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 qīn rè affectionate / intimate / warmhearted / to get intimate with sb
 duō qíng affectionate / passionate / emotional / sentimental
 wēn cún tender / affectionate / tenderness
 mò mò affectionate / loving
 rè hu warm / hot / affectionate / ardent
 qíng zhǒng affectionate / an affectionate person
 yuān yang mandarin ducks / affectionate couple
 yuān yāng (bird species of China) mandarin duck (Aix galericulata) / (fig.) affectionate couple / happily married couple
 ài fǔ to caress / to fondle / to look after (tenderly) / affectionate care
 xiǎo yàng galley proof (printing) / unimpressive / (coll.) little guy (mild insult also used as an affectionate term)
 qíng zhòng affectionate / an affectionate person
 dié jiān harmonious and affectionate couple
 yǒu qíng yǒu yì affectionate and true / loyal (idiom)
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