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 yǐ wài apart from / other than / except for / external / outside of / on the other side of / beyond
 kāi wài over and above (some amount) / beyond (budget)
 shàn è de bǐ àn Beyond
 chū hū due to / to stem from / to go beyond (also fig. beyond reason, expectations etc) / to go against (expectations)
 wú cóng not to have access / beyond one's authority or capability / sth one has no way of doing
 huāng táng beyond belief / preposterous / absurd / intemperate / dissipated
西 Xī yù Western Regions (Han Dynasty term for regions beyond Yumen Pass 玉門關|玉门关[Yu4 men2 Guan1])
 kàn tòu to understand thoroughly / to see beyond the facade / to see through (sb)
 jué lún outstanding / peerless / beyond compare
 chū hū yì liào beyond expectation (idiom) / unexpected
 lí pǔ excessive / beyond reasonable limits / irregular
 kuà yuè shì breakthrough / going beyond / leap-forward / unusual new development
 huāng dàn beyond belief / incredible / preposterous / fantastic
 miàn mù quán fēi nothing remains the same (idiom) / change beyond recognition
 xǐ chū wàng wài to be pleased beyond one's expectations (idiom) / overjoyed at the turn of events
 Dà shèng Mahayana, the Great Vehicle / Buddhism based on the Mayahana sutras, as spread to Central Asia, China and beyond / also pr. [Da4 cheng2]
 sài wài beyond the Great Wall
 huàn rán yī xīn to look completely new (idiom) / brand new / changed beyond recognition
 yóu bù de cannot help / to be beyond control of
 yóu bu de cannot help / to be beyond control of
 bù wài not beyond the scope of / nothing more than
 wú kě jiù yào lit. no antidote is possible (idiom) / incurable / incorrigible / beyond redemption
 bù zhòng yòng unfit for anything / no good / useless / (of a sick person) beyond hope
 yuè quán to go beyond one's authority / arrogation
 bù kě jiù yào incurable / incorrigible / beyond cure / hopeless
 xiāo yáo fǎ wài unfettered and beyond the law (idiom) / evading retribution / getting away with it (e.g. crimes) / still at large
 shí è bù shè wicked beyond redemption (idiom) / heinous
 mò cè gāo shēn enigmatic / beyond one's depth / unfathomable
 chán mián fěi cè (of a person) sad beyond words (idiom) / (of music, literature etc) poignant / very sentimental
 bìng rù gāo huāng lit. the disease has attacked the vitals (idiom) / fig. beyond cure / the situation is hopeless
 ān fèn not going beyond one's bounds / also written 安分[an1 fen4]
 wú lù kě táo no way out / nowhere to go / trapped beyond hope of rescue / painted into a corner
 biān cháng mò jí lit. the whip cannot reach (idiom) / beyond one's influence / too far to be able to help
 yuè zǔ dài páo lit. to go beyond the sacrificial altar and take over the kitchen (idiom) / fig. to exceed one's place and meddle in other people's affairs / to take matters into one's own hands
 bù kě míng zhuàng indescribable / beyond description
 lì suǒ bù jí beyond one's power (to do sth)
 bù gǎn yuè Léi chí yī bù dare not go one step beyond the prescribed limit
 yú to exceed / to go beyond / to transcend / to cross over / to jump over
 chēng stare at sth beyond reach
 rén mìng guān tiān human life is beyond value (idiom)
 jiǔ xiāo yún wài beyond the topmost clouds (idiom) / unimaginably far away
 chū hū yù liào beyond expectation (idiom) / unexpected
线 duàn xiàn fēng zhēng a kite with cut string (idiom) / fig. gone beyond recall
 gǎn yā zi shàng jià lit. to drive a duck onto a perch (idiom) / fig. to push sb to do sth way beyond their ability
 bù shèng qí fán to be pestered beyond endurance
 bù kě shèng yán inexpressible (idiom) / beyond description
 lì yǒu wèi dài beyond one's reach or power (to do sth)
 bù kě gū liàng inestimable / incalculable / beyond measure
 bù xiàng yàng in no shape to be seen / unpresentable / beyond recognition
 chāo guò xiàn dù to exceed / to go beyond / to overstep the limit
 chū hū yì wài beyond expectation (idiom) / unexpected
 hǎo shì bù chū mén , è shì chuán qiān lǐ lit. good deeds do not go beyond the door, evil deeds spread a thousand miles / a good deed goes unnoticed, but scandal spreads fast (idiom)
 wǎng shì rú fēng the past is vanished like the wind / gone beyond recall
 fú jī planchette writing (for taking dictation from beyond the grave) / Ouija board
 tuī chén bù xīn to push out the old and bring in the new (idiom) / to innovate / to go beyond old ideas / advancing all the time
 fǎ wài outside the law / beyond the law / extrajudicial
 Chá mǎ gǔ dào old tea-horse road or southern Silk Road, dating back to 6th century, from Tibet and Sichuan through Yunnan and Southeast Asia, reaching to Bhutan, Sikkim, India and beyond
 chāo shēng pín ultrasonic / beyond human hearing
 yuè zhí to exceed one's authority / to go beyond the bounds of one's job
 yǐn tǔ legendary land of hermits / secret land / the back of beyond
 bù chéng yàng zi shapeless / deformed / ruined / beyond recognition / (of a person) reduced to a shadow
2000年  Environmental Perspective to the Year 2000 and Beyond
2000年  European Timber Trends and Prospects to the Year 2000 and Beyond
 jiù jì hòu fāng àn Beyond Relief Programme
1990年  Actionable Agenda for Human and Social Development in the 1990s and Beyond
  Mekong Partnership and Beyond
2000年  Working Group on the World Programme of Action for Youth to the Year 2000 and Beyond
2000年  Priorities for Action Beyond 2000
  United Nations Convention on the Sea-Bed and the Ocean Floor Beyond the Limits of National Jurisdiction
2000年  World Programme of Action for Youth to the Year 2000 and Beyond
2000年  Special Commission on the preparation of the Environmental Perspective to the Year 2000 and Beyond
2000年  International Symposium on Contraceptive Research and Development for the Year 2000 and beyond
  beyond economical repair
  Beyond War Foundation
 pò huài wú yí damaged beyond repair
 bào biǎo off the charts / extreme / beyond the normal range of measurement
 chāo gāng beyond the scope of the syllabus
 xié pì abnormal / improper / beyond the pale
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