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 shī poem / CL:首[shou3] / poetry / verse
 shī yì poetry / poetic quality or flavor
 Táng shī Tang poetry / a Tang poem
 xià bàn shēn lower half of one's body / Lower Body (Chinese poetry movement of the early 21st century)
 shī jí poetry anthology
 shén yùn charm or grace (in poetry or art)
 shī wén poetry and literature
 yín shī to recite poetry
 fù shī to versify / to compose poetry
 shī tán poetry circles / poetry world
 duì zhàng antithesis (two lines of poetry matching in sense and sound) / to fight / to wage war
 shū qíng shī lyric poetry
 Yuán qǔ Yuan dynasty theater, including poetry, music and comedy
 cí huà form of writing novels that comprise lots of poetry in the body of the text, popular in the Ming Dynasty
 méng lóng shī Misty Poetry, a post-Cultural Revolution poetry movement
 shān shuǐ shī shanshui poetry, genre of Classical Chinese poetry
 yín fēng nòng yuè lit. singing of the wind and the moon / fig. vacuous and sentimental (of poetry or art)
 cí word / statement / speech / lyrics / CL:組|组[zu3],個|个[ge4] / a form of lyric poetry, flourishing in the Song dynasty 宋朝|宋朝[Song4 chao2] / CL:首[shou3]
 kūn descendant / elder brother / a style of Chinese poetry
 fēng huā xuě yuè wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry subject (idiom) / effete language without substance / love affair / romance is in the air / dissipated life
 Wén yuàn Yīng huá Finest Blossoms in the Garden of Literature, Song dynasty collection of poetry, odes, songs and writings compiled during 982-986 under Li Fang 李昉[Li3 Fang3], Xu Xuan 徐鉉|徐铉[Xu2 Xuan4], Song Bai 宋白[Song4 Bai2] and Su Yijian 蘇易簡|苏易简[Su1 Yi4 jian3], 1000 scrolls
 néng shī shàn wén highly literate / lit. capable at poetry, proficient at prose
 jiù shī old verse / poetry in the old style
 jiù tǐ shī poetry in the old style
 shī huà poetry and pictorial art / work of art combining pictures and poetry
 sāo tǐ poetry in the style of 離騷|离骚[Li2 Sao1]
 cí zhāng poetry and prose / rhetoric
 Yuán shī sì dà jiā the four masters of Yuan poetry, namely 虞集[Yu2 Ji2], 範梈|范梈[Fan4 Peng1], 楊載|杨载[Yang2 Zai4] and 揭傒斯[Jie1 Xi1 si1]
 shī huà notes on poetry, an essay genre consisting of informal commentary on poems and poets and their lives (old) / a genre of narrative literature interspersing prose with poetry, popular in the Tang and Song dynasties
 jǐn náng silk brocade bag, used in ancient times to hold poetry manuscripts and other precious items / (fig.) tip (a piece of practical advice)
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