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 kǎo hé to examine / to check up on / to assess / to review / appraisal / review / evaluation
 huí gù to look back / to review
 fǎn sī to think back over sth / to review / to revisit / to rethink / reflection / reassessment
 chóng wēn to learn sth over again / to review / to brush up / to revive (memories, friendship etc)
 fù hé to reconsider / to reexamine / to review (e.g. a report prior to accepting it)
 jiǎn yuè to inspect / to review (troops etc) / military review
 wēn xí to review (a lesson etc)
 shěn jiào to proof-read / to review (a text)
 zài dú to read again / to review (a lesson etc)
 píng jiè to review (a book)
 shěn dú to read (a draft) / to review
 jiào yuè to check through (a document) / to proofread / to review (troops)
 wēn warm / lukewarm / temperature / to warm up / mild / soft / tender / to review (a lesson etc) / fever (TCM) / old variant of 瘟[wen1]
 yuè to inspect / to review / to read / to peruse / to go through / to experience
 fù hé to review / to reexamine / review
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