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 mǎn to fill / full / filled / packed / fully / completely / quite / to reach the limit / to satisfy / satisfied / contented
 màn slow
 màn handsome / large / long
 màn free / unrestrained / to inundate
 mán to blame
 mán barbarian / bullying / very / quite / rough / reckless
 mán to conceal from / to keep (sb) in the dark
 mán turnip / Brassica campestris
 màn creeper / to spread
 màn curtain
 mán steamed bread
 mán to deceive
 màn to slander / to be disrespectful / to slight
 mán eel / Anguilla lostoniensis
 mǎn mite
 màn plain thin silk / slow / unadorned
 màn to spread
 mān dawdling
 mán (of woman's hair) beautiful / flower garland worn as an ornament
 màn to plaster
 màn place name
 màn side of coin without words / trowel
 mán (tree)
 màn insult
 màn head ornaments / pretty hair
 mǎn the youngest
 mǎn Japanese variant of 滿|满
 màn variant of 漫[man4] / overflow of water / spreading
𬇕 màn variant of 漫[man4] / overflow of water / spreading
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