International Environment Prize
  Cooperation in the Maintenance of Peace and Security, and Disarmament
  Decree on the General Amnesty on the Occasion of the Declaration of National Reconciliation
  Berlin Commitment for Children of Europe and Central Asia
  Expert Group on Second-Hand Equipment for Developing Countries
  Task Force for the Development of Comprehensive Rule of Law Strategies for Peace Operations
  Eminent Persons Meeting on Financing Global Environment and Development
  Expert Group on the Identification of Principles of International Law for Sustainable Development
  World Conference for a Peaceful and Secure Future for Children
  International Programme on More and Better Jobs for Women
  Task Force on Private Sector Fund-raising for Universal Child Immunization
  Declaration on the Preparation of Societies for Life in Peace
  International Conference on Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime
  Stree Atyachar Virodhi Parishad
 yīn wèi because / owing to / on account of
 chéng wéi to become / to turn into
 rèn wéi to believe / to think / to consider / to feel
 zuò wéi one's conduct / deed / activity / accomplishment / achievement / to act as / as (in the capacity of) / qua / to view as / to look upon (sth as) / to take sth to be
 xíng wéi action / conduct / behavior / activity
 yǐ wéi to think (i.e. to take it to be true that ...) (Usually there is an implication that the notion is mistaken &ndash / except when expressing one's own current opinion.)
 gèng wéi even more
 fēn wéi to divide sth into (parts) / to subdivide
 zuì wéi the most
 chēng wéi called / to call sth (by a name) / to name
 jí wéi extremely / exceedingly
 jiào wéi comparatively / relatively / fairly
 gǎi wéi to change into
 shì wéi to view as / to see as / to consider to be / to deem
 shēn wéi in the capacity of / as
 míng wéi to be called / to be known as
 zuò wéi to act as / used erroneously for 作為|作为
 rén wéi artificial / man-made / having human cause or origin / human attempt or effort
 biàn wéi to change into
 pō wéi rather / quite
 liè wéi to be classified as
 dà wéi very / greatly
 Huá wéi Huawei (brand)
 yóu wéi especially
 suǒ wéi what one does / doings
 jí wéi to be considered to be / to be defined to be / to be called
 píng wéi to elect as / to choose as / to consider as
 lún wéi to sink down to / to be reduced to (sth inferior)
 wú wéi the Daoist doctrine of inaction / let things take their own course / laissez-faire
 yǒu wéi promising / to show promise
 shèn wéi very / extremely
 nán wei to bother / to press sb, usu. to do sth / it's a tough job / sorry to bother you (polite, used to thank sb for a favor)
 yù wéi to acclaim as
 lu:è wéi slightly
 gǎn wéi to dare to do
 wèi wéi see 蔚成[wei4 cheng2]
 tè wèi for a specific purpose / specially
 wàng wéi to take rash action
 bǐ wéi to liken to / to compare to
 hé wéi to combine
 jì wéi denoted by
 Qián wèi Qianwei county in Leshan 樂山|乐山[Le4 shan1], Sichuan
 chēng zhī wéi to call it... / known as...
 lìng cún wèi save as (a file)
 bèi yù wéi to be regarded as / to be known as / to be famed as / to be reputed to be
 xìng xíng wéi sexual behavior
 bù shī wéi can still be considered (to be...) / may after all be accepted as
 nán wéi qíng embarrassed
 xíng wéi xué ethologie
 Kāng Yǒu wéi Kang Youwei (1858-1927), Confucian intellectual, educator and would-be reformer, main leader of the failed reform movement of 1898
 bèi shì wéi to be viewed as / to be seen as / to be considered to be / to be deemed
 bù zuò wéi nonfeasance / omission (law)
 lìng cún wéi Save As ... (menu option in a software application)
 Qián wèi xiàn Qianwei county in Leshan 樂山|乐山[Le4 shan1], Sichuan
 Rén wéi tǔ Anthrosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)
 tǒng chēng wéi collectively known as / to call sth as a group
 Wú wéi xiàn Wuwei county in Chaohu 巢湖[Chao2 hu2], Anhui
 yǐ cǐ wéi to regard as / to treat as
 zǒu wéi shàng If everything else fails, retreat. (idiom) / see also 三十六計,走為上策|三十六计,走为上策[san1 shi2 liu4 ji4 , zou3 wei2 shang4 ce4]
 yǐ rén wéi běn people-oriented
 bù yǐ wéi rán not to accept as correct (idiom) / to object / to disapprove / to take exception to
 wú néng wéi lì impotent (idiom) / powerless / helpless
 qīn quán xíng wéi tort / infringement (of sb's rights)
 zì yǐ wéi shì to believe oneself infallible (idiom) / to be opinionated
 suǒ zuò suǒ wéi one's conduct and deeds
 xiǎn wéi rén zhī rarely known to anyone (idiom) / almost unknown / secret to all but a few
 jiàn yì yǒng wéi to see what is right and act courageously (idiom, from Analects) / to stand up bravely for the truth / acting heroically in a just cause
 fàn zuì xíng wéi criminal activity
 tàn wéi guān zhǐ to gasp in amazement / to acclaim as the peak of perfection
 xiāng yī wéi mìng mutually dependent for life (idiom) / to rely upon one another for survival / interdependent
 xí yǐ wéi cháng accustomed to / used to
 bù zú wéi qí not at all surprising (idiom)
 xíng wéi zhǔn zé code of conduct / standard of conduct
 rén mǎn wéi huàn packed with people / overcrowded / overpopulation
 xìn yǐ wéi zhēn to take sth to be true
 bù bù wéi yíng to advance gradually and entrench oneself at every step / to consolidate at every step
 huà wéi wū yǒu to go up in smoke / to vanish
 jìn lì ér wéi to try one's utmost / to strive
 hùn wéi yī tán to confuse one thing with another (idiom) / to muddle
 dà yǒu kě wéi with great prospects for the future (idiom) / well worth doing
 zhù rén wéi lè pleasure from helping others (idiom)
 huà xiǎn wéi yí to turn peril into safety (idiom) / to avert disaster
 hú zuò fēi wéi to run amok (idiom) / to commit outrages
 jù wéi jǐ yǒu to take for one's own / to expropriate
 hǎo zì wéi zhī to do one's best / to shape up / to behave / to fend for oneself / you're on your own
 yī yán wéi dìng one word and it's settled (idiom) / It's a deal! / That's settled then.
 fǎn bài wéi shèng to turn defeat into victory (idiom) / to turn the tide
  waste for wealth
 pò tì wéi xiào to turn tears into laughter (idiom) / to turn grief into happiness
 wú suǒ zuò wéi attempting nothing and accomplishing nothing (idiom) / without any initiative or drive / feckless
 dà yǒu zuò wéi to accomplish much / to have good prospects / to have a promising future
 dǎn dà wàng wéi daring / presumptuous / daredevil
 yí wéi píng dì to level / to raze to the ground
 zhàn wéi jǐ yǒu to appropriate to oneself (what rightfully belongs to others)
 láng bèi wéi jiān villains collude together (idiom) / to work hand in glove with sb (to nefarious ends)
 xià bù wéi lì not to be repeated / not to be taken as a precedent / just this once
 huà zhěng wéi líng to break up the whole into pieces (idiom) / dealing with things one by one / divide and conquer
 zhù Zhòu wéi nu:è lit. helping tyrant Zhou 商紂王|商纣王[Shang1 Zhou4 wang2] in his oppression (idiom) / fig. to take the side of the evildoer / giving succor to the enemy
 yǎn jiàn wéi shí seeing is believing
 zhuǎn wēi wéi ān to turn peril into safety (idiom) / to avert a danger (esp. political or medical)
 bào lì xíng wéi act of violence
 huà dí wéi yǒu to convert an enemy into a friend (idiom)
 wú suǒ bù wéi not stopping at anything / all manner of evil
 yī tǔ wéi kuài to get sth off one's chest
 liàng rù wéi chū to assess one's income and spend accordingly (idiom) / to live within one's means / You can only spend what you earn.
 bī liáng wéi chāng to force an honest girl into prostitution (idiom) / to debauch
 huà dì wéi láo lit. to be confined within a circle drawn on the ground (idiom) / fig. to confine oneself to a restricted range of activities
 róng wéi yī tǐ to fuse together (idiom) / hypostatic union (religion)
 wèi wéi dà guān to afford a magnificent sight (idiom) / enchanting
 bù zú wéi xùn not to be taken as an example / not an example to be followed / not to be taken as authoritative
 chá chá wéi míng keenly observant of trivial details
 cí bēi wéi běn mercy as the guiding principle (idiom) / the Buddhist teaching that nothing is valid except compassion
 dào guǒ wéi yīn to reverse cause and effect / to put the horse before the cart
 fǎn kè wéi zhǔ lit. the guest acts as host (idiom) / fig. to turn from passive to active behavior
 fèng wéi guī niè to take as a guiding principle (idiom)
 gǎn zuò gǎn wéi to stop at nothing (idiom) / to dare to do anything
 hào wéi rén shī to like to lecture others (idiom)
 hé ér wéi yī to merge together (idiom) / to unify disparate elements into one whole
 huà dì wéi yù see 畫地為牢|画地为牢[hua4 di4 wei2 lao2]
 huà wéi pào yǐng to come to nothing (idiom)
 hù wéi yīn guǒ mutually related karma (idiom) / fates are intertwined / interdependent
穿 hù xiàn wèi chuān an endless stream of visitors (idiom)
退 jìn tuì wéi nán no room to advance or to retreat (idiom) / without any way out of a dilemma / trapped / in an impossible situation
怀 kuān dà wéi huái magnanimous (idiom) / generous
 liàng lì ér wéi to weigh one's abilities and act accordingly / to act according to one's means / to cut one's coat according to one's cloth
 miǎn wéi qí nán to tackle a difficult job (idiom) / to do sth reluctantly
 ǒu yī wéi zhī to do sth once in a while (idiom) / to do sth more as an exception than the rule
 shàn zì wéi móu to be good at working for one's own profit (idiom)
 shà xuè wéi méng to smear the lips with blood when taking an oath (idiom) / to swear a sacred oath
 shě jǐ wèi gōng to give up one's private interests for the public good (idiom) / to behave altruistically / selfless and public spirited
 shě jǐ wèi rén to abandon self for others (idiom, from Analects) / to sacrifice one's own interest for other people / altruism
 shì wéi wèi tú to view as dangerous (idiom) / afraid to do sth
 shì wéi zhī jǐ to consider sb as close friend (idiom) / to take into one's confidence
 shì zài rén wéi the matter depends on the individual (idiom) / it is a matter for your own effort / With effort, one can achieve anything.
 sì hǎi wéi jiā to regard the four corners of the world all as home (idiom) / to feel at home anywhere / to roam about unconstrained / to consider the entire country, or world, to be one's own
 sì yì wàng wéi see 恣意妄為|恣意妄为[zi4 yi4 wang4 wei2]
 xiān dǔ wéi kuài joy of first experience (idiom) / the pleasure of reading sth for the first time
 xiān rù wéi zhǔ lit. first impression is strongest
 xuē zhí wéi mín demotion to commoner (idiom)
 yǎng hǔ wéi huàn lit. to nurture a tiger invites calamity / fig. to indulge one's enemy is asking for trouble (idiom)
 yī fēn wéi èr one divides into two / to be two-sided / there are two sides to everything / to see both sb's good points and shortcomings (idiom)
 yǐ shèn wéi jiàn to take caution as the key (idiom) / to proceed very carefully
 yī zhī wéi shèn Once is enough (idiom)
 yǔ rén wéi shàn to be of service to others / to help others / benevolent
鹿 zhǐ lù wéi mǎ making a deer out to be a horse (idiom) / deliberate misrepresentation
 zhuǎn bēi wéi xǐ to turn grief into happiness (idiom)
 zì yì wàng wéi to behave unscrupulously
 zǒu wéi shàng jì see 三十六計,走為上策|三十六计,走为上策[san1 shi2 liu4 ji4 , zou3 wei2 shang4 ce4]
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