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 mì qiè close / familiar / intimate / closely (related) / to foster close ties / to pay close attention
 qīn mì intimate / close
 qīn rè affectionate / intimate / warmhearted / to get intimate with sb
 jìn hu close to / intimate
 qīn jìn intimate / to get close to
 tiē jìn to press close to / to snuggle close / intimate
 tiē xīn intimate / close / considerate
 zhī xīn caring / intimate
 sī mì private / secret / intimate
 qīn nì intimate
 rè luò intimate / friendly / warm / active / lively (interaction, participation etc)
 qī qī intimate / closely related / sorrowful / distressed
 jìn rén contemporary / modern person / close friend / associate / intimate
 cù xī lit. knees pressed close / intimate / seated side by side / in close contact
 qīn parent / one's own (flesh and blood) / relative / related / marriage / bride / close / intimate / in person / first-hand / in favor of / pro- / to kiss / (Internet slang) dear
 mò nì very friendly / intimate
 tī ji intimate / private saving of family members
 cù urgent / hurried / to urge / to promote / to urge haste / close / intimate
 nì greasy / soft / unctuous / intimate / tired of
 nì familiar / intimate / to approach
 ài nì intimate / loving
 nì bì intimate
 tī ji intimate / private saving of family members
 tiē xīn tiē fèi considerate and caring / very close / intimate
 xiá nì intimate / taking liberties / familiar (with a negative connotation)
 zhī jǐ to know oneself / to be intimate or close / intimate friend
 zhī yīn intimate friend / soul mate
 xiāng hǎo to be intimate / close friend / paramour
 zhì yǒu intimate friend / close friend
 nán nu:3 guān xì man-woman connection / intimate relationship
 qīn mì wú jiān close relation, no gap (idiom) / intimate and nothing can come between
 hǎo good / well / proper / good to / easy to / very / so / (suffix indicating completion or readiness) / (of two people) close / on intimate terms / (after a personal pronoun) hello
 zhī jiāo intimate friend
 yú shuǐ fish and water (metaphor for an intimate relationship or inseparability)
 shēn tán to have an in depth conversation / to have intimate talks / to discuss thoroughly
 bù fēn bǐ cǐ to make no distinction between what's one's own and what's another's (idiom) / to share everything / to be on very intimate terms
 bāng near / approaching / to depend on / (slang) to have an intimate relationship with sb / Taiwan pr. pang2, bang1, bang4
 bàng near / approaching / to depend on / (slang) to have an intimate relationship with sb / Taiwan pr. [pang2], [bang1], [bang4]
 xiá be intimate with
 mò nì zhī jiāo intimate friendship / bosom buddies
 bā bài zhī jiāo sworn brotherhood / intimate friendship
 jīn lán zhī jiāo intimate friendship (idiom)
 gāo shān liú shuǐ fig. intimate and understanding friend / sublime musical composition
 chuáng zǐ zhī sī intimate matters
 mì qiè guān xì close relations / intimate connections
 bǎ mèi to have an intimate friendship
 zhì yǒu liáng péng intimate friend and companion (idiom)
 xiá jì yě yóu to be intimate with prostitutes and frequent brothels (idiom)
 fù bèi xiāng qīn to be on intimate terms with sb (idiom)
 nì yǒu intimate friend
 zháo jǐn urgent / in a great hurry / in intimate relationship with sb
 lán yán intimate conversation
 tóng páo fellow soldier / comrade / companion / intimate friend
 chūn guāng zhà xiè spring sunshine emerges to bring the world alive (idiom) / to give a glimpse of sth intimate (e.g. one's underwear)
 yī qīn fāng zé to get close to / to get on intimate terms with
 jī tū protruding nipples or bulging penis (contours of intimate body parts visible through clothing)
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