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 ān content / calm / still / quiet / safe / secure / in good health / to find a place for / to install / to fix / to fit / to bring (a charge against sb) / to pacify / to harbor (good intentions) / security / safety / peace / ampere
 àn (legal) case / incident / record / file / table
 àn to press / to push / to leave aside or shelve / to control / to restrain / to keep one's hand on / to check or refer to / according to / in the light of / (of an editor or author) to make a comment
 àn to close (a door) / to eclipse / muddled / stupid / ignorant / variant of 暗[an4]
 àn bank / shore / beach / coast / CL:個|个[ge4]
 ǎn I (northern dialects)
 àn deep black / dark / dull (color)
 ān variant of 庵[an1]
 ān ammonia
 ān saddle
 àn amine / Taiwan pr. [an1]
 ān to be versed in / to know well
 ān quail
 ǎn ammonium
 ān Eucalyptus globulus / Taiwan pr. [an4]
 àn jail
 ān see 鮟鱇[an1 kang1]
 ǎn hole in the ground to plant seeds in / to make a hole for seeds / to dibble
 ān old variant of 鵪|鹌[an1]
 ān variant of 庵 / hut / Buddhist convent / small Buddhist temple
 ǎn to apply (medicinal powder to a wound) / to cover up / to conceal
 ān container
 ān undecided
 ān small Buddhist temple
 àn jail
 ǎn (interjection) oh! / (dialect) to stuff sth in one's mouth / (used in buddhist transliterations) om
 án to speak (Cantonese)
 ān graphic variant of 鞍
 ǎn graphic variant of 鞍
 ǎn (used in place names) / variant of 埯[an3]
𩽾 ān see 鮟鱇|𩽾𩾌[an1 kang1]
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