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Decomp. 力丶丶
Mandarin bàn
Entry Methods
Pinyin ban4
Kanji /
Sijiao 4033.0
Wubi LWI
CNS 11643 3-2153
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+529E
GB2312 B0EC
 bàn to do / to manage / to handle / to go about / to run / to set up / to deal with
Results beginning with 办
 bàn fǎ means / method / way (of doing sth) / CL:條|条[tiao2],個|个[ge4]
 bàn lǐ to handle / to transact / to conduct
 bàn gōng to handle official business / to work (esp. in an office)
 bàn shì to handle (affairs) / to work
 bàn xué to run a school
 bàn hǎo to manage well
 bàn àn to handle a case
 bàn dào to accomplish / to get sth done
 bàn tuǒ to arrange / to settle / to complete / to carry through
 bàn bào to run a newspaper / to publish a newspaper
 bàn huò to purchase goods (for a company etc)
 bàn zuì to punish
 bàn gōng shì office / business premises / bureau / CL:間|间[jian1]
 bàn shì chù office / agency
 bàn gōng tīng general office
 bàn gōng lóu office building / CL:座[zuo4],棟|栋[dong4]
 bàn bu dào impossible / can't be done / no can do / unable to accomplish
 bàn jiǔ xí to prepare a feast
 bàn nián huò to shop in preparation for Chinese New Year
 bàn gōng dì zhǐ business address
 bàn gōng dà lóu office building
 bàn gōng shí jiān office hours
 bàn gōng shì zhǔ rèn Chief of Office
 bàn gōng zì dòng huà office automation
 bàn gōng shì jiā jù office furniture
 bàn gōng shì zhù lǐ Office Assistant
 bàn gōng tīng zhǔ rèn Chef de Cabinet
 bàn gōng zhuō lún yòng hot-desking
  Office Cleaner
  Deputy Chef de Cabinet
 bàn gōng shè bèi jì gōng Office Equipment Technician
 bàn gōng shì fù wù yuán Office Attendant
 bàn gōng shì wéi xiū gōng Office Maintenance Worker
  office management plan
 bàn gōng shì jī qì jì gōng Office Machine Mechanic
 bàn gōng shì yòng pǐn xiǎo zǔ Office Supplies Team
  Office Space Planning Unit
 bàn gōng shì jī qì cào zuò yuán Office Machine Operator
 bàn gōng shì zì dòng huà zhuān yuán Office Automation Specialist
 bàn gōng tīng zhǔ rèn bàn gōng shì Office of the Chief of Staff
  Office Automation Service
  Chef de Cabinet / Special Adviser
  Office Document Architecture / Office Document Interchange Format
- 办  Office of the Chief of Staff &ndash / Direct Office of the Chief of Staff
 jǔ bàn to conduct / to hold
 zhǔ bàn to organize / to host (a conference or sports event)
 chéng bàn to undertake / to accept a contract
 chuàng bàn to establish / to found / to launch
 kāi bàn to open / to start (a business etc) / to set up
 dài bàn to act for sb else / to act on sb's behalf / an agent / a diplomatic representative / a chargé / d'affaires
 mín bàn run by the local people / privately operated
 shēn bàn to apply for / to bid for
 xié bàn to assist / to help sb do sth / to cooperate in doing sth
 xīng bàn to begin / to set in motion
 gōng bàn state-run
 dū bàn to oversee / to supervise / superintendent
 bāo bàn to undertake to do everything by oneself / to run the whole show
 chá bàn to investigate and handle (a criminal case)
 jiāo bàn to assign (a task to sb)
 chóu bàn to arrange / to make preparations
 zhào bàn to follow the rules / to do as instructed / to play by the book / to comply with a request
 hé bàn to cooperate / to do business together
 shǒu bàn garage kit / action figure / model figure
 tíng bàn to shut down / to terminate / to cancel / to go out of business
 cāo bàn to arrange matters
 zhì bàn to purchase / to buy
 shì bàn to try sth out / trial / pilot scheme
 mǎi bàn comprador
 fǎ bàn to bring to justice / to punish according to the law
 cǎi bàn to buy on a considerable scale / to purchase / to procure / to stock up
 bāng bàn assist in managing / deputy
 wài bàn foreign affairs office
 chéng bàn to punish (someone) / to take disciplinary action against (someone)
 guān bàn government run / state enterprise
 Zhōng Bàn General Office of the Central Committee of the CPC / abbr. for 中共中央辦公廳|中共中央办公厅[Zhong1 gong4 Zhong1 yang1 Ban4 gong1 ting1]
 Hàn bàn abbr. for 國家漢辦|国家汉办[Guo2 jia1 Han4 ban4], Office of Chinese Language Council International
 zhòng bàn to punish severely
 bèi bàn to provide (items for an event) / to cater / to make preparations
 cuò bàn to plan / to administer
 hán bàn see 函送法辦|函送法办[han2 song4 fa3 ban4]
 huǎn bàn to postpone / to delay
 jiū bàn to investigate and deal with
 ná bàn to arrest for punishment
 pī bàn to approve and carry out / to issue approval
 shāng bàn to consult and act upon / privately run / commercial
 shǒu bàn first organized / to run sth for the first time
 sī bàn privately-run / private enterprise
 tiān bàn to acquire
 yíng bàn to handle / to undertake / to run (a business) / to administer
 zhēn bàn to investigate (a crime) and prosecute
 zhuó bàn to do as one thinks fit / to handle by taking circumstances into consideration
 zūn bàn to handle in accordance with (the rules)
4-A办 4-Abàn fǎ 4-A scheme
 zěn me bàn what's to be done
 méi bàn fǎ there is nothing to be done / one can't do anything about it
 xiǎng bàn fǎ to think of a method
 chuàng bàn rén founder (of an institution etc)
 Guó tái bàn PRC state council office for Taiwan affairs, abbr. for 國務院台灣事務辦公室|国务院台湾事务办公室[Guo2 wu4 yuan4 Tai2 wan1 Shi4 wu4 Ban4 gong1 shi4]
 zhǔ bàn quán the right to host (an international meeting)
 Guó Xīn Bàn State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China, abbr. for 國務院新聞辦公室|国务院新闻办公室[Guo2 wu4 yuan4 Xin1 wen2 Ban4 gong1 shi4]
 chuàng bàn zhě founder / creator / author
 kàn zhe bàn to do as one sees fit / to play it by ear (according to the circumstances)
 lǎn bàn fǎ to loaf about / lazy / to hang around (and cause trouble to everyone)
 qiáo zhe bàn to do as one sees fit / It's up to you. / Let's wait and see and then decide what to do.
 yǒu bàn fǎ can find methods / resourceful / creative
 zhǔ bàn guó host country
 méi yǒu bàn fǎ there is nothing to be done / one can't do anything about it
 jiě jué bàn fǎ solution / method to settle an issue
 yī shǒu bāo bàn to take care of a matter all by oneself / to run the whole show
 bǐng gōng bàn lǐ conducting business impartially (idiom) / to act justly
 gōng shì gōng bàn to do things in a strictly businesslike manner (idiom)
  reimbursable procurement
  enforcement measure
  alternate office site
  combined approach
  Deputy to the Director
  start-up team
  start-up team
  start-up capacity / start-up capability
  concealment method
  parallel sourcing
  modus vivendi
  twin-track basis
  weaning practices
  country approach
  audit approach
 bāo bàn dài tì to do everything oneself (idiom) / not to allow others in on the act
 bāo bàn hūn yīn forced marriage / arranged marriage (without the consent of the individuals)
 bèi dòng bàn fǎ reactive approach
 bǔ jiù bàn fǎ remedy
 Guó jiā Hàn bàn Office of Chinese Language Council International (known colloquially as "Hanban"), an organ of the PRC government which develops Chinese language and culture teaching resources worldwide, and has established Confucius Institutes 孔子學院|孔子学院[Kong3 zi3 Xue2 yuan4] internationally / abbr. to 漢辦|汉办[Han4 ban4]
 hán sòng fǎ bàn to bring to justice / to hand over to the law
 jīng yíng bàn fǎ method of operation
 jù qíng bàn lǐ to handle a situation according to the circumstances (idiom)
 kāi bàn jiē duàn start-up phase
 lán shì bàn fǎ basket approach
 qín jiǎn bàn shè to run an organization diligently and thriftily
 qín jiǎn bàn xué to run a school diligently and thriftily
 qū bàn gōng shì sector office
 rèn kě bàn fǎ certification scheme
 sān guǐ bàn fǎ three-track approach
 tì dài bàn fǎ alternative (n.)
 yí sòng fǎ bàn to bring to justice / to hand over to the law
 zhǔ bàn jī gòu lead agency
 zhuó qíng bàn lǐ to act after full consideration of the actual situation
 zǔ chāi bàn gōng (law) obstructing government administration (Hong Kong)
 zǔ qún bàn fǎ cluster approach
 jiē dào bàn shì chù sub-district office / neighborhood official / an official who works with local residents to report to higher government authorities
 xīn wén bàn gōng shì Press Office
  European Office
  Field Office
  Executive Office
  state office
  Bilingual Clerk
  Administrative Services Clerk
  area office
  Administration Office
  Office of the Chief
  Office of the Rector / Rector's Office
  Publicity Clerk
  office of interests
  Planning Office
  electronic office / e-office
  Demining Office
  Office of Evaluation
  Arria Formula
  phased approach
  joint office
  One Office
  Sydney Office
  Tokyo Office
  Community Office
  Operations Clerk
  Parts Clerk
  Photo Clerk
  Procurement Clerk
  Production Clerk
  Programme Clerk
  Investigation Clerk
  Investment Clerk
  Invoice Clerk
  Liaison Clerk
  Mail Clerk
  Finance Clerk
  Fishery Clerk
  audit clerk
  Coding Clerk
  Contributions Clerk
  Customs Clerk
  Duplicating Clerk
  shipping clerk
  office module
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