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 kě ài adorable / cute / lovely
 wǔ mèi lovely / charming
 chǔ chǔ neat / lovely
 yù dī (suffix) replete (with moisture) / glistening / plump and tender / lovely / alluring
 yān lovely / sweet
 xǔ to brag / popular / lovely
 liú lovely / beautiful
嬿 yàn lovely
 rú jīn sì yù like gold or jade (idiom) / gorgeous / lovely / splendorous
 wǎn miào sweet / soft / lovely (of sounds and voices)
 shū shū sparse / blurred / old for 楚楚[chu3 chu3] / neat / lovely
 jiāo nen tender and lovely / fragile / delicate
 róu mèi gentle and lovely / charming
 huā zhī zhāo zhǎn lit. lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying in the breeze (idiom) / fig. gorgeously dressed (woman)
 huā hǎo yuè yuán lit. lovely flowers, round moon (idiom) / fig. everything is wonderful / perfect happiness / conjugal bliss
 zhuāng kě ài to act cute / putting on adorable airs / to pretend to be lovely
 chūn guāng míng mèi lovely spring sunshine
 liáng chén měi jǐng fine time, beautiful scenery (idiom) / everything lovely
 jīn tóng yù nu:3 lit. golden boys and jade maidens (idiom) / attendants of the Daoist immortals / fig. lovely young children / a golden couple / (of a couple who are in the public eye) a lovely young couple
 mǎn yuán chūn sè everything in the garden is lovely
齿 hào chǐ míng móu white teeth and bright eyes (idiom) / lovely young woman
齿 é méi hào chǐ beautiful eyebrow and white teeth (idiom) / lovely young woman
西 Xī zǐ pěng xīn lit. Xishi clasps at her heart (idiom) / fig. a woman's lovely looks, despite the pangs of illness
 ruì sè lovely color
齿 hào chǐ zhū chún white teeth and vermilion lips (idiom) / lovely young woman
 xiān huā chā zài niú fèn shàng lit. a bunch of flowers poked into a pile of manure / fig. a terrible shame (as when a lovely woman marries an odious man)
 mào měi rú huā (of a woman) lovely as a flower (idiom) / beautiful
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