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 liú xíng (of a contagious disease etc) to spread / to propagate / (of a style of clothing, song etc) popular / fashionable
 rè mén popular / hot / in vogue
 mín jiān among the people / popular / folk / non-governmental / involving people rather than governments
 pǔ jí to spread extensively / to generalize / widespread / popular / universal / ubiquitous / pervasive
 hóng red / popular / revolutionary / bonus
 dà zhòng the masses / the great bulk of the population / popular (of music, science etc)
 huǒ bào fiery (temper) / popular / flourishing / prosperous / lively
 shòu huān yíng popular / well-received
 fēng mǐ fashionable / popular
 chī xiāng popular / in demand / well regarded
 qiǎng shǒu (of goods) popular / in great demand
 shí xīng fashionable / popular
 pǔ general / popular / everywhere / universal
 sú custom / convention / popular / common / coarse / vulgar / secular
 xǔ to brag / popular / lovely
 hāng to tamp / (slang) popular / hot
 yóu rè overheating / popular (craze)
 rén xīn popular feeling / the will of the people
 kē pǔ popular science / popularization of science / abbr. of 科學普及|科学普及
 huā ér style of folk song popular in Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia / CL:首[shou3]
 mín sú popular custom
 rè cháo upsurge / popular craze
 mín yì public opinion / popular will / public will
 Chǔ nu:3 zuò Virgo (constellation and sign of the zodiac) / popular variant of 室女座[Shi4 nu:3 zuo4]
 huá jī comical / funny / amusing / old pr. [gu3 ji1] / huaji, a form of comedy performance popular in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang
 fēng xíng to become fashionable / to catch on / to be popular
 fēng cháo tempest / wave (of popular sentiment etc) / craze or fad
 Shè shǒu zuò Sagittarius (constellation and sign of the zodiac) / popular variant of 人馬座|人马座[Ren2 ma3 zuo4]
 zhuī pěng to chase after (a popular person or item) / to pursue / popularity
 kē jiào science education / popular science
 dà pái strong card / honor card (card games) / very popular or successful person / self-important
 piāo xiāng (of a fragrance) to waft about / (fig.) (of foods) to become popular in other places as well
 mín xīn popular sentiment
 dāng hóng currently popular (of movie stars, singers etc)
 zǒu hóng to be popular / to be in luck / to have good luck / to develop smoothly
 mín fēng popular customs / folkways
 mín qíng circumstances of the people / popular sentiment / the mood of the people / popular customs
 gē tīng karaoke hall / singing hall (venue for concerts of popular songs)
 Là bǐ Xiǎo xīn Crayon Shin-chan (クレヨンしんちゃん), Japanese manga and anime series popular in China
 shùn kǒu liū popular piece of doggerel / common phrase repeated as a jingle
 Dà gōng Bào Dagong Bao, popular newspaper name / Ta Kung Pao, newspaper founded 1902 in Beijing, now published in Hong Kong
 xiǎo qǔ popular song / folk tune / ballad
 èr rén zhuàn genre of song-and-dance duet popular in northeast China
 mín jiān chuán shuō popular tradition / folk legend
 liú xíng xìng (of a disease) epidemic / qualities that make sth popular or fashionable
 bǎn miàn pan mee, aka banmian, a Hakka noodle soup dish, popular in Malaysia
 zhèng shǐ the 24 or 25 official dynastic histories / true history, as opposed to fictional adaptation or popular legends
 yě shǐ unofficial history / history as popular legends
 liú xíng yǔ popular jargon / catchword
 yuē dìng sú chéng established by popular usage (idiom) / common usage agreement / customary convention
 Qín qiāng Qinqiang, an opera style popular in northwest China, possibly originating in Ming dynasty folk music / Shaanxi opera
 yāng ge Yangge, a popular rural folk dance
 gōng fèn public anger / popular indignation
 huā gǔ flower drum, a type of double-skinned Chinese drum / folk dance popular in provinces around the middle reaches of the Yangtze / (bicycle wheel) hub
 nà dòu nattō, a type of fermented soybean, popular as a breakfast food in Japan
 bù dé rén xīn not to enjoy popular support / to be unpopular
 cí huà form of writing novels that comprise lots of poetry in the body of the text, popular in the Ming Dynasty
 chī de kāi to be popular / to be getting on well / much in demand
 mín yuàn popular grievance / complaints of the people
 ròu jiā mó lit. meat wedged in steamed bun / "Chinese burger" / sliced meat sandwich popular in north China
 kē jiào piàn science education film / popular science movie
 mín biàn mass uprising / popular revolt / civil commotion
 dà huáng yú Croceine croaker (Pseudosciaena crocea), a fish popular in Cantonese cooking
绿 lu:4 lín hǎo hàn true hero of Greenwood (refers to popular hero in Robin Hood style)
 Yè Yǒng liè Ye Yonglie (1940-), popular science writer
 xīng to rise / to flourish / to become popular / to start / to encourage / to get up / (often used in the negative) to permit or allow (dialect) / maybe (dialect)
 mín yuàn fèi téng seething discontent (idiom) / popular grievances boil over
 huā gǔ xì opera form popular along Changjiang
 yáo popular ballad / rumor
 Luò yáng zhǐ guì lit. paper has become expensive in Luoyang (because everyone is making a copy of a popular story) (idiom) / fig. (of a product) to sell like hotcakes
 mín quán zhǔ yì democracy / civil liberties / principle of democracy, the second of Dr Sun Yat-sen's 孫中山|孙中山 / Three Principles of the People 三民主義|三民主义 / (at the time, meaning widespread popular involvement in affairs of state)
绿 lu:4 lín háo kè bold hero of Greenwood (refers to popular hero in Robin Hood style)
 xiā bīng xiè jiàng shrimp soldiers and crab generals (in mythology or popular fiction, the army of the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea) / useless troops (idiom)
 fēng xíng yī shí to be popular for a while / to be all the rage for a time
 xià lǐ bā rén folk songs of the state of Chu 楚國|楚国[Chu3 guo2] / popular art forms (cf. 陽春白雪|阳春白雪[yang2 chun1 bai2 xue3], highbrow art forms)
 dà xíng qí dào rampant / very popular
 Shā wēng Shakespeare / slang or popular culture abbr. of 莎士比亞|莎士比亚[Sha1 shi4 bi3 ya4]
 Shān hǎi Jīng Classic of Mountain and Sea, probably compiled c. 500 BC-200 BC, contains wide range of geography, mythology, witchcraft, popular customs etc
 biàn wén a popular form of narrative literature flourishing in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) with alternate prose and rhymed parts for recitation and singing (often on Buddhist themes)
 zhuā fàn pilaf (rice dish popular in many parts of the world, including Xinjiang) / pilau
线 Jiě fàng Bā lè sī tǎn Rén mín Zhèn xiàn Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
 rè mén yīn yuè popular or hot music
 Tù sī jī Tuzki, a popular Chinese illustrated rabbit character
 shàng xià wǔ qiān nián popular history of China in three volumes by Cao Yuzhang 曹余章
 rén mín qǐ yì popular uprising
线 rén mín zhèn xiàn popular front
 tuán jié jiù shì lì liang unity is strength (revolutionary slogan and popular song of 1943)
 Kěn dīng Kenting, a national park on the southern tip of Taiwan, popular as a tourist destination (abbr. for 墾丁國家公園|垦丁国家公园[Ken3 ding1 Guo2 jia1 Gong1 yuan2])
 dà rè great heat / very popular
 dà zhòng wén huà mass culture / popular culture
 gān biǎn dòu jiǎo green beans in sauce, popular Beijing dish
 Liǔ Yì zhuàn story of Liu Yi, Tang fantasy fiction by Li Chaowei 李朝威, popular with dramatist of subsequent dynasties
 Yáng jiā jiàng Yang Saga, a popular fiction from the Northern Song, depicting the heroic Yang family 楊業|杨业 / of warriors
 Yáng yè famous Song dynasty family of warriors (c. 10th century AD), resisted the Liao 遼|辽 / and defended the Song / the subject of the popular fiction Yang Saga 楊家將|杨家将
 mín yuàn dǐng fèi seething discontent (idiom) / popular grievances boil over
 mín biàn fēng qǐ seething discontent (idiom) / widespread popular grievances
 Huàn shā jì Huansahji or Washing the Silken Gauze, Yuan and Ming saga reworked by 梁辰魚|梁辰鱼 / from History of the Southern States Wu and Yue, 吳越春秋|吴越春秋, a popular opera subject
 Hǎi qīng tiān popular nickname of Hai Rui 海瑞[Hai3 Rui4] (1514-1587), Ming politician, famous for honesty and integrity
 rè pěng a craze / a popular wave / a hit with the public
 kē xué pǔ jí popular science / popularization of science
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