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 zhēn zhèng genuine / real / true / genuinely
 dì dao authentic / genuine / typical / from a place known for the product / thorough / conscientious
 zhèng zōng orthodox school / fig. traditional / old school / authentic / genuine
 zhēn really / truly / indeed / real / true / genuine
 chéng xìn genuine / honest / in good faith / honesty / integrity
 zhēn chéng true / sincere / genuine
 zhèng bǎn genuine / legal / see also 盜版|盗版[dao4 ban3]
 yuán zhuāng genuine / intact in original packaging (not locally assembled and packaged)
 dūn hòu genuine / honest and sincere
 zhēn shuài sincere / genuine / straightforward
 chún pure / simple / unmixed / genuine
 míng zhèng yán shùn in a way that justifies the use of the term / genuine / proper / in a way that conforms to logic / justifiable / appropriate / perfectly legitimate
 zhèng gǎng (slang) authentic / genuine
 háng huò authorized goods / genuine goods / crudely-made goods
 zhēn jiǎ genuine or fake / true or false
 zào jiǎ to counterfeit / to pass off a fake as genuine
 shí pāi candid photograph / genuine photograph (not set up or doctored)
 huò zhēn jià shí genuine goods at fair prices
 zá pái inferior brand / not the genuine article
 zhēn shí gǎn the feeling that sth is genuine / sense of reality / in the flesh
 zhēn jì authentic (painting or calligraphy) / genuine work (of famous artist)
 zhēn xīn shí yì genuine and sincere (idiom) / wholehearted
 shì jīn shí touchstone / fig. test that sth is genuine
 zhēn cái shí xué solid learning / real ability and learning / genuine talent
 yú mù hùn zhū to pass off fish eyes for pearls / to pass off fake products as genuine (idiom)
 luàn zhēn to pass off as genuine / spurious
 diào bāo to steal sb's valuable item and substitute a similar-looking but worthless item / to sell a fake for the genuine article / to palm off
 shēn zhì heartfelt and genuine
 zhēn wěi mò biàn can't judge true or false (idiom) / unable to distinguish the genuine from the fake / not to know whether to believe (what one reads in the news)
 zhēn rén zhēn shì genuine people and true events
 zhēn róng portrait / genuine appearance / real face
 zhēn qíng shí yì out of genuine friendship (idiom) / sincere feelings
 rú jiǎ bāo huàn replacement guaranteed if not genuine / fig. authentic
 yù mín jade and jade-like stone / impossible to distinguish the genuine from the fake (idiom)
 zhēn dāo zhēn qiāng real swords, real spears (idiom) / real weapons / very much for real / every bit real / the genuine article
 zhēn bǎn real version (as opposed to pirated) / genuine version
 zhēn shì true explanation / genuine reason
 niān r huài appearing genuine, but actually nasty or devious / see also 蔫土匪[nian1 tu3 fei3]
  genuine link
  periodic and genuine elections
  Genuine Progress Indicator
 jī kě luàn zhēn to seem almost genuine / easily mistaken for the real thing
 jiǎ yī péi shí lit. if one is fake, I shall compensate you for ten of them / fig. (of goods) 100% genuine
 yīn yáng hé tóng a deal where the parties collude to sign an under-the-table "yin contract" 陰合同|阴合同 / as well as an ostensibly genuine "yang contract" 陽合同|阳合同 / in order to deceive authorities
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